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H A Dbuiltins-gnu-mode.c12 int bzero; variable
H A DSkUserConfig.h192 // Skia uses this deprecated bzero function to fill zeros into a string.
193 #define bzero(str, len) memset(str, 0, len) macro
H A Drijndael-alg-fst.c33 #define bzero(a, b) memset((a), 0, (b)) macro
H A Drijndael-api-fst.c36 #define bzero(a, b) memset(a, 0, b) macro
88 bzero(cipher->IV, MAX_IV_SIZE);
H A Dsha2.c56 #define bzero(a, b) memset((a), 0, (b)) macro
339 bzero(context->buffer, SHA256_BLOCK_LENGTH);
586 bzero(&context->buffer[usedspace], SHA256_SHORT_BLOCK_LENGTH - usedspace);
589 bzero(&context->buffer[usedspace], SHA256_BLOCK_LENGTH - usedspace);
595 bzero(context->buffer, SHA256_SHORT_BLOCK_LENGTH);
599 bzero(context->buffer, SHA256_SHORT_BLOCK_LENGTH);
625 bzero(context, sizeof(*context));
646 bzero(context, sizeof(*context));
648 bzero(digest, SHA256_DIGEST_LENGTH);
667 bzero(contex
H A Dnetlib.h593 /* if your system has bcopy and bzero, include it here, otherwise, we */
612 #define bzero(p,h) memset((p),0,(h)) macro
H A Dm_main.c3180 void bzero(void *s, SizeT n);
3181 void bzero(void *s, SizeT n) { function
H A Dsctp_os_userspace.h220 #define bzero(buf, len) memset(buf, 0, len) macro
H A DTargetLibraryInfo.h157 /// void bzero(void *s, size_t n);
158 bzero, enumerator in enum:llvm::LibFunc::Func

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