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H A D_pair.h110 inline pair<_T1, _T2 const*> make_pair(_T1 const& __x, function
115 inline pair<_T1 const*, _T2> make_pair(_T1 const (&__x)[_Sz], function
120 inline pair<_T1 const*, _T2 const*> make_pair(_T1 const (&__x)[_Sz1], function
128 inline pair<_T1, _T2> _STLP_CALL make_pair(_T1 __x, _T2 __y) function
H A Dtypename-specifier-4.cpp20 struct make_pair { struct
27 int a0[is_same<metafun_apply2<make_pair, int, float>::type,
30 typename make_pair::template apply<int, float>, // expected-warning{{'template' keyword outside of a template}} \
32 make_pair::apply<int, float>
44 int a2[is_same<swap_and_apply2<make_pair>::apply<int, float>::type,
55 int a3[is_same<swap_and_apply2b<make_pair>::apply<int, float>::type,

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