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H A DmDNSEmbeddedAPI.h61 #define va_list VA_LIST macro
67 #include <stdarg.h> // stdarg.h is required for for va_list support for the mDNS_vsnprintf declaration
2368 extern mDNSu32 mDNS_vsnprintf(char *sbuffer, mDNSu32 buflen, const char *fmt, va_list arg);
H A Dno-macro-fixit.c5 typedef __builtin_va_list va_list; typedef
8 va_list values;
H A Dtypedef_guards.c12 typedef __builtin_va_list va_list; typedef
27 va_list y;
H A D__va_list_tag.h3 typedef __builtin_va_list va_list; typedef
5 extern int myvfprintf(const char * , va_list);
H A Dva_arg.h3 typedef __builtin_va_list va_list; typedef
6 va_list v;
H A Dblock-printf-attribute-1.c15 void multi_attr(va_list ap, int *x, long *y) {
17 void (^vprintf_scanf) (const char *, va_list, const char *, ...) __attribute__((__format__(__printf__, 1, 0))) __attribute__((__format__(__scanf__, 3, 4))) = local
18 ^ __attribute__((__format__(__printf__, 1, 0))) __attribute__((__format__(__scanf__, 3, 4))) (const char *str, va_list args, const char *fmt, ...) {};
H A Dva_arg_x86_64.c11 typedef __builtin_va_list va_list; typedef
14 va_list v;
H A Dstdarg.h30 typedef __builtin_va_list va_list; typedef
H A Dlibyasm.h35 typedef struct __va_list va_list; typedef in typeref:struct:__va_list

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