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H A Dcrazy_linker_debug.h23 #define LOG_ERRNO(...) ::crazy::LogErrno(__VA_ARGS__) macro
28 #define LOG_ERRNO(...) ((void)0)
42 LOG_ERRNO(__VA_ARGS__); \
H A Dcrazy_linker_ashmem.cpp62 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Region failed writable mapping with unexpected error",
70 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Failed to map region read-only", __FUNCTION__);
74 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Region could be remapped read-write. Should not happen.\n",
H A Dcrazy_linker_zip.cpp65 LOG_ERRNO("%s: munmap failed when trying to unmap zip file\n",
98 LOG_ERRNO("%s: open failed trying to open zip file %s\n",
106 LOG_ERRNO("%s: stat failed trying to stat zip file %s\n",
120 LOG_ERRNO("%s: mmap failed trying to mmap zip file %s\n",
H A Dcrazy_linker_rdebug.cpp31 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Could not get /proc/self/exe link", __FUNCTION__);
56 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Could not load ELF binary header", __FUNCTION__);
78 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Could not find ELF program header table", __FUNCTION__);
90 LOG_ERRNO("%s: Could not read program header entry", __FUNCTION__);
183 LOG_ERRNO("Could not remap page to read/write");
193 LOG_ERRNO("Could not remap page to old protection flags");
H A Dv4llookup.cc52 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << "VIDIOC_QUERYCAP failed for " << device_path;
55 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << "Failed to open " << device_path;
H A Dlogging.h205 #undef LOG_ERRNO macro
206 #define LOG_ERRNO(sev) LOG_ERRNO_EX(sev, errno) macro
217 #define LOG_ERR(sev) LOG_ERRNO(sev)
H A Dsctpdataengine.cc339 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "Failed to create SCTP socket.";
346 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "Failed to set SCTP to non blocking.";
358 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "Failed to set SO_LINGER.";
368 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_
377 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "Failed to set SCTP_NODELAY.";
388 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_
406 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "Failed to set SCTP_EVENT type: "
452 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "->Connect(): "
463 LOG_ERRNO(LS_ERROR) << debug_name_ << "Failed usrsctp_connect. got errno="
H A Dlogging.h32 // LOG_ERRNO(sev) attempts to add a string description of an errno-derived
308 #define LOG_ERRNO(sev) \ macro
335 LOG_ERRNO(sev)

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