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H A Dquery_tracker.cc65 void QuerySyncManager::Shrink() { function in class:gpu::gles2::QuerySyncManager
237 void QueryTracker::Shrink() { function in class:gpu::gles2::QueryTracker
239 query_sync_manager_.Shrink();
H A Dwebsocket_inflater.cc24 void Shrink(int new_size) { function in class:net::__anon9837::ShrinkableIOBufferWithSize
103 buffer->Shrink(num_bytes_copied);
H A Dtypes.h664 void Shrink(int length) { function in class:v8::internal::TypeImpl::StructuralType
H A Dobjects-inl.h6911 Handle<ObjectHashTable> ObjectHashTable::Shrink( function in class:v8::internal::Code::FindAndReplacePattern::ObjectHashTable
6913 return DerivedHashTable::Shrink(table, key);
H A Dobjects.cc722 NameDictionary::Shrink(dictionary, name);
7679 void FixedArray::Shrink(int new_length) { function in class:v8::internal::FixedArray
13935 Handle<Derived> HashTable<Derived, Shape, Key>::Shrink(Handle<Derived> table, function in class:v8::HashTable
13940 // Shrink to fit the number of elements if only a quarter of the
14059 Shrink(Handle<NameDictionary>, Handle<Name>);
14063 Shrink(Handle<SeededNumberDictionary>, uint32_t);
15322 return Shrink(table, key);
15429 Handle<Derived> OrderedHashTable<Derived, Iterator, entrysize>::Shrink( function in class:v8::OrderedHashTable
15467 return Shrink(table);
15580 OrderedHashTable<OrderedHashSet, JSSetIterator, 1>::Shrink(
H A Dobjects.h2426 // Shrink length and insert filler objects.
2427 void Shrink(int length);
3344 MUST_USE_RESULT static Handle<Derived> Shrink(Handle<Derived> table, Key key);
3519 MUST_USE_RESULT static inline Handle<Derived> Shrink( function in class:v8::internal::Dictionary
3522 return DerivedHashTable::Shrink(dictionary, key);
3763 MUST_USE_RESULT static inline Handle<ObjectHashTable> Shrink(
3843 static Handle<Derived> Shrink(Handle<Derived> table);
H A DRegAllocGreedy.cpp1780 bool Shrink = true; local
1801 Shrink = false;
1813 if (Shrink) {
H A Dspaces.cc510 // Shrink the committed area.
1281 void NewSpace::Shrink() { function in class:v8::internal::NewSpace

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