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H A Ddata.py6 from coverage.files import PathAliases namespace
179 If `aliases` is provided, it's a `PathAliases` object that is used to
183 aliases = aliases or PathAliases()
H A Dfiles.py132 class PathAliases(object): class in inherits:object
139 A `PathAliases` object tracks a list of pattern/result pairs, and can
H A Dcontrol.py12 from coverage.files import PathAliases, find_python_files namespace
472 aliases = PathAliases(self.file_locator)
H A DTypeBasedAliasAnalysis.cpp298 bool PathAliases(const MDNode *A, const MDNode *B) const;
344 return PathAliases(A, B);
387 TypeBasedAliasAnalysis::PathAliases(const MDNode *A, function in class:TypeBasedAliasAnalysis

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