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H A Dproxy_resolver_winhttp.cc136 int ProxyResolverWinHttp::SetPacScript( function in class:net::ProxyResolverWinHttp
H A Dmock_proxy_resolver.cc80 int MockAsyncProxyResolverBase::SetPacScript( function in class:net::MockAsyncProxyResolverBase
H A Dproxy_resolver_mac.cc197 int ProxyResolverMac::SetPacScript( function in class:net::ProxyResolverMac
H A Dmulti_threaded_proxy_resolver.cc19 // data when SetPacScript fails. That will reclaim memory when
63 // The currently active job for this executor (either a SetPacScript or
165 // Runs on the worker thread to call ProxyResolver::SetPacScript.
180 int rv = resolver->SetPacScript(script_data_, CompletionCallback());
378 << "Resolver is un-initialized. Must call SetPacScript() first!";
452 int MultiThreadedProxyResolver::SetPacScript( function in class:net::MultiThreadedProxyResolver
462 // SetPacScript().
468 // Provision a new executor, and run the SetPacScript request. On completion
H A Dproxy_resolver_v8.cc726 // SetPacScript() wasn't called yet, or because it failed.
750 int ProxyResolverV8::SetPacScript( function in class:net::ProxyResolverV8
H A Dproxy_resolver_v8_tracing.cc69 // SetPacScript(), since both of these operations share similar code.
527 result = v8_resolver()->SetPacScript(
992 int ProxyResolverV8Tracing::SetPacScript( function in class:net::ProxyResolverV8Tracing
H A Dproxy_resolver_v8.cc728 // SetPacScript() wasn't called yet, or because it failed.
742 int ProxyResolverV8::SetPacScript(const android::String16& script_data) { function in class:net::ProxyResolverV8

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