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H A DCryptoPlugin.cpp35 ssize_t CryptoPlugin::decrypt(bool secure, const KeyId keyId, const Iv iv, function in class:clearkeydrm::CryptoPlugin
67 status_t res = mSession->decrypt(keyId, iv, srcPtr, dstPtr, subSamples,
H A DAesCtrDecryptor.cpp29 android::status_t AesCtrDecryptor::decrypt(const android::Vector<uint8_t>& key, function in class:clearkeydrm::AesCtrDecryptor
H A DSession.cpp64 status_t Session::decrypt( function in class:clearkeydrm::Session
78 return decryptor.decrypt(
H A DDrmPlugin.h183 virtual status_t decrypt( function in class:clearkeydrm::DrmPlugin
H A DHDCP.cpp147 status_t HDCP::decrypt( function in class:android::HDCP
158 return mHDCPModule->decrypt(inData, size, streamCTR, outInputCTR, outData);
H A DCrypto.cpp236 ssize_t Crypto::decrypt( function in class:android::Crypto
255 return mPlugin->decrypt(
H A DDrm.cpp600 status_t Drm::decrypt(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId, function in class:android::Drm
615 return mPlugin->decrypt(sessionId, keyId, input, iv, output);
H A DHDCPAPI.h56 // future calls to "decrypt".
135 virtual status_t decrypt( function in struct:android::HDCPModule
H A DDrmEngineBase.cpp156 status_t DrmEngineBase::decrypt( function in class:DrmEngineBase
H A DIDrmManagerService.cpp717 status_t BpDrmManagerService::decrypt( function in class:BpDrmManagerService
720 ALOGV("decrypt");
742 ALOGV("Return value of decrypt() is %d", status);
1437 = decrypt(uniqueId, &handle, decryptUnitId, encBuffer, &decBuffer, IV);
H A DDrmManagerClient.cpp148 status_t DrmManagerClient::decrypt( function in class:DrmManagerClient
151 return mDrmManagerClientImpl->decrypt(
H A DNoOpDrmManagerClientImpl.cpp134 status_t NoOpDrmManagerClientImpl::decrypt(int uniqueId, sp<DecryptHandle> &decryptHandle, int decryptUnitId, function in class:android::NoOpDrmManagerClientImpl
H A DDrmManagerClientImpl.cpp303 status_t DrmManagerClientImpl::decrypt( function in class:DrmManagerClientImpl
310 status = getDrmManagerService()->decrypt(
H A DICrypto.cpp95 virtual ssize_t decrypt( function in struct:android::BpCrypto
268 ssize_t result = decrypt(
H A DIHDCP.cpp145 virtual status_t decrypt( function in struct:android::BpHDCP
306 status_t err = decrypt(inData, size, streamCTR, inputCTR, outData);
H A DIDrm.cpp377 virtual status_t decrypt(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId, function in struct:android::BpDrm
790 uint32_t result = decrypt(sessionId, keyId, input, iv, output);
H A DDrmManagerService.cpp255 status_t DrmManagerService::decrypt( function in class:DrmManagerService
258 ALOGV("Entering decrypt");
262 return mDrmManager->decrypt(uniqueId, decryptHandle, decryptUnitId, encBuffer, decBuffer, IV);
H A DDrmManager.cpp516 status_t DrmManager::decrypt(int uniqueId, DecryptHandle* decryptHandle, int decryptUnitId, function in class:DrmManager
523 result = drmEngine->decrypt(
H A DMockDrmCryptoPlugin.cpp525 status_t MockDrmPlugin::decrypt(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId, function in class:android::MockDrmPlugin
532 ALOGD("MockDrmPlugin::decrypt(sessionId=%s, keyId=%s, input=%s, iv=%s)",
729 MockCryptoPlugin::decrypt(bool secure, const uint8_t key[16], const uint8_t iv[16], function in class:android::MockCryptoPlugin
733 ALOGD("MockCryptoPlugin::decrypt(secure=%d, key=%s, iv=%s, mode=%d, src=%p, "
H A DBootAnimation.cpp286 char decrypt[PROPERTY_VALUE_MAX]; local
287 property_get("vold.decrypt", decrypt, "");
289 bool encryptedAnimation = atoi(decrypt) != 0 || !strcmp("trigger_restart_min_framework", decrypt);
H A DMediaDrm.java79 * {@link MediaCodec.#configure} method to enable the codec to decrypt content.
402 * to obtain or release keys used to decrypt encrypted content.
674 * root of trust, and then perform encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify operations
677 * The CryptoSession class implements generic encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify methods
687 * providing encrypted content keys which are used specifically to decrypt A/V media
724 public byte[] decrypt(byte[] keyid, byte[] input, byte[] iv) { method in class:MediaDrm.CryptoSession
753 * Obtain a CryptoSession object which can be used to encrypt, decrypt,
759 * to be used for encrypt, decrypt, sign and/or verify

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