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H A Dmacro.c11 void (^bbb)(void) = Block_copy(^ {
H A Dbyrefcopyinner.c19 Block_copy(^{
24 Block_copy(b);
H A Dbyrefcopystack.c26 bumpi = Block_copy(^{ ++i; });
27 geti = Block_copy(^{ return i; });
H A Ddispatch_call_Block_with_release.c27 dispatch_call_Block_with_release2(Block_copy(b1));
28 dispatch_call_Block_with_release2(Block_copy(b2));
H A Dglobalexpression.c22 void (^gblockcopy)(int) = Block_copy(gblock);
33 gblockcopy = Block_copy(gblock);
H A Dbyrefcopy.c30 void (^blockcopy)(void) = Block_copy(block);
H A Dcopynull.c24 void (^blockcopy)(void) = Block_copy(block);
H A Drdar6414583.c22 dispatch_block_t block = Block_copy(^{ c = i; });
H A Drecursiveassign.c29 recursive_copy_block = Block_copy(^(int i) {
H A Drecursive-test.c45 if (verbose) printf("Creating other_copied_block: a Block_copy of a block that will call recursive_local_block\n");
47 void (^other_copied_block)(int) = Block_copy(^(int i) {
59 if (verbose) printf("Creating recursive_copy_block: a Block_copy of a block that will call recursive_copy_block recursively\n");
61 recursive_copy_block = Block_copy(^(int i) {
H A Dblockimport.c47 void (^vvcopy)(void) = Block_copy(vv);
H A Dbyrefcopycopy.c29 _b = Block_copy(b); // make a new copy each time
H A Dbyrefcopyint.c50 voidVoid copy = Block_copy(dummy);
H A Dbyrefsanity.c53 void (*Block_copy)(void *dst, void *src); member in struct:Block_basic2
H A Drecursive-block.c40 voidVoid result = Block_copy(outer);
H A Dreference.C71 void (^b2)(void) = Block_copy(b);
H A DBlock.h55 #define Block_copy(...) ((__typeof(__VA_ARGS__))_Block_copy((const void *)(__VA_ARGS__))) macro
H A DBlock_private.h168 void (*Block_copy)(void *dst, void *src); /* iff BLOCK_HAS_COPY_DISPOSE */ member in struct:Block_basic
H A Dscoped_block.h17 // ScopedBlock<> is patterned after ScopedCFTypeRef<>, but uses Block_copy() and
28 block_ = Block_copy(block);
34 block_ = Block_copy(block_);
51 block = Block_copy(block);
H A Dbind_objc_block.h54 base::mac::ScopedBlock<R(^)()>(Block_copy(block)));
61 base::mac::ScopedBlock<R(^)(A1)>(Block_copy(block)));
68 base::mac::ScopedBlock<R(^)(A1, A2)>(Block_copy(block)));
H A DCommon.h109 #define Block_copy(...) ((__typeof(__VA_ARGS__))_Block_copy((const void *)(__VA_ARGS__))) macro
H A Dxpc_message_server_unittest.cc65 demux_block_ = Block_copy(demux_block);

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