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H A Dsunos4.h119 #define strtoul strtol macro
H A Dstringutils.h61 // strchr, vsnprintf, strtoul, tolowercase
101 inline unsigned long strtoul(const wchar_t* snum, wchar_t** end, int base) { function
H A DTargetLibraryInfo.h613 /// unsigned long int strtoul(const char *nptr, char **endptr, int base);
614 strtoul, enumerator in enum:llvm::LibFunc::Func
H A Docsp_ht.c69 #define strtoul (unsigned long)strtol macro
235 retcode = strtoul(p, &r, 10);
H A De_os.h656 # define strtoul(s,e,b) ((unsigned long int)strtol((s),(e),(b))) macro
H A Dserver.h151 /* strtol and strtoul supports base 16 or else assumes it is base 10 */
155 #define strtoul(s,r,b) ((b) == 16 ? \ macro

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