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H A Dassembler-mips.cc1419 void Assembler::jal(int32_t target) { function in class:v8::Assembler
1459 jal(target);
2612 // is faster to do a direct jal, or j, rather than jump thru register, since
2614 // time the address above is patched, we have to patch the direct jal/j
2616 // 256 MB page. Note that with the jal/j instructions, we do not need to
H A Dassembler-mips64.cc1398 void Assembler::jal(int64_t target) { function in class:v8::Assembler
1438 jal(target);
H A Dinst.h891 struct m16e_jal jal; member in union:mips16e_instruction

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