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H A Dtest_location.py4 from clang.cindex import SourceRange namespace
89 range1 = SourceRange.from_locations(location1, location2)
90 range2 = SourceRange.from_locations(location1, location2)
94 range3 = SourceRange.from_locations(location1, location3)
H A Dtest_tokens.py4 from clang.cindex import SourceRange namespace
49 ok_(isinstance(extent, SourceRange))
H A Dtest_translation_unit.py10 from clang.cindex import SourceRange namespace
192 assert isinstance(r, SourceRange)
199 assert isinstance(r, SourceRange)
211 assert isinstance(r, SourceRange)
H A DCSSPropertySourceData.cpp41 SourceRange::SourceRange() function in class:blink::SourceRange
47 SourceRange::SourceRange(unsigned start, unsigned end) function in class:blink::SourceRange
53 unsigned SourceRange::length() const
58 CSSPropertySourceData::CSSPropertySourceData(const String& name, const String& value, bool important, bool disabled, bool parsedOk, const SourceRange& range)
84 , range(SourceRange(0, 0))
H A DCSSPropertySourceData.h42 struct SourceRange { struct in namespace:blink
45 SourceRange();
46 SourceRange(unsigned start, unsigned end);
58 CSSPropertySourceData(const String& name, const String& value, bool important, bool disabled, bool parsedOk, const SourceRange& range);
72 SourceRange range;
88 typedef WillBeHeapVector<SourceRange> SelectorRangeList;
127 SourceRange ruleHeaderRange;
130 SourceRange ruleBodyRange;
H A DTextRange.js245 WebInspector.SourceRange = function(offset, length)
H A DDiagnostics.h37 struct SourceRange { struct in namespace:clang::ast_matchers::dynamic
46 SourceRange Range;
107 const SourceRange &MatcherRange);
111 const SourceRange &MatcherRange, unsigned ArgNumber);
140 ArgStream addError(const SourceRange &Range, ErrorType Error);
145 SourceRange Range;
153 SourceRange Range;
175 ArgStream pushContextFrame(ContextType Type, SourceRange Range);
H A DCursorVisitor.h93 SourceRange RegionOfInterest;
117 RangeComparisonResult CompareRegionOfInterest(SourceRange R);
148 SourceRange RegionOfInterest = SourceRange(),
241 bool VisitNestedNameSpecifier(NestedNameSpecifier *NNS, SourceRange Range);
144 CursorVisitor(CXTranslationUnit TU, CXCursorVisitor Visitor, CXClientData ClientData, bool VisitPreprocessorLast, bool VisitIncludedPreprocessingEntries = false, SourceRange RegionOfInterest = SourceRange(), bool VisitDeclsOnly = false, PostChildrenVisitorTy PostChildrenVisitor = nullptr) argument
H A DSourceLocation.h192 class SourceRange { class in class:clang::SourceLocation
196 SourceRange(): B(SourceLocation()), E(SourceLocation()) {} function in class:clang::SourceLocation::SourceRange
197 SourceRange(SourceLocation loc) : B(loc), E(loc) {} function in class:clang::SourceLocation::SourceRange
198 SourceRange(SourceLocation begin, SourceLocation end) : B(begin), E(end) {} function in class:clang::SourceLocation::SourceRange
209 bool operator==(const SourceRange &X) const {
213 bool operator!=(const SourceRange &X) const {
220 /// The underlying SourceRange can either specify the starting/ending character
226 SourceRange Range;
230 CharSourceRange(SourceRange R, bool ITR) : Range(R), IsTokenRange(ITR) {}
232 static CharSourceRange getTokenRange(SourceRange
H A DYAMLParser.h133 SMRange getSourceRange() const { return SourceRange; }
134 void setSourceRange(SMRange SR) { SourceRange = SR; }
159 SMRange SourceRange; member in class:llvm::yaml::Node
200 SourceRange = SMRange(Start, End);
H A Dcindex.py40 SourceRange, SourceLocation, and File
63 # o implement additional SourceLocation, SourceRange, and File methods.
231 class SourceRange(Structure): class in inherits:Structure
233 A SourceRange describes a range of source locations within the source
293 return "<SourceRange start %r, end %r>" % (self.start, self.end)
352 range = SourceRange()
2345 """Obtain a SourceRange from this translation unit.
2347 The bounds of the SourceRange must ultimately be defined by a start and
2382 return SourceRange.from_locations(start_location, end_location)
2505 2-tuple of SourceLocation or as a SourceRange
H A DSemaExprObjC.cpp176 SourceRange R = SourceRange()) {
287 SourceRange NR(Number->getSourceRange());
307 SourceRange(AtLoc, NR.getEnd())));
444 ExprResult Sema::BuildObjCBoxedExpr(SourceRange SR, Expr *ValueExpr) {
632 ExprResult Sema::BuildObjCArrayLiteral(SourceRange SR, MultiExprArg Elements) {
746 ExprResult Sema::BuildObjCDictionaryLiteral(SourceRange SR,
914 << SourceRange(Elements[I].Key->getLocStart(),
1040 SourceRange(LParenLoc, RParenLoc), false, false);
1043 SourceRange(LParenLo
173 getNSNumberFactoryMethod(Sema &S, SourceLocation Loc, QualType NumberType, bool isLiteral = false, SourceRange R = SourceRange()) argument
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