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/external/pdfium/core/src/fxge/Microsoft SDK/include/
H A DGdiplusInit.h24 typedef unsigned long ULONG_PTR, *PULONG_PTR; //johnson add here. typedef
44 typedef Status (WINAPI *NotificationHookProc)(OUT ULONG_PTR *token);
45 typedef VOID (WINAPI *NotificationUnhookProc)(ULONG_PTR token);
95 OUT ULONG_PTR *token,
102 extern "C" VOID WINAPI GdiplusShutdown(ULONG_PTR token);
H A DMicrosoftExtensions.c9 typedef __w64 unsigned long ULONG_PTR, *PULONG_PTR; typedef
12 return((void * __ptr64) (unsigned __int64) (ULONG_PTR)p );
16 return((void * __ptr32) (unsigned __int32) (ULONG_PTR)p );
H A Dlist_ports_windows.py10 from serial.win32 import ULONG_PTR, is_64bit namespace
68 ('Reserved', ULONG_PTR),
H A Dnull-deref-ps.c257 typedef unsigned long ULONG_PTR, *PULONG_PTR; typedef
H A Dwin32.py18 # ULONG_PTR is a an ordinary number, not a pointer and contrary to the name it
23 ULONG_PTR = c_int64
26 ULONG_PTR = c_ulong variable
237 ('Internal', ULONG_PTR),
238 ('InternalHigh', ULONG_PTR),
320 'ULONG_PTR', 'CreateFile', 'NOPARITY', 'CloseHandle']
H A Dpthread.h206 typedef unsigned long ULONG_PTR; typedef
H A Dnetlib.h585 #define ULONG_PTR unsigned long macro
589 (char *)(( (ULONG_PTR)(BufPtr) + \
590 (ULONG_PTR) (Align) -1) & \
591 ~((ULONG_PTR) (Align) - 1)) + (ULONG_PTR)(Offset)

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