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H A DrsMutex.cpp49 bool Mutex::unlock() { function in class:Mutex
H A DGraphicBufferMapper.cpp107 status_t GraphicBufferMapper::unlock(buffer_handle_t handle) function in class:android::GraphicBufferMapper
112 err = mAllocMod->unlock(mAllocMod, handle);
114 ALOGW_IF(err, "unlock(...) failed %d (%s)", err, strerror(-err));
174 err = mAllocMod->unlock(mAllocMod, handle);
H A DGraphicBuffer.cpp206 status_t GraphicBuffer::unlock() function in class:android::GraphicBuffer
208 status_t res = getBufferMapper().unlock(handle);
H A DResourceCache.cpp61 void ResourceCache::unlock() { function in class:android::uirenderer::ResourceCache
62 mLock.unlock();
H A DFileBase.cpp209 void FileBase::unlock() { function in class:FileBase
298 unlock();
H A DCamera.cpp121 status_t Camera::unlock() function in class:android::Camera
125 return c->unlock();
H A DCameraMetadata.cpp82 status_t CameraMetadata::unlock(const camera_metadata_t *buffer) { function in class:android::CameraMetadata
84 ALOGE("%s: Can't unlock a non-locked CameraMetadata!", __FUNCTION__);
88 ALOGE("%s: Can't unlock CameraMetadata with wrong pointer!",
H A DICamera.cpp264 virtual status_t unlock() function in class:android::BpCamera
415 reply->writeInt32(unlock());
H A DCredentials.java172 public void unlock(Context context) { method in class:Credentials
H A DKeyStore.java188 public boolean unlock(String password) { method in class:KeyStore
190 mError = mBinder.unlock(password);
H A DFrame.java40 * {@link #unlock()}. Note, that a Frame must be unlocked before you push it into an output queue.
155 public void unlock() { method in class:Frame
156 if (!mBackingStore.unlock()) {
157 throw new RuntimeException("Attempting to unlock frame that is not locked!");
H A DBackingStore.java97 public boolean unlock() { method in class:BackingStore
105 mLockedBacking.unlock();
359 public void unlock() { method in class:BackingStore.Backing
438 backing.unlock();
442 backing.unlock();
527 backing.unlock();
620 backing.unlock();
741 backing.unlock();
769 public void unlock() { method in class:BackingStore.ByteBufferBacking
870 backing.unlock();
880 public void unlock() { method in class:BackingStore.AllocationBacking
H A DCameraStreamer.java228 targetFrame.unlock();
353 targetFrame.unlock();
629 targetFrame.unlock();
839 * a waiting thread by calling unlock (i.e. signal), provided that unlock
841 * from rogue usage of unlock.
865 mLock.unlock();
869 public void unlock(Object context) { method in class:CameraStreamer.CameraRunnable.ExternalCameraLock
880 mLock.unlock();
972 mExternalCameraLock.unlock(contex
H A DEffects.h117 void unlock() { mLock.unlock(); } function in class:EffectModule
262 void unlock() { function in class:EffectChain
263 mLock.unlock();
H A DCameraClient.cpp106 // client will not be accessed from callback. should unlock to prevent dead-lock in disconnect
107 lock->unlock();
174 status_t CameraClient::unlock() { function in class:android::CameraClient
176 LOG1("unlock (pid %d)", callingPid);
183 ALOGE("Not allowed to unlock camera during recording.");
807 mLock.unlock();
813 mLock.unlock();
831 mLock.unlock();
854 mLock.unlock();
858 mLock.unlock();
H A DCamera2Client.cpp425 mBinderSerializationLock.unlock();
498 status_t Camera2Client::unlock() { function in class:android::Camera2Client
509 ALOGD("Not allowed to unlock camera during recording.");
H A DIKeystoreService.java213 public int unlock(String password) throws RemoteException { method in class:IKeystoreService.Stub.Proxy
627 public int unlock(String password) throws RemoteException; method in interface:IKeystoreService
H A DMediaPlayerService.h165 // lock/unlock are used by the callback before accessing the payload of this object
167 void unlock() { mLock.unlock(); } function in class:android::MediaPlayerService::AudioOutput::CallbackData
173 mLock.unlock();
H A DSlidingDrawer.java937 public void unlock() { method in class:SlidingDrawer
944 * @see #unlock()
H A DCameraAgent.java436 * @see android.hardware.Camera#unlock()
438 public void unlock() { method in class:CameraAgent.CameraProxy
451 }, bundle.mWaitLock, CAMERA_OPERATION_TIMEOUT_MS, "camera unlock");
491 // unlock the sizes when stopPreview() is invoked (see related FIXME on
H A Degl.cpp241 status_t unlock(ANativeWindowBuffer* buf);
421 unlock(buffer);
445 status_t egl_window_surface_v2_t::unlock(ANativeWindowBuffer* buf) function in class:android::egl_window_surface_v2_t
450 err = module->unlock(module, buf->handle);
514 unlock(previousBuffer);
526 unlock(buffer);
1745 // FIXME: unlock/disconnect the read surface too
1792 // FIXME: unlock/disconnect the read surface too
H A DMPEG4Writer.cpp1041 void MPEG4Writer::unlock() { function in class:android::MPEG4Writer
1042 mLock.unlock();
1672 mLock.unlock();
H A DCamera.java106 * <li>Call {@link #unlock()} to allow the media process to access the camera.
565 public native final void unlock(); method in class:Camera
569 * Camera objects are locked by default unless {@link #unlock()} is
586 * After {@link #unlock()} is called, another process may use the
H A DResourceTypes.cpp3062 mTable.unlock();
3135 mTable.unlock();
3757 mLock.unlock();
3765 mLock.unlock();
3773 void ResTable::unlock() const function in class:android::ResTable
3775 mLock.unlock();
4043 mLock.unlock();
4050 mLock.unlock();

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