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H A Dconfig_freebsd.h233 #define PRIdS "d" macro
242 #define PRIdS "ld" macro
H A Dconfig_android.h233 #define PRIdS "zd" macro
H A Dconfig_linux.h233 #define PRIdS "zd" macro
H A Dconfig_win.h262 #define PRIdS "Id" macro
H A Dconfig.h.in233 #undef PRIdS
H A Dheap-profiler.cc472 RAW_LOG(INFO, "sbrk(inc=%" PRIdS ") = 0x%" PRIxPTR,
H A Dmemory_region_map.cc787 RAW_VLOG(10, "Sbrk = 0x%" PRIxPTR " of %" PRIdS,
H A Dconfig.h251 #define PRIdS "Id" macro
H A Dconfig.h251 #define PRIdS "Id" macro
H A Dconfig.h.in230 #undef PRIdS
H A Dheap-profiler.cc393 RAW_LOG(INFO, "sbrk(inc=%"PRIdS") = 0x%"PRIxPTR"",
H A Dmemory_region_map.cc624 RAW_VLOG(10, "Sbrk = 0x%"PRIxPTR" of %"PRIdS"", (uintptr_t)result, increment);

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