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H A Dlibvex_ir.h54 'IRSB'). Each code block typically represents from 1 to perhaps 50
56 Each IRSB contains three things:
58 value present in the IRSB
60 - a jump that exits from the end the IRSB
62 conditional exit statements that cause control to leave the IRSB
170 The IR is fully typed. For every IRSB (IR block) it is possible to
2534 the IRSB). Contains the address and length of the
2734 /* Conditional exit from the middle of an IRSB.
2817 "IRSB" stands for "IR Super Block".
2829 IRSB; typedef in typeref:struct:__anon32325
H A Dm_tooliface.c43 IRSB*(*instrument)(VgCallbackClosure*, IRSB*,
349 IRSB*(*final_tidy)(IRSB*)
348 needs_final_IR_tidy_pass( IRSB*(*final_tidy)( argument

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