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H A DCwiseNullaryOp.h24 * It is the return type of the Ones(), Zero(), Constant(), Identity() and Random() methods,
547 * it is redundant to pass \a rows and \a cols as arguments, so Ones() should be used
553 * \sa Ones(), Ones(Index), isOnes(), class Ones
557 DenseBase<Derived>::Ones(Index nbRows, Index nbCols) function in class:Eigen::DenseBase
570 * it is redundant to pass \a size as argument, so Ones() should be used
576 * \sa Ones(), Ones(Index,Index), isOnes(), class Ones
580 DenseBase<Derived>::Ones(Index newSize) function in class:Eigen::DenseBase
597 DenseBase<Derived>::Ones() function in class:Eigen::DenseBase
H A Dmatrix3_f.cc66 Matrix3F Matrix3F::Ones() { function in class:gfx::Matrix3F

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