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H A Dgeocoding_data.h25 struct CountryLanguages { struct in namespace:i18n::phonenumbers
58 // Returns the CountryLanguages record for country at index, index
60 const CountryLanguages* get_country_languages(int index);
H A Dmapping_file_provider.h29 struct CountryLanguages;
37 typedef const CountryLanguages* (*country_languages_getter)(int index);
59 void FindBestMatchingLanguageCode(const CountryLanguages* languages,
H A Dphonenumber_offline_geocoder.h38 struct CountryLanguages;
49 typedef const CountryLanguages* (*country_languages_getter)(int index);
H A Dmapping_file_provider.cc75 bool HasLanguage(const CountryLanguages* languages, const string& language) {
111 const CountryLanguages* const langs =
127 const CountryLanguages* languages, const string& language,

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