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H A Dtcp_socket.h19 // TCPSocket provides a platform-independent interface for TCP sockets.
26 typedef TCPSocketWin TCPSocket; typedef in namespace:net
28 typedef TCPSocketLibevent TCPSocket;
H A Dtcp_socket.h20 /// The <code>TCPSocket</code> class provides TCP socket operations.
27 class TCPSocket : public Resource { class in namespace:pp
29 /// Default constructor for creating an is_null() <code>TCPSocket</code>
31 TCPSocket();
33 /// A constructor used to create a <code>TCPSocket</code> object.
37 explicit TCPSocket(const InstanceHandle& instance);
43 TCPSocket(PassRef, PP_Resource resource);
45 /// The copy constructor for <code>TCPSocket</code>.
47 /// @param[in] other A reference to another <code>TCPSocket</code>.
48 TCPSocket(cons
H A Dtcp_socket.cc26 TCPSocket::TCPSocket() { function in class:pp::TCPSocket
29 TCPSocket::TCPSocket(const InstanceHandle& instance) { function in class:pp::TCPSocket
39 TCPSocket::TCPSocket(PassRef, PP_Resource resource) function in class:pp::TCPSocket
43 TCPSocket::TCPSocket(const TCPSocket& other) : Resource(other) { function in class:pp::TCPSocket
46 TCPSocket
H A Dtcp_socket.cc45 TCPSocket::TCPSocket(const std::string& owner_extension_id) function in class:extensions::TCPSocket
48 TCPSocket::TCPSocket(net::TCPClientSocket* tcp_client_socket, function in class:extensions::TCPSocket
57 TCPSocket::TCPSocket(net::TCPServerSocket* tcp_server_socket, function in class:extensions::TCPSocket
64 TCPSocket* TCPSocket::CreateSocketForTesting(
68 return new TCPSocket(tcp_client_socket, owner_extension_id, is_connected);
72 TCPSocket* TCPSocke
H A Dtcp_socket.h23 class TCPSocket : public Socket { class in namespace:extensions
25 explicit TCPSocket(const std::string& owner_extension_id);
26 TCPSocket(net::TCPClientSocket* tcp_client_socket,
30 virtual ~TCPSocket();
65 static TCPSocket* CreateSocketForTesting(
69 static TCPSocket* CreateServerSocketForTesting(
91 TCPSocket(net::TCPServerSocket* tcp_server_socket,
111 class ResumableTCPSocket : public TCPSocket {
152 class ResumableTCPServerSocket : public TCPSocket {
H A DmDNSEmbeddedAPI.h444 typedef struct TCPSocket_struct TCPSocket; typedef in typeref:struct:TCPSocket_struct
481 TCPSocket *sock;
977 TCPSocket *sock;
2619 typedef void (*TCPConnectionCallback)(TCPSocket *sock, void *context, mDNSBool ConnectionEstablished, mStatus err);
2620 extern TCPSocket *mDNSPlatformTCPSocket(mDNS *const m, TCPSocketFlags flags, mDNSIPPort *port); // creates a TCP socket
2621 extern TCPSocket *mDNSPlatformTCPAccept(TCPSocketFlags flags, int sd);
2622 extern int mDNSPlatformTCPGetFD(TCPSocket *sock);
2623 extern mStatus mDNSPlatformTCPConnect(TCPSocket *sock, const mDNSAddr *dst, mDNSOpaque16 dstport, domainname *hostname,
2625 extern void mDNSPlatformTCPCloseConnection(TCPSocket *sock);
2626 extern long mDNSPlatformReadTCP(TCPSocket *soc

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