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H A Dtrace-extension.h50 static Address GetFP(const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value>& args);
H A Dtrace-extension.cc61 Address TraceExtension::GetFP(const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value>& args) { function in class:v8::internal::TraceExtension
99 DoTrace(GetFP(args));
116 DoTraceHideCEntryFPAddress(GetFP(args));
H A Dsb_frame.py13 obj.GetFP()
H A DSBFrame.i76 GetFP () const;
286 __swig_getmethods__["fp"] = GetFP
287 if _newclass: fp = property(GetFP, None, doc='''A read only property that returns the frame pointer (FP) as an unsigned integer.''')
H A Ddiagnose_unwind.py59 initial_fp = cur_thread.GetFrameAtIndex(0).GetFP()
182 this_module = backtrace_print_frame (target, frame_num, frame.GetPC(), frame.GetFP())
183 print_stack_frame (process, frame.GetFP())
H A DSBFrame.h49 GetFP () const;
H A DUnwindMacOSXFrameBackchain.cpp110 cursor.fp = reg_ctx->GetFP (0);
209 cursor.fp = reg_ctx->GetFP (0);
H A DUnwindLLDB.cpp198 if (reg_ctx_sp->GetFP() == 0)
H A DRegisterContext.h139 GetFP (uint64_t fail_value = LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS);
H A DThreadPlan.cpp161 addr_t fp = reg_ctx->GetFP();
H A DRegisterContext.cpp131 RegisterContext::GetFP(uint64_t fail_value) function in class:RegisterContext
H A DXcode.cpp85 auto fp = frame.GetFP();
H A DSBFrame.cpp568 SBFrame::GetFP () const function in class:SBFrame
586 addr = frame->GetRegisterContext()->GetFP();
591 log->Printf ("SBFrame::GetFP () => error: could not reconstruct frame object for this SBFrame.");
597 log->Printf ("SBFrame::GetFP () => error: process is running");
602 log->Printf ("SBFrame(%p)::GetFP () => 0x%" PRIx64, frame, addr);

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