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H A Dthread_watcher.cc200 void ThreadWatcher::WakeUp() { function in class:ThreadWatcher
516 it->second->WakeUp();
H A Dfirewallsocketserver.h73 virtual void WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::FirewallSocketServer
74 return server_->WakeUp();
H A Dmacsocketserver.cc196 void MacCFSocketServer::WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::MacCFSocketServer
290 void MacCarbonSocketServer::WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::MacCarbonSocketServer
364 void MacCarbonAppSocketServer::WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::MacCarbonAppSocketServer
365 // TODO: No-op if there's already a WakeUp in flight.
H A Dnatsocketfactory.h144 virtual void WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::NATSocketServer
145 server_->WakeUp();
H A Dnullsocketserver.h30 virtual void WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::NullSocketServer
H A Dvirtualsocketserver.cc625 void VirtualSocketServer::WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::VirtualSocketServer
626 socketserver()->WakeUp();
H A Dwin32socketserver.cc783 // Sit and wait forever for a WakeUp. This is the Thread::Send case.
798 void Win32SocketServer::WakeUp() { function in class:rtc::Win32SocketServer
H A DmDNSEmbeddedAPI.h1197 OwnerOptData WakeUp; // WakeUp.HMAC.l[0] nonzero indicates that this is a Sleep Proxy record member in struct:AuthRecord_struct

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