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H A DRecycler.h39 struct ilist_traits<RecyclerStruct> : struct in namespace:llvm
57 llvm_unreachable("Recycler's ilist_traits shouldn't see a deleteNode call!");
H A DIVUsers.h92 template<> struct ilist_traits<IVStrideUse> struct in namespace:llvm
H A DMachineFunction.h45 struct ilist_traits<MachineBasicBlock> struct in namespace:llvm
H A DSlotIndexes.h73 struct ilist_traits<IndexListEntry> : public ilist_default_traits<IndexListEntry> { struct in namespace:llvm
H A DMachineBasicBlock.h34 struct ilist_traits<MachineInstr> : public ilist_default_traits<MachineInstr> { struct in namespace:llvm
54 void transferNodesFromList(ilist_traits &SrcTraits,
667 friend struct ilist_traits<MachineBasicBlock>;
H A DSelectionDAG.h79 template<> struct ilist_traits<SDNode> : public ilist_default_traits<SDNode> { struct in namespace:llvm
93 llvm_unreachable("ilist_traits<SDNode> shouldn't see a deleteNode call!");
H A DBasicBlock.h31 template<> struct ilist_traits<Instruction> struct in namespace:llvm
H A DFunction.h35 template<> struct ilist_traits<BasicBlock> struct in namespace:llvm
39 // list... (same trick used here as in ilist_traits<Instruction>)
54 template<> struct ilist_traits<Argument> struct in namespace:llvm
507 ilist_traits<BasicBlock>::getSymTab(Function *F) {
512 ilist_traits<Argument>::getSymTab(Function *F) {
H A DModule.h38 template<> struct ilist_traits<Function> struct in namespace:llvm
42 // list... (same trick used here as in ilist_traits<Instruction>)
56 template<> struct ilist_traits<GlobalVariable> struct in namespace:llvm
71 template<> struct ilist_traits<GlobalAlias> struct in namespace:llvm
86 template<> struct ilist_traits<NamedMDNode> struct in namespace:llvm
H A DBugReporter.h318 template<> struct ilist_traits<clang::ento::BugReport> struct in namespace:llvm
H A Dilist.h14 // The ilist_traits trait class is used to gain access to the next and previous
25 // created (using ilist_traits<>::createSentinel()). This tail node is
33 // ilist_traits to provide an alternate way of getting and setting next and
67 struct ilist_traits;
93 Head = ilist_traits<NodeTy>::createSentinel();
94 ilist_traits<NodeTy>::noteHead(Head, Head);
95 ilist_traits<NodeTy>::setNext(Head, nullptr);
98 return ilist_traits<NodeTy>::getPrev(Head);
103 ilist_traits<NodeTy>::setPrev(NewHead, Sentinel);
135 struct ilist_traits struct in namespace:llvm
139 struct ilist_traits<const Ty> : public ilist_traits<Ty> {}; struct in namespace:llvm

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