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H A Dbrowser_save_password_progress_logger_unittest.cc17 // The only purpose of TestLogger is to expose SendLog for the test.
23 using BrowserSavePasswordProgressLogger::SendLog;
33 TEST(BrowserSavePasswordProgressLoggerTest, SendLog) {
37 logger.SendLog(kTestText);
H A Dbrowser_save_password_progress_logger.cc19 void BrowserSavePasswordProgressLogger::SendLog(const std::string& log) { function in class:password_manager::BrowserSavePasswordProgressLogger
H A Dbrowser_save_password_progress_logger.h26 virtual void SendLog(const std::string& log) OVERRIDE;
H A Drenderer_save_password_progress_logger_unittest.cc21 using RendererSavePasswordProgressLogger::SendLog;
46 TEST(RendererSavePasswordProgressLoggerTest, SendLog) {
48 logger.SendLog(kTestText);
H A Drenderer_save_password_progress_logger.cc21 void RendererSavePasswordProgressLogger::SendLog(const std::string& log) { function in class:autofill::RendererSavePasswordProgressLogger
H A Drenderer_save_password_progress_logger.h32 virtual void SendLog(const std::string& log) OVERRIDE;
35 // Used by SendLog to send the IPC message with logs. |sender_| needs to
H A Dsave_password_progress_logger.h26 // To use this class, the method SendLog needs to be overriden to send the logs
110 // SendLog to pass it for display.
123 virtual void SendLog(const std::string& log) = 0;
126 // Converts |log| and its |label| to a string and calls SendLog on the result.
H A Dsave_password_progress_logger_unittest.cc35 virtual void SendLog(const std::string& log) OVERRIDE {
H A Dsave_password_progress_logger.cc305 SendLog(GetStringFromID(label) + ": " + log_string);

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