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H A DCanonicalType.h110 template<typename U> CanProxy<U> castAs() const;
717 CanProxy<U> CanQual<T>::castAs() const { function in class:clang::CanQual
H A DTypeLoc.h38 /// A client should use the TypeLoc subclasses through castAs()/getAs()
53 T castAs() const { function in class:clang::TypeLoc
281 return castAs<UnqualTypeLoc>();
H A DType.h1712 /// Member-template castAs<specific type>. Look through sugar for
1718 template <typename T> const T *castAs() const;
1720 /// A variant of castAs<> for array type which silently discards
1825 template <> inline const Class##Type *Type::castAs() const { \
2118 T = T->PointeeType->castAs<ReferenceType>();
3514 return Can->castAs<TemplateTypeParmType>()->CanTTPTInfo;
4510 return PointeeType->castAs<ObjCObjectType>();
5230 template <typename T> const T *Type::castAs() const { function in class:clang::FunctionType::ExtInfo::FunctionProtoType::Type
H A DSVals.h75 T castAs() const { function in class:clang::ento::SVal
381 return D->first.castAs<Loc>();
388 return V.castAs<Loc>();
H A DProgramPoint.h116 T castAs() const { function in class:clang::ProgramPoint
H A DCFG.h87 T castAs() const { function in class:clang::CFGElement

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