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H A Dweb_ui.h29 // A WebUI sets up the datasources and message handlers for a given HTML-based
31 class CONTENT_EXPORT WebUI { class in namespace:content
33 // An opaque identifier used to identify a WebUI. This can only be compared to
34 // kNoWebUI or other WebUI types. See GetWebUIType.
37 // A special WebUI type that signifies that a given page would not use the
47 virtual ~WebUI() {}
55 // Whenever possible, WebUI should push resources with this scale factor to
76 // WebUI is embedded in a page. If no override is set, the main frame will
80 // Takes ownership of |handler|, which will be destroyed when the WebUI is.
91 // then later wants to undo that, or to route it to a different WebUI objec

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