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H A Dexample.js184 function readdir(e) { function
186 postCall('readdir', dirhandle, function(dirhandle, ino, name) {
H A Dfuse.h49 // A function of this type will be passed to readdir (see below). The developer
52 // See the documentation for readdir() below for more information on how to use
153 // opendir()/readdir().
156 // readdir().
178 // is full so you can exit readdir.
201 int (*readdir)(const char* path, member in struct:fuse_operations
H A Dspd_readdir.c2 * readdir accelerator
9 * and that the regular readdir wrapper will take slightly more
129 real_readdir = dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "readdir");
229 DEBUG_DIR(printf("readdir: %lu %s\n",
235 DEBUG_DIR(printf("No memory, backing off to direct readdir\n"));
263 DEBUG_DIR(printf("Directory size %ld, using direct readdir\n",
296 DEBUG_DIR(printf("Directory size %ld, using direct readdir\n",
320 struct dirent *readdir(DIR *dir) function
H A Dposix.c857 struct dirent *readdir(DIR *dirp) function

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