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H A DLocalCheckers.h23 void RegisterCallInliner(ExprEngine &Eng);
H A DCheckerContext.h71 ExprEngine &Eng; member in class:clang::ento::CheckerContext
92 : Eng(eng),
103 return Eng.getAnalysisManager();
107 return Eng.getConstraintManager();
111 return Eng.getStoreManager();
131 return Eng.getContext();
135 return Eng.getContext().getLangOpts();
150 return Eng.getBugReporter();
158 return Eng.getSValBuilder();
166 return Eng
H A DCoreEngine.h185 const CoreEngine &Eng; member in struct:clang::ento::NodeBuilderContext
189 : Eng(E), Block(B), LC(N->getLocationContext()) { assert(B); }
197 return Eng.WList->getBlockCounter().getNumVisited(
450 CoreEngine& Eng; member in class:clang::ento::IndirectGotoNodeBuilder
459 : Eng(*eng), Src(src), DispatchBlock(*dispatch), E(e), Pred(pred) {}
497 CoreEngine& Eng; member in class:clang::ento::SwitchNodeBuilder
505 : Eng(*eng), Src(src), Condition(condition), Pred(pred) {}
H A DProgramState.h440 /// Eng - The SubEngine that owns this state manager.
441 SubEngine *Eng; /* Can be null. */ member in class:clang::ento::ProgramStateManager
510 SubEngine* getOwningEngine() { return Eng; }
H A DAnalyzerStatsChecker.cpp37 void checkEndAnalysis(ExplodedGraph &G, BugReporter &B,ExprEngine &Eng) const;
43 ExprEngine &Eng) const {
111 << (Eng.wasBlocksExhausted() ? "yes" : "no")
113 << (Eng.hasEmptyWorkList() ? "yes" : "no");
120 const CoreEngine &CE = Eng.getCoreEngine();
H A DDebugCheckers.cpp202 void checkEndAnalysis(ExplodedGraph &G, BugReporter &B,ExprEngine &Eng) const {
203 Eng.ViewGraph(0);
H A DUnreachableCodeChecker.cpp40 ExprEngine &Eng) const;
55 ExprEngine &Eng) const {
58 if (Eng.hasWorkRemaining())
H A DCheckerDocumentation.cpp174 ExprEngine &Eng) const {}
H A DCheckerManager.cpp97 const NodeBuilderContext &BldrCtx = checkCtx.Eng.getBuilderContext();
141 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18261::CheckStmtContext
149 : IsPreVisit(isPreVisit), Checkers(checkers), S(s), Eng(eng),
159 CheckerContext C(Bldr, Eng, Pred, L, WasInlined);
170 ExprEngine &Eng,
173 S, Eng, WasInlined);
183 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18262::CheckObjCMessageContext
192 Msg(msg), Eng(eng) { }
197 CheckerContext C(Bldr, Eng, Pred, L, WasInlined);
209 ExprEngine &Eng,
166 runCheckersForStmt(bool isPreVisit, ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const Stmt *S, ExprEngine &Eng, bool WasInlined) argument
205 runCheckersForObjCMessage(bool isPreVisit, ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const ObjCMethodCall &msg, ExprEngine &Eng, bool WasInlined) argument
226 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18263::CheckCallContext
248 runCheckersForCallEvent(bool isPreVisit, ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const CallEvent &Call, ExprEngine &Eng, bool WasInlined) argument
269 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18264::CheckLocationContext
297 runCheckersForLocation(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, SVal location, bool isLoad, const Stmt *NodeEx, const Stmt *BoundEx, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
315 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18265::CheckBindContext
337 runCheckersForBind(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, SVal location, SVal val, const Stmt *S, ExprEngine &Eng, const ProgramPoint &PP) argument
346 runCheckersForEndAnalysis(ExplodedGraph &G, BugReporter &BR, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
356 runCheckersForEndFunction(NodeBuilderContext &BC, ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, ExplodedNode *Pred, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
381 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18266::CheckBranchConditionContext
401 runCheckersForBranchCondition(const Stmt *Condition, ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, ExplodedNode *Pred, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
424 ExprEngine &Eng; member in struct:__anon18267::CheckDeadSymbolsContext
450 runCheckersForDeadSymbols(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, SymbolReaper &SymReaper, const Stmt *S, ExprEngine &Eng, ProgramPoint::Kind K) argument
524 runCheckersForEvalCall(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const CallEvent &Call, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
H A DCoreEngine.cpp614 ExplodedNode *N = C.Eng.G->getNode(Loc, State, MarkAsSink, &IsNew);
615 N->addPredecessor(FromN, *C.Eng.G);
656 ExplodedNode *Succ = Eng.G->getNode(BlockEdge(Src, I.getBlock(),
659 Succ->addPredecessor(Pred, *Eng.G);
665 Eng.WList->enqueue(Succ);
676 ExplodedNode *Succ = Eng.G->getNode(BlockEdge(Src, I.getBlock(),
679 Succ->addPredecessor(Pred, *Eng.G);
683 Eng.WList->enqueue(Succ);
701 ExplodedNode *Succ = Eng.G->getNode(BlockEdge(Src, DefaultBlock,
704 Succ->addPredecessor(Pred, *Eng
H A DBugReporterVisitors.cpp215 SubEngine *Eng = State->getStateManager().getOwningEngine(); local
216 assert(Eng && "Cannot file a bug report without an owning engine");
217 AnalyzerOptions &Options = Eng->getAnalysisManager().options;
301 ExprEngine &Eng = BRC.getBugReporter().getEngine(); local
302 AnalyzerOptions &Options = Eng.getAnalysisManager().options;
338 ExprEngine &Eng = BRC.getBugReporter().getEngine(); local
339 AnalyzerOptions &Options = Eng.getAnalysisManager().options;
790 SubEngine *Eng = N->getState()->getStateManager().getOwningEngine(); local
791 assert(Eng && "Cannot file a bug report without an owning engine");
792 AnalyzerOptions &Options = Eng
1527 ExprEngine &Eng = BRC.getBugReporter().getEngine(); local
H A DExprEngineCXX.cpp107 const CXXConstructExpr *CE, ExplodedNode *Pred, ExprEngine &Eng,
111 const NodeBuilderContext &CurrBldrCtx = Eng.getBuilderContext();
147 Loc ThisPtr = Eng.getSValBuilder().getCXXThis(CurCtor,
173 MemRegionManager &MRMgr = Eng.getSValBuilder().getRegionManager();
106 getRegionForConstructedObject( const CXXConstructExpr *CE, ExplodedNode *Pred, ExprEngine &Eng, unsigned int CurrStmtIdx) argument
H A DProgramState.cpp75 : Eng(SubEng), EnvMgr(alloc), GDMFactory(alloc),
177 SubEngine* Eng = Mgr.getOwningEngine(); local
187 if (Eng) {
198 newState = Eng->notifyCheckersOfPointerEscape(newState, IS,
204 return Eng->processRegionChanges(newState, IS, TopLevelInvalidated,
H A DRangeConstraintManager.cpp332 ento::CreateRangeConstraintManager(ProgramStateManager &StMgr, SubEngine *Eng) { argument
333 return new RangeConstraintManager(Eng, StMgr.getSValBuilder());
H A DRegionStore.cpp355 if (SubEngine *Eng = StateMgr.getOwningEngine()) {
356 AnalyzerOptions &Options = Eng->getAnalysisManager().options;
H A DBugReporter.cpp2760 ExplodedGraph &GRBugReporter::getGraph() { return Eng.getGraph(); }
2763 GRBugReporter::getStateManager() { return Eng.getStateManager(); }
H A DCheckerManager.h239 ExprEngine &Eng) {
240 runCheckersForStmt(/*isPreVisit=*/true, Dst, Src, S, Eng);
252 ExprEngine &Eng,
254 runCheckersForStmt(/*isPreVisit=*/false, Dst, Src, S, Eng, wasInlined);
260 const Stmt *S, ExprEngine &Eng,
267 ExprEngine &Eng) {
268 runCheckersForObjCMessage(/*isPreVisit=*/true, Dst, Src, msg, Eng);
275 ExprEngine &Eng,
277 runCheckersForObjCMessage(/*isPreVisit=*/false, Dst, Src, msg, Eng,
285 const ObjCMethodCall &msg, ExprEngine &Eng,
236 runCheckersForPreStmt(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const Stmt *S, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
249 runCheckersForPostStmt(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const Stmt *S, ExprEngine &Eng, bool wasInlined = false) argument
264 runCheckersForPreObjCMessage(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const ObjCMethodCall &msg, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
272 runCheckersForPostObjCMessage(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const ObjCMethodCall &msg, ExprEngine &Eng, bool wasInlined = false) argument
289 runCheckersForPreCall(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const CallEvent &Call, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
295 runCheckersForPostCall(ExplodedNodeSet &Dst, const ExplodedNodeSet &Src, const CallEvent &Call, ExprEngine &Eng, bool wasInlined = false) argument
H A DChecker.h218 BugReporter &BR, ExprEngine &Eng) {
219 ((const CHECKER *)checker)->checkEndAnalysis(G, BR, Eng);
217 _checkEndAnalysis(void *checker, ExplodedGraph &G, BugReporter &BR, ExprEngine &Eng) argument
H A Dinstantiate-member-expr.cpp25 void f(ExprEngine& Eng) { argument
26 Eng.registerCheck(new RetainReleaseChecker); // expected-note {{in instantiation of function template specialization 'ExprEngine::registerCheck<RetainReleaseChecker>' requested here}}
H A DBugReporter.h487 ExprEngine& Eng; member in class:clang::ento::GRBugReporter
490 : BugReporter(d, GRBugReporterKind), Eng(eng) {}
496 ExprEngine &getEngine() { return Eng; }
H A DAnalysisConsumer.cpp641 ExprEngine Eng(*Mgr, ObjCGCEnabled, VisitedCallees, &FunctionSummaries,IMode);
651 Eng.ExecuteWorkList(Mgr->getAnalysisDeclContextManager().getStackFrame(D),
660 Eng.ViewGraph(Mgr->options.TrimGraph);
663 Eng.getBugReporter().FlushReports();

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