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H A Dkeychain_password_mac.h18 explicit KeychainPassword(const crypto::AppleKeychain& keychain) argument
19 : keychain_(keychain) {
23 // in the Keychain then one is generated, stored in the Mac keychain, and
H A Dmock_apple_keychain.cc43 SecKeychainRef keychain,
42 AddGenericPassword( SecKeychainRef keychain, UInt32 serviceNameLength, const char* serviceName, UInt32 accountNameLength, const char* accountName, UInt32 passwordLength, const void* passwordData, SecKeychainItemRef* itemRef) const argument
H A Dmock_apple_keychain_mac.cc370 // The keychain already has this item, since all fields other than the
378 SecKeychainRef keychain,
398 // If the account already exists in the keychain, we don't add it.
411 // Initialize keychain data storage at the target location.
377 AddInternetPassword( SecKeychainRef keychain, UInt32 serverNameLength, const char* serverName, UInt32 securityDomainLength, const char* securityDomain, UInt32 accountNameLength, const char* accountName, UInt32 pathLength, const char* path, UInt16 port, SecProtocolType protocol, SecAuthenticationType authenticationType, UInt32 passwordLength, const void* passwordData, SecKeychainItemRef* itemRef) const argument
H A Dpassword_store_factory.cc155 crypto::AppleKeychain* keychain = local
160 main_thread_runner, db_thread_runner, keychain, login_db.release());
H A Dpassword_store_mac_unittest.cc69 crypto::AppleKeychain* keychain,
73 keychain,
806 // Test a merge where Chrome has a blacklist entry, and the keychain has
955 // When |extract_password_data| is true and the keychain entry has a non-empty
970 // When |extract_password_data| is true and the keychain entry has an empty
985 // When |extract_password_data| is true and the keychain entry has an empty
999 // When |extract_password_data| is true and the keychain entry has a single
1087 MockAppleKeychain* keychain() { return keychain_; } function
1100 // Insert a password into both the database and the keychain.
1118 // Insert a password into the keychain onl
66 TestPasswordStoreMac( scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> main_thread_runner, scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> db_thread_runner, crypto::AppleKeychain* keychain, LoginDatabase* login_db) argument
H A Dpassword_store_mac.cc36 // Utility class to handle the details of constructing and running a keychain
40 explicit KeychainSearch(const AppleKeychain& keychain);
67 KeychainSearch::KeychainSearch(const AppleKeychain& keychain) argument
68 : keychain_(&keychain), search_ref_(NULL) {
259 bool FillPasswordFormFromKeychainItem(const AppleKeychain& keychain, argument
289 OSStatus result = keychain.ItemCopyAttributesAndData(keychain_item, &attrInfo,
363 keychain.ItemFreeAttributesAndData(attrList, password_data);
386 // We never merge blacklist entries between our store and the keychain.
409 // keychain items with paths probably came from us).
457 // than being merged with keychain form
487 ExtractAllKeychainItemAttributesIntoPasswordForms( std::vector<SecKeychainItemRef>* keychain_items, const AppleKeychain& keychain) argument
507 GetPasswordsForForms( const AppleKeychain& keychain, std::vector<PasswordForm*>* database_forms) argument
593 ExtractPasswordsMergeableWithForm( const AppleKeychain& keychain, const std::vector<ItemFormPair>& item_form_pairs, const PasswordForm& query_form) argument
621 MacKeychainPasswordFormAdapter( const AppleKeychain* keychain) argument
863 PasswordStoreMac( scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> main_thread_runner, scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> db_thread_runner, AppleKeychain* keychain, password_manager::LoginDatabase* login_db) argument
H A Dkeygen_handler_mac.cc200 // Remove keys from keychain if asked to during unit testing:
231 SecKeychainRef keychain; local
232 err = SecKeychainCopyDefault(&keychain);
237 base::ScopedCFTypeRef<SecKeychainRef> scoped_keychain(keychain);
241 keychain,

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