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H A /* Override off_t if Large File Support is requested on native Windows. */
35 # define off_t __int64 macro
37 # define off_t long long int
H A Dsanitizer_platform_limits_linux.cc40 #define off_t __kernel_off_t macro
48 #undef off_t macro
H A Dmacconfig.h47 #define off_t long macro
H A Dunistd.h24 #define off_t _off_t macro
H A Dwebmenc.h17 /* MSVS doesn't define off_t */
18 typedef __int64 off_t; typedef
30 typedef off_t EbmlLoc;
45 off_t position_reference;
46 off_t seek_info_pos;
47 off_t segment_info_pos;
48 off_t track_pos;
49 off_t cue_pos;
50 off_t cluster_pos;
53 off_t track_id_po
H A Dtools_common.h29 typedef __int64 off_t; // fseeki64 compatible type typedef
32 /* MinGW defines off_t as long and uses f{seek,tell}o64/off64_t for large
36 #define off_t off64_t macro
53 typedef long off_t; /* NOLINT */ typedef
93 off_t length;
H A Dconfig.h316 #undef off_t macro
H A Dport.h272 typedef _off_t off_t; typedef
277 int fd, off_t offset) {
374 inline off_t lseek(int fd, off_t offset, int whence) {
H A Dport.h269 typedef _off_t off_t; typedef
274 int fd, off_t offset) {
371 inline off_t lseek(int fd, off_t offset, int whence) {
H A Dtcpdump.c55 #define off_t long macro
H A Dfile.c143 # undef off_t macro
151 # define off_t __kernel_off_t macro
162 # undef off_t macro
170 # define off_t off_t macro
393 * fs/read_write.c::SYSCALL_DEFINE3(lseek, unsigned, fd, off_t, offset, unsigned, origin)
394 * In kernel, off_t is always the same as (kernel's) long
596 int st_pad3; /* st_size, off_t expansion */
H A Dtest_input_for_tinycc.c281 typedef __off_t off_t; typedef

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