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H A Ddelete_tree_work_item.h36 base::FilePath root_path_; member in class:DeleteTreeWorkItem
53 // The temporary directory into which the original root_path_ has been moved.
56 // Set to true once root_path_ has been copied into backup_path_.
H A Dservice_worker_cache_storage_manager.h94 base::FilePath root_path() const { return root_path_; }
99 base::FilePath root_path_; member in class:content::ServiceWorkerCacheStorageManager
H A Dfile_enumerator.h145 FilePath root_path_; member in class:base::FileEnumerator
H A Dmtp_device_delegate_impl_mac.h109 base::FilePath root_path_; member in class:MTPDeviceDelegateImplMac
H A Dlocate_images.cpp54 string const & root_path_)
60 root_path = op_realpath(root_path_);
52 populate(vector<string> const & paths, string const & archive_path_, string const & root_path_) argument
H A Dbuild_settings.h35 const base::FilePath& root_path() const { return root_path_; }
95 base::FilePath root_path_; member in class:BuildSettings

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