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H A Dbase_paths.h32 DIR_MODULE, // Directory containing FILE_MODULE.
39 FILE_MODULE, // Path and filename of the module containing the code for enumerator in enum:base::BasePathKey
H A Dbase_paths.cc22 PathService::Get(FILE_MODULE, result);
H A Dbase_paths_android.cc33 case base::FILE_MODULE:
H A Dbase_paths_posix.cc36 case base::FILE_MODULE: { // TODO(evanm): is this correct?
H A Dpath_service_unittest.cc53 dir_type != base::FILE_EXE && dir_type != base::FILE_MODULE) {
89 if (key == base::FILE_MODULE || key == base::DIR_USER_DESKTOP ||
H A Dbase_paths_win.cc36 case base::FILE_MODULE: {
H A Dchrome_version_info_win.cc23 if (PathService::Get(base::FILE_MODULE, &module)) {
46 if (PathService::Get(base::FILE_MODULE, &module)) {
H A Dchrome_paths.cc150 return PathService::Get(base::FILE_MODULE, result);
H A Dnacl_browser.cc199 if (!PathService::Get(base::FILE_MODULE, &module_path)) {
H A Dnacl_process_host.cc575 if (!PathService::Get(base::FILE_MODULE, &module_path)) {
H A Dbidi_checker_web_ui_test.cc123 ASSERT_TRUE(PathService::Get(base::FILE_MODULE, &pak_path));

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