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H A Dbrowser_ppapi_host_impl.cc34 true /* external_plugin */);
53 bool external_plugin)
60 external_plugin_(external_plugin),
46 BrowserPpapiHostImpl( IPC::Sender* sender, const ppapi::PpapiPermissions& permissions, const std::string& plugin_name, const base::FilePath& plugin_path, const base::FilePath& profile_data_directory, bool in_process, bool external_plugin) argument
H A Dbrowser_ppapi_host_impl.h36 // |external_plugin| signfies that this is a proxy created for an embedder's
44 bool external_plugin);
67 bool external_plugin() const { return external_plugin_; } function in class:content::BrowserPpapiHostImpl
H A Dpepper_network_monitor_host.cc20 bool CanUseNetworkMonitor(bool external_plugin, argument
27 return pepper_socket_utils::CanUseSocketAPIs(external_plugin,
56 host->external_plugin(),
H A Dpepper_socket_utils.cc38 bool CanUseSocketAPIs(bool external_plugin, argument
44 if (!external_plugin) {

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