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H A DWebFrame.cpp6 #include "public/web/WebFrame.h"
19 Frame* toCoreFrame(const WebFrame* frame)
29 bool WebFrame::swap(WebFrame* frame)
76 // the type of the passed in WebFrame.
90 void WebFrame::detach()
95 WebFrame* WebFrame::opener() const
100 void WebFrame::setOpener(WebFrame* opene
213 WebFrame::WebFrame() function in class:blink::WebFrame
H A DWebFrame.h98 // WebFrame is the base class for both WebLocalFrame and WebRemoteFrame and
101 class WebFrame { class in namespace:blink
111 // Returns the number of live WebFrame objects, used for leak checking.
119 BLINK_EXPORT bool swap(WebFrame*);
121 // This method closes and deletes the WebFrame. This is typically called by
122 // the embedder in response to a frame detached callback to the WebFrame
149 // Notify the WebFrame as to whether its frame will be rendered in a
153 // For a WebFrame with contents being rendered in another process, this
196 BLINK_EXPORT WebFrame* opener() const;
199 virtual void setOpener(WebFrame*);

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