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H A DMCAsmParserExtension.h34 static bool HandleDirective(MCAsmParserExtension *Target, function in class:llvm::MCAsmParserExtension
H A DLexer.cpp3374 goto HandleDirective;
3540 goto HandleDirective;
3627 HandleDirective:
3631 PP->HandleDirective(Result);
H A DPTHLexer.cpp115 PP->HandleDirective(Tok);
H A DPPDirectives.cpp673 /// HandleDirective - This callback is invoked when the lexer sees a # token
677 void Preprocessor::HandleDirective(Token &Result) { function in class:Preprocessor
H A DCOFFAsmParser.cpp31 this, HandleDirective<COFFAsmParser, HandlerMethod>);
H A DDarwinAsmParser.cpp33 this, HandleDirective<DarwinAsmParser, HandlerMethod>);
H A DELFAsmParser.cpp29 this, HandleDirective<ELFAsmParser, HandlerMethod>);
H A DPreprocessor.h1262 void HandleDirective(Token &Result);

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