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H A Dsite_instance.h18 // SiteInstance interface.
20 // A SiteInstance represents a group of web pages that may be able to
40 // navigates within a site, the same SiteInstance is used.
42 // stay in the same SiteInstance, to preserve compatibility in cases like
55 // Each NavigationEntry for a WebContents points to the SiteInstance that
56 // rendered it. Each RenderViewHost also points to the SiteInstance that it is
57 // associated with. A SiteInstance keeps track of the number of these
59 // a SiteInstance is only live as long as it is accessible, either from new
63 class CONTENT_EXPORT SiteInstance : public base::RefCounted<SiteInstance> { class in namespace:content
151 SiteInstance() {} function in class:content::SiteInstance

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