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H A DWorkerThreadableWebSocketChannel.cpp60 typedef WorkerThreadableWebSocketChannel::Peer Peer; typedef in namespace:blink
188 Peer::Peer(Bridge* bridge, WorkerLoaderProxy& loaderProxy, ThreadableWebSocketChannelSyncHelper* syncHelper) function in class:blink::Peer
197 Peer::~Peer()
202 void Peer::initializeInternal(ExecutionContext* context, const String& sourceURL, unsigned lineNumber)
214 void Peer::connect(const KURL& url, const String& protocol)
227 void Peer::send(const String& message)
234 void Peer
H A DWorkerThreadableWebSocketChannel.h83 class Peer FINAL : public GarbageCollectedFinalized<Peer>, public WebSocketChannelClient {
87 Peer(Bridge*, WorkerLoaderProxy&, ThreadableWebSocketChannelSyncHelper*);
88 virtual ~Peer();
92 static void initialize(ExecutionContext* executionContext, Peer* peer, const String& sourceURLAtConnection, unsigned lineNumberAtConnection)
126 // Bridge for Peer. Running on the worker thread.
157 Member<Peer> m_peer;
H A Dpeer.py29 class Peer(object): class in inherits:object
43 return ("Peer at %s, jobs: %d, performance: %.2f, trust I/O: %s/%s" %
73 """Creates a JSON serializable representation of this Peer."""
78 """Creates a Peer object built from a packed representation."""
80 return Peer(packed[0], packed[1], packed[2], pubkey_dummy)
H A Dpresence_handler.py69 p = peer.Peer(self.client_address[0], jobs, relative_perf,
78 p = peer.Peer(self.client_address[0], jobs, perf, pubkey_fingerprint)
H A Ddictionary.ascend110 ATTRIBUTE Ascend-IPX-Peer-Mode 216 integer
174 VALUE Ascend-IPX-Peer-Mode IPX-Peer-Router 0
175 VALUE Ascend-IPX-Peer-Mode IPX-Peer-Dialin 1
H A Dnetwork_execution.py49 return [ peer.Peer.Unpack(p) for p in data ]
H A Dip-cref.tex3258 echo "Peer address with non-trivial netmask." 1>&2

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