1// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
2// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3// found in the LICENSE file.
5#include "chrome/common/pref_names.h"
7#include "base/basictypes.h"
8#include "chrome/common/pref_font_webkit_names.h"
10namespace prefs {
12// *************** PROFILE PREFS ***************
13// These are attached to the user profile
15// A string property indicating whether default apps should be installed
16// in this profile.  Use the value "install" to enable defaults apps, or
17// "noinstall" to disable them.  This property is usually set in the
18// master_preferences and copied into the profile preferences on first run.
19// Defaults apps are installed only when creating a new profile.
20const char kDefaultApps[] = "default_apps";
22// Whether we have installed default apps yet in this profile.
23const char kDefaultAppsInstalled[] = "default_apps_installed";
25// Disables screenshot accelerators and extension APIs.
26// This setting resides both in profile prefs and local state. Accelerator
27// handling code reads local state, while extension APIs use profile pref.
28const char kDisableScreenshots[] = "disable_screenshots";
30// If set to true profiles are created in ephemeral mode and do not store their
31// data in the profile folder on disk but only in memory.
32const char kForceEphemeralProfiles[] = "profile.ephemeral_mode";
34// A boolean specifying whether the New Tab page is the home page or not.
35const char kHomePageIsNewTabPage[] = "homepage_is_newtabpage";
37// This is the URL of the page to load when opening new tabs.
38const char kHomePage[] = "homepage";
40// An integer that keeps track of the profile icon version. This allows us to
41// determine the state of the profile icon for icon format changes.
42const char kProfileIconVersion[] = "profile.icon_version";
44// Used to determine if the last session exited cleanly. Set to false when
45// first opened, and to true when closing. On startup if the value is false,
46// it means the profile didn't exit cleanly.
47// DEPRECATED: this is replaced by kSessionExitType and exists for backwards
48// compatibility.
49const char kSessionExitedCleanly[] = "profile.exited_cleanly";
51// A string pref whose values is one of the values defined by
52// |ProfileImpl::kPrefExitTypeXXX|. Set to |kPrefExitTypeCrashed| on startup and
53// one of |kPrefExitTypeNormal| or |kPrefExitTypeSessionEnded| during
54// shutdown. Used to determine the exit type the last time the profile was open.
55const char kSessionExitType[] = "profile.exit_type";
57// An integer pref. Holds one of several values:
58// 0: (deprecated) open the homepage on startup.
59// 1: restore the last session.
60// 2: this was used to indicate a specific session should be restored. It is
61//    no longer used, but saved to avoid conflict with old preferences.
62// 3: unused, previously indicated the user wants to restore a saved session.
63// 4: restore the URLs defined in kURLsToRestoreOnStartup.
64// 5: open the New Tab Page on startup.
65const char kRestoreOnStartup[] = "session.restore_on_startup";
67// A preference to keep track of whether we have already checked whether we
68// need to migrate the user from kRestoreOnStartup=0 to kRestoreOnStartup=4.
69// We only need to do this check once, on upgrade from m18 or lower to m19 or
70// higher.
71const char kRestoreOnStartupMigrated[] = "session.restore_on_startup_migrated";
73// Serialized migration time of kURLsToRestoreOnStartup (see
74// base::Time::ToInternalValue for details on serialization format).
75const char kRestoreStartupURLsMigrationTime[] =
76    "session.startup_urls_migration_time";
78// The URLs to restore on startup or when the home button is pressed. The URLs
79// are only restored on startup if kRestoreOnStartup is 4.
80const char kURLsToRestoreOnStartup[] = "session.startup_urls";
82// Old startup url pref name for kURLsToRestoreOnStartup.
83const char kURLsToRestoreOnStartupOld[] = "session.urls_to_restore_on_startup";
85// Stores the email address associated with the google account of the custodian
86// of the supervised user, set when the supervised user is created.
87const char kSupervisedUserCustodianEmail[] = "profile.managed.custodian_email";
89// Stores the display name associated with the google account of the custodian
90// of the supervised user, updated (if possible) each time the supervised user
91// starts a session.
92const char kSupervisedUserCustodianName[] = "profile.managed.custodian_name";
94// Stores the URL of the profile image associated with the google account of the
95// custodian of the supervised user.
96const char kSupervisedUserCustodianProfileImageURL[] =
97    "profile.managed.custodian_profile_image_url";
99// Stores the URL of the profile associated with the google account of the
100// custodian of the supervised user.
101const char kSupervisedUserCustodianProfileURL[] =
102    "profile.managed.custodian_profile_url";
104// Maps host names to whether the host is manually allowed or blocked.
105const char kSupervisedUserManualHosts[] = "profile.managed.manual_hosts";
107// Maps URLs to whether the URL is manually allowed or blocked.
108const char kSupervisedUserManualURLs[] = "profile.managed.manual_urls";
110// Stores the email address associated with the google account of the secondary
111// custodian of the supervised user, set when the supervised user is created.
112const char kSupervisedUserSecondCustodianEmail[] =
113    "profile.managed.second_custodian_email";
115// Stores the display name associated with the google account of the secondary
116// custodian of the supervised user, updated (if possible) each time the
117// supervised user starts a session.
118const char kSupervisedUserSecondCustodianName[] =
119    "profile.managed.second_custodian_name";
121// Stores the URL of the profile image associated with the google account of the
122// secondary custodian of the supervised user.
123const char kSupervisedUserSecondCustodianProfileImageURL[] =
124    "profile.managed.second_custodian_profile_image_url";
126// Stores the URL of the profile associated with the google account of the
127// secondary custodian of the supervised user.
128const char kSupervisedUserSecondCustodianProfileURL[] =
129    "profile.managed.second_custodian_profile_url";
131// Stores settings that can be modified both by a supervised user and their
132// manager. See SupervisedUserSharedSettingsService for a description of
133// the format.
134const char kSupervisedUserSharedSettings[] = "profile.managed.shared_settings";
136// The application locale.
137// For OS_CHROMEOS we maintain kApplicationLocale property in both local state
138// and user's profile.  Global property determines locale of login screen,
139// while user's profile determines his personal locale preference.
140const char kApplicationLocale[] = "intl.app_locale";
141#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
142// Locale preference of device' owner.  ChromeOS device appears in this locale
143// after startup/wakeup/signout.
144const char kOwnerLocale[] = "intl.owner_locale";
145// Locale accepted by user.  Non-syncable.
146// Used to determine whether we need to show Locale Change notification.
147const char kApplicationLocaleAccepted[] = "intl.app_locale_accepted";
148// Non-syncable item.
149// It is used in two distinct ways.
150// (1) Used for two-step initialization of locale in ChromeOS
151//     because synchronization of kApplicationLocale is not instant.
152// (2) Used to detect locale change.  Locale change is detected by
153//     LocaleChangeGuard in case values of kApplicationLocaleBackup and
154//     kApplicationLocale are both non-empty and differ.
155// Following is a table showing how state of those prefs may change upon
156// common real-life use cases:
157//                                  AppLocale Backup Accepted
158// Initial login                       -        A       -
159// Sync                                B        A       -
160// Accept (B)                          B        B       B
161// -----------------------------------------------------------
162// Initial login                       -        A       -
163// No sync and second login            A        A       -
164// Change options                      B        B       -
165// -----------------------------------------------------------
166// Initial login                       -        A       -
167// Sync                                A        A       -
168// Locale changed on login screen      A        C       -
169// Accept (A)                          A        A       A
170// -----------------------------------------------------------
171// Initial login                       -        A       -
172// Sync                                B        A       -
173// Revert                              A        A       -
174const char kApplicationLocaleBackup[] = "intl.app_locale_backup";
177// The default character encoding to assume for a web page in the
178// absence of MIME charset specification
179const char kDefaultCharset[] = "intl.charset_default";
181// The value to use for Accept-Languages HTTP header when making an HTTP
182// request.
183const char kAcceptLanguages[] = "intl.accept_languages";
185// The value to use for showing locale-dependent encoding list for different
186// locale, it's initialized from the corresponding string resource that is
187// stored in non-translatable part of the resource bundle.
188const char kStaticEncodings[] = "intl.static_encodings";
190// If these change, the corresponding enums in the extension API
191// experimental.fontSettings.json must also change.
192const char* const kWebKitScriptsForFontFamilyMaps[] = {
193#define EXPAND_SCRIPT_FONT(x, script_name) script_name ,
194#include "chrome/common/pref_font_script_names-inl.h"
195ALL_FONT_SCRIPTS("unused param")
199const size_t kWebKitScriptsForFontFamilyMapsLength =
200    arraysize(kWebKitScriptsForFontFamilyMaps);
202// Strings for WebKit font family preferences. If these change, the pref prefix
203// in pref_names_util.cc and the pref format in font_settings_api.cc must also
204// change.
205const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyMap[] =
207const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyMap[] =
209const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyMap[] =
211const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyMap[] =
213const char kWebKitCursiveFontFamilyMap[] =
215const char kWebKitFantasyFontFamilyMap[] =
217const char kWebKitPictographFontFamilyMap[] =
219const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyArabic[] =
220    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Arab";
221const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyArabic[] =
222    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Arab";
223const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyArabic[] =
224    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Arab";
225const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyArabic[] =
226    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Arab";
227const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyCyrillic[] =
228    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Cyrl";
229const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyCyrillic[] =
230    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Cyrl";
231const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyCyrillic[] =
232    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Cyrl";
233const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyCyrillic[] =
234    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Cyrl";
235const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyGreek[] =
236    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Grek";
237const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyGreek[] =
238    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Grek";
239const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyGreek[] =
240    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Grek";
241const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyGreek[] =
242    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Grek";
243const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyJapanese[] =
244    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Jpan";
245const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyJapanese[] =
246    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Jpan";
247const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyJapanese[] =
248    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Jpan";
249const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyJapanese[] =
250    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Jpan";
251const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyKorean[] =
252    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Hang";
253const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyKorean[] =
254    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Hang";
255const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyKorean[] =
256    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Hang";
257const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyKorean[] =
258    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Hang";
259const char kWebKitCursiveFontFamilyKorean[] =
260    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.cursive.Hang";
261const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilySimplifiedHan[] =
262    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Hans";
263const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilySimplifiedHan[] =
264    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Hans";
265const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilySimplifiedHan[] =
266    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Hans";
267const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilySimplifiedHan[] =
268    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Hans";
269const char kWebKitStandardFontFamilyTraditionalHan[] =
270    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Hant";
271const char kWebKitFixedFontFamilyTraditionalHan[] =
272    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Hant";
273const char kWebKitSerifFontFamilyTraditionalHan[] =
274    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Hant";
275const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamilyTraditionalHan[] =
276    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Hant";
278// WebKit preferences.
279const char kWebKitWebSecurityEnabled[] = "webkit.webprefs.web_security_enabled";
280const char kWebKitDomPasteEnabled[] = "webkit.webprefs.dom_paste_enabled";
281const char kWebKitShrinksStandaloneImagesToFit[] =
282    "webkit.webprefs.shrinks_standalone_images_to_fit";
283const char kWebKitUsesUniversalDetector[] =
284    "webkit.webprefs.uses_universal_detector";
285const char kWebKitTextAreasAreResizable[] =
286    "webkit.webprefs.text_areas_are_resizable";
287const char kWebKitJavaEnabled[] = "webkit.webprefs.java_enabled";
288const char kWebkitTabsToLinks[] = "webkit.webprefs.tabs_to_links";
289const char kWebKitAllowDisplayingInsecureContent[] =
290    "webkit.webprefs.allow_displaying_insecure_content";
291const char kWebKitAllowRunningInsecureContent[] =
292    "webkit.webprefs.allow_running_insecure_content";
293#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
294const char kWebKitFontScaleFactor[] = "webkit.webprefs.font_scale_factor";
295const char kWebKitForceEnableZoom[] = "webkit.webprefs.force_enable_zoom";
296const char kWebKitPasswordEchoEnabled[] =
297    "webkit.webprefs.password_echo_enabled";
300const char kWebKitCommonScript[] = "Zyyy";
301const char kWebKitStandardFontFamily[] = "webkit.webprefs.fonts.standard.Zyyy";
302const char kWebKitFixedFontFamily[] = "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fixed.Zyyy";
303const char kWebKitSerifFontFamily[] = "webkit.webprefs.fonts.serif.Zyyy";
304const char kWebKitSansSerifFontFamily[] =
305    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.sansserif.Zyyy";
306const char kWebKitCursiveFontFamily[] = "webkit.webprefs.fonts.cursive.Zyyy";
307const char kWebKitFantasyFontFamily[] = "webkit.webprefs.fonts.fantasy.Zyyy";
308const char kWebKitPictographFontFamily[] =
309    "webkit.webprefs.fonts.pictograph.Zyyy";
310const char kWebKitDefaultFontSize[] = "webkit.webprefs.default_font_size";
311const char kWebKitDefaultFixedFontSize[] =
312    "webkit.webprefs.default_fixed_font_size";
313const char kWebKitMinimumFontSize[] = "webkit.webprefs.minimum_font_size";
314const char kWebKitMinimumLogicalFontSize[] =
315    "webkit.webprefs.minimum_logical_font_size";
316const char kWebKitJavascriptEnabled[] = "webkit.webprefs.javascript_enabled";
317const char kWebKitJavascriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically[] =
318    "webkit.webprefs.javascript_can_open_windows_automatically";
319const char kWebKitLoadsImagesAutomatically[] =
320    "webkit.webprefs.loads_images_automatically";
321const char kWebKitPluginsEnabled[] = "webkit.webprefs.plugins_enabled";
323// Boolean that is true when SafeBrowsing is enabled.
324const char kSafeBrowsingEnabled[] = "safebrowsing.enabled";
326// Boolean that tell us whether Safe Browsing extended reporting is enabled.
327const char kSafeBrowsingExtendedReportingEnabled[] =
328    "safebrowsing.extended_reporting_enabled";
330// Boolean that is true when the SafeBrowsing interstitial should not allow
331// users to proceed anyway.
332const char kSafeBrowsingProceedAnywayDisabled[] =
333    "safebrowsing.proceed_anyway_disabled";
335// Boolean that is true when SafeBrowsing has sent an incident report.
336const char kSafeBrowsingIncidentReportSent[] =
337    "safebrowsing.incident_report_sent";
339// A dictionary mapping incident types to a dict of incident key:digest pairs.
340const char kSafeBrowsingIncidentsSent[] = "safebrowsing.incidents_sent";
342// Enum that specifies whether Incognito mode is:
343// 0 - Enabled. Default behaviour. Default mode is available on demand.
344// 1 - Disabled. Used cannot browse pages in Incognito mode.
345// 2 - Forced. All pages/sessions are forced into Incognito.
346const char kIncognitoModeAvailability[] = "incognito.mode_availability";
348// Boolean that is true when Suggest support is enabled.
349const char kSearchSuggestEnabled[] = "search.suggest_enabled";
351#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
352// String indicating the Contextual Search enabled state.
353// "false" - opt-out (disabled)
354// "" (empty string) - undecided
355// "true" - opt-in (enabled)
356const char kContextualSearchEnabled[] = "search.contextual_search_enabled";
359// Boolean that indicates whether the browser should put up a confirmation
360// window when the user is attempting to quit. Mac only.
361const char kConfirmToQuitEnabled[] = "browser.confirm_to_quit";
363// OBSOLETE.  Enum that specifies whether to enforce a third-party cookie
364// blocking policy.  This has been superseded by kDefaultContentSettings +
365// kBlockThirdPartyCookies.
366// 0 - allow all cookies.
367// 1 - block third-party cookies
368// 2 - block all cookies
369const char kCookieBehavior[] = "security.cookie_behavior";
371// Boolean which specifies whether we should ask the user if we should download
372// a file (true) or just download it automatically.
373const char kPromptForDownload[] = "download.prompt_for_download";
375// A boolean pref set to true if we're using Link Doctor error pages.
376const char kAlternateErrorPagesEnabled[] = "alternate_error_pages.enabled";
378// OBSOLETE: new pref now stored with user prefs instead of profile, as
379// kDnsPrefetchingStartupList.
380const char kDnsStartupPrefetchList[] = "StartupDNSPrefetchList";
382// An adaptively identified list of domain names to be pre-fetched during the
383// next startup, based on what was actually needed during this startup.
384const char kDnsPrefetchingStartupList[] = "dns_prefetching.startup_list";
386// OBSOLETE: new pref now stored with user prefs instead of profile, as
387// kDnsPrefetchingHostReferralList.
388const char kDnsHostReferralList[] = "HostReferralList";
390// A list of host names used to fetch web pages, and their commonly used
391// sub-resource hostnames (and expected latency benefits from pre-resolving, or
392// preconnecting to, such sub-resource hostnames).
393// This list is adaptively grown and pruned.
394const char kDnsPrefetchingHostReferralList[] =
395    "dns_prefetching.host_referral_list";
397// Disables the SPDY protocol.
398const char kDisableSpdy[] = "spdy.disabled";
400// Prefs for persisting HttpServerProperties.
401const char kHttpServerProperties[] = "net.http_server_properties";
403// Prefs for server names that support SPDY protocol.
404const char kSpdyServers[] = "spdy.servers";
406// Prefs for servers that support Alternate-Protocol.
407const char kAlternateProtocolServers[] = "spdy.alternate_protocol";
409// Disables the listed protocol schemes.
410const char kDisabledSchemes[] = "protocol.disabled_schemes";
412#if defined(OS_ANDROID) || defined(OS_IOS)
413// Last time that a check for cloud policy management was done. This time is
414// recorded on Android so that retries aren't attempted on every startup.
415// Instead the cloud policy registration is retried at least 1 or 3 days later.
416const char kLastPolicyCheckTime[] = "policy.last_policy_check_time";
419// Prefix URL for the experimental Instant ZeroSuggest provider.
420const char kInstantUIZeroSuggestUrlPrefix[] =
421    "instant_ui.zero_suggest_url_prefix";
423// Used to migrate preferences from local state to user preferences to
424// enable multiple profiles.
425// BITMASK with possible values (see browser_prefs.cc for enum):
426// 0: No preferences migrated.
427// 1: DNS preferences migrated: kDnsPrefetchingStartupList and HostReferralList
428// 2: Browser window preferences migrated: kDevToolsSplitLocation and
429//    kBrowserWindowPlacement
430const char kMultipleProfilePrefMigration[] =
431    "local_state.multiple_profile_prefs_version";
433// A boolean pref set to true if prediction of network actions is allowed.
434// Actions include DNS prefetching, TCP and SSL preconnection, prerendering
435// of web pages, and resource prefetching.
436// NOTE: The "dns_prefetching.enabled" value is used so that historical user
437// preferences are not lost.
438// TODO(bnc): Remove kNetworkPredictionEnabled once kNetworkPredictionOptions
439// is functioning as per crbug.com/334602.
440const char kNetworkPredictionEnabled[] = "dns_prefetching.enabled";
442// A preference of enum chrome_browser_net::NetworkPredictionOptions shows
443// if prediction of network actions is allowed, depending on network type.
444// Actions include DNS prefetching, TCP and SSL preconnection, prerendering
445// of web pages, and resource prefetching.
446// TODO(bnc): Implement this preference as per crbug.com/334602.
447const char kNetworkPredictionOptions[] = "net.network_prediction_options";
449// An integer representing the state of the default apps installation process.
450// This value is persisted in the profile's user preferences because the process
451// is async, and the user may have stopped chrome in the middle.  The next time
452// the profile is opened, the process will continue from where it left off.
454// See possible values in external_provider_impl.cc.
455const char kDefaultAppsInstallState[] = "default_apps_install_state";
457// A boolean pref set to true if the Chrome Web Store icons should be hidden
458// from the New Tab Page and app launcher.
459const char kHideWebStoreIcon[] = "hide_web_store_icon";
461#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
462// A dictionary pref to hold the mute setting for all the currently known
463// audio devices.
464const char kAudioDevicesMute[] = "settings.audio.devices.mute";
466// A dictionary pref storing the volume settings for all the currently known
467// audio devices.
468const char kAudioDevicesVolumePercent[] =
469    "settings.audio.devices.volume_percent";
471// An integer pref to initially mute volume if 1. This pref is ignored if
472// |kAudioOutputAllowed| is set to false, but its value is preserved, therefore
473// when the policy is lifted the original mute state is restored.  This setting
474// is here only for migration purposes now. It is being replaced by the
475// |kAudioDevicesMute| setting.
476const char kAudioMute[] = "settings.audio.mute";
478// A double pref storing the user-requested volume. This setting is here only
479// for migration purposes now. It is being replaced by the
480// |kAudioDevicesVolumePercent| setting.
481const char kAudioVolumePercent[] = "settings.audio.volume_percent";
483// An integer pref to record user's spring charger check result.
484// 0 - unknown charger, not checked yet.
485// 1 - confirmed safe charger.
486// 2 - confirmed original charger and declined to order new charger.
487// 3 - confirmed original charger and ordered new charger online.
488// 4 - confirmed original charger and ordered new charger by phone.
489// 5 - confirmed original charger, ordered a new one online, but continue to use
490//     the old one.
491// 6 - confirmed original charger, ordered a new one by phone, but continue to
492//     use the old one.
493const char kSpringChargerCheck[] = "settings.spring_charger.check_result";
495// A boolean pref set to true if touchpad tap-to-click is enabled.
496const char kTapToClickEnabled[] = "settings.touchpad.enable_tap_to_click";
498// A boolean pref set to true if touchpad tap-dragging is enabled.
499const char kTapDraggingEnabled[] = "settings.touchpad.enable_tap_dragging";
501// A boolean pref set to true if touchpad three-finger-click is enabled.
502const char kEnableTouchpadThreeFingerClick[] =
503    "settings.touchpad.enable_three_finger_click";
505// A boolean pref set to true if touchpad natural scrolling is enabled.
506const char kNaturalScroll[] = "settings.touchpad.natural_scroll";
508// A boolean pref set to true if primary mouse button is the left button.
509const char kPrimaryMouseButtonRight[] = "settings.mouse.primary_right";
511// A integer pref for the touchpad sensitivity.
512const char kMouseSensitivity[] = "settings.mouse.sensitivity2";
514// A integer pref for the touchpad sensitivity.
515const char kTouchpadSensitivity[] = "settings.touchpad.sensitivity2";
517// A boolean pref set to true if time should be displayed in 24-hour clock.
518const char kUse24HourClock[] = "settings.clock.use_24hour_clock";
520// A boolean pref to disable Google Drive integration.
521// The pref prefix should remain as "gdata" for backward compatibility.
522const char kDisableDrive[] = "gdata.disabled";
524// A boolean pref to disable Drive over cellular connections.
525// The pref prefix should remain as "gdata" for backward compatibility.
526const char kDisableDriveOverCellular[] = "gdata.cellular.disabled";
528// A boolean pref to disable hosted files on Drive.
529// The pref prefix should remain as "gdata" for backward compatibility.
530const char kDisableDriveHostedFiles[] = "gdata.hosted_files.disabled";
532// A string pref set to the current input method.
533const char kLanguageCurrentInputMethod[] =
534    "settings.language.current_input_method";
536// A string pref set to the previous input method.
537const char kLanguagePreviousInputMethod[] =
538    "settings.language.previous_input_method";
540// A string pref (comma-separated list) set to the "next engine in menu"
541// hot-key lists.
542const char kLanguageHotkeyNextEngineInMenu[] =
543    "settings.language.hotkey_next_engine_in_menu";
545// A string pref (comma-separated list) set to the "previous engine"
546// hot-key lists.
547const char kLanguageHotkeyPreviousEngine[] =
548    "settings.language.hotkey_previous_engine";
550// A string pref (comma-separated list) set to the preferred language IDs
551// (ex. "en-US,fr,ko").
552const char kLanguagePreferredLanguages[] =
553    "settings.language.preferred_languages";
555// A string pref (comma-separated list) set to the preloaded (active) input
556// method IDs (ex. "pinyin,mozc").
557const char kLanguagePreloadEngines[] = "settings.language.preload_engines";
559// A List pref (comma-separated list) set to the extension IMEs to be enabled.
560const char kLanguageEnabledExtensionImes[] =
561    "settings.language.enabled_extension_imes";
563// Integer prefs which determine how we remap modifier keys (e.g. swap Alt and
564// Control.) Possible values for these prefs are 0-4. See ModifierKey enum in
565// src/chrome/browser/chromeos/input_method/xkeyboard.h
566const char kLanguageRemapSearchKeyTo[] =
567    // Note: we no longer use XKB for remapping these keys, but we can't change
568    // the pref names since the names are already synced with the cloud.
569    "settings.language.xkb_remap_search_key_to";
570const char kLanguageRemapControlKeyTo[] =
571    "settings.language.xkb_remap_control_key_to";
572const char kLanguageRemapAltKeyTo[] =
573    "settings.language.xkb_remap_alt_key_to";
574const char kLanguageRemapCapsLockKeyTo[] =
575    "settings.language.remap_caps_lock_key_to";
576const char kLanguageRemapDiamondKeyTo[] =
577    "settings.language.remap_diamond_key_to";
579// A boolean pref that causes top-row keys to be interpreted as function keys
580// instead of as media keys.
581const char kLanguageSendFunctionKeys[] =
582    "settings.language.send_function_keys";
584// A boolean pref which determines whether key repeat is enabled.
585const char kLanguageXkbAutoRepeatEnabled[] =
586    "settings.language.xkb_auto_repeat_enabled_r2";
587// A integer pref which determines key repeat delay (in ms).
588const char kLanguageXkbAutoRepeatDelay[] =
589    "settings.language.xkb_auto_repeat_delay_r2";
590// A integer pref which determines key repeat interval (in ms).
591const char kLanguageXkbAutoRepeatInterval[] =
592    "settings.language.xkb_auto_repeat_interval_r2";
593// "_r2" suffixes were added to the three prefs above when we changed the
594// preferences to not be user-configurable or sync with the cloud. The prefs are
595// now user-configurable and syncable again, but we don't want to overwrite the
596// current values with the old synced values, so we continue to use this suffix.
598// A boolean pref which determines whether the large cursor feature is enabled.
599const char kAccessibilityLargeCursorEnabled[] =
600    "settings.a11y.large_cursor_enabled";
602// A boolean pref which determines whether the sticky keys feature is enabled.
603const char kAccessibilityStickyKeysEnabled[] =
604    "settings.a11y.sticky_keys_enabled";
605// A boolean pref which determines whether spoken feedback is enabled.
606const char kAccessibilitySpokenFeedbackEnabled[] = "settings.accessibility";
607// A boolean pref which determines whether high conrast is enabled.
608const char kAccessibilityHighContrastEnabled[] =
609    "settings.a11y.high_contrast_enabled";
610// A boolean pref which determines whether screen magnifier is enabled.
611const char kAccessibilityScreenMagnifierEnabled[] =
612    "settings.a11y.screen_magnifier";
613// A integer pref which determines what type of screen magnifier is enabled.
614// Note that: 'screen_magnifier_type' had been used as string pref. Hence,
615// we are using another name pref here.
616const char kAccessibilityScreenMagnifierType[] =
617    "settings.a11y.screen_magnifier_type2";
618// A double pref which determines a zooming scale of the screen magnifier.
619const char kAccessibilityScreenMagnifierScale[] =
620    "settings.a11y.screen_magnifier_scale";
621// A boolean pref which determines whether the virtual keyboard is enabled for
622// accessibility.  This feature is separate from displaying an onscreen keyboard
623// due to lack of a physical keyboard.
624const char kAccessibilityVirtualKeyboardEnabled[] =
625    "settings.a11y.virtual_keyboard";
626// A boolean pref which determines whether autoclick is enabled.
627const char kAccessibilityAutoclickEnabled[] = "settings.a11y.autoclick";
628// An integer pref which determines time in ms between when the mouse cursor
629// stops and when an autoclick is triggered.
630const char kAccessibilityAutoclickDelayMs[] =
631    "settings.a11y.autoclick_delay_ms";
632// A boolean pref which determines whether the accessibility menu shows
633// regardless of the state of a11y features.
634const char kShouldAlwaysShowAccessibilityMenu[] = "settings.a11y.enable_menu";
636// A boolean pref which turns on Advanced Filesystem
637// (USB support, SD card, etc).
638const char kLabsAdvancedFilesystemEnabled[] =
639    "settings.labs.advanced_filesystem";
641// A boolean pref which turns on the mediaplayer.
642const char kLabsMediaplayerEnabled[] = "settings.labs.mediaplayer";
644// A boolean pref that turns on automatic screen locking.
645const char kEnableAutoScreenLock[] = "settings.enable_screen_lock";
647// A boolean pref of whether to show mobile plan notifications.
648const char kShowPlanNotifications[] =
649    "settings.internet.mobile.show_plan_notifications";
651// A boolean pref of whether to show 3G promo notification.
652const char kShow3gPromoNotification[] =
653    "settings.internet.mobile.show_3g_promo_notification";
655// A string pref that contains version where "What's new" promo was shown.
656const char kChromeOSReleaseNotesVersion[] = "settings.release_notes.version";
658// A boolean pref that controls whether proxy settings from shared network
659// settings (accordingly from device policy) are applied or ignored.
660const char kUseSharedProxies[] = "settings.use_shared_proxies";
662// Power state of the current displays from the last run.
663const char kDisplayPowerState[] = "settings.display.power_state";
664// A dictionary pref that stores per display preferences.
665const char kDisplayProperties[] = "settings.display.properties";
667// A dictionary pref that specifies per-display layout/offset information.
668// Its key is the ID of the display and its value is a dictionary for the
669// layout/offset information.
670const char kSecondaryDisplays[] = "settings.display.secondary_displays";
672// A dictionary pref that specifies the state of the rotation lock, and the
673// display orientation, for the internal display.
674const char kDisplayRotationLock[] = "settings.display.rotation_lock";
676// A boolean pref indicating whether user activity has been observed in the
677// current session already. The pref is used to restore information about user
678// activity after browser crashes.
679const char kSessionUserActivitySeen[] = "session.user_activity_seen";
681// A preference to keep track of the session start time. If the session length
682// limit is configured to start running after initial user activity has been
683// observed, the pref is set after the first user activity in a session.
684// Otherwise, it is set immediately after session start. The pref is used to
685// restore the session start time after browser crashes. The time is expressed
686// as the serialization obtained from base::TimeTicks::ToInternalValue().
687const char kSessionStartTime[] = "session.start_time";
689// Holds the maximum session time in milliseconds. If this pref is set, the
690// user is logged out when the maximum session time is reached. The user is
691// informed about the remaining time by a countdown timer shown in the ash
692// system tray.
693const char kSessionLengthLimit[] = "session.length_limit";
695// Whether the session length limit should start running only after the first
696// user activity has been observed in a session.
697const char kSessionWaitForInitialUserActivity[] =
698    "session.wait_for_initial_user_activity";
700// Inactivity time in milliseconds while the system is on AC power before
701// the screen should be dimmed, turned off, or locked, before an
702// IdleActionImminent D-Bus signal should be sent, or before
703// kPowerAcIdleAction should be performed.  0 disables the delay (N/A for
704// kPowerAcIdleDelayMs).
705const char kPowerAcScreenDimDelayMs[] = "power.ac_screen_dim_delay_ms";
706const char kPowerAcScreenOffDelayMs[] = "power.ac_screen_off_delay_ms";
707const char kPowerAcScreenLockDelayMs[] = "power.ac_screen_lock_delay_ms";
708const char kPowerAcIdleWarningDelayMs[] = "power.ac_idle_warning_delay_ms";
709const char kPowerAcIdleDelayMs[] = "power.ac_idle_delay_ms";
711// Similar delays while the system is on battery power.
712const char kPowerBatteryScreenDimDelayMs[] =
713    "power.battery_screen_dim_delay_ms";
714const char kPowerBatteryScreenOffDelayMs[] =
715    "power.battery_screen_off_delay_ms";
716const char kPowerBatteryScreenLockDelayMs[] =
717    "power.battery_screen_lock_delay_ms";
718const char kPowerBatteryIdleWarningDelayMs[] =
719    "power.battery_idle_warning_delay_ms";
720const char kPowerBatteryIdleDelayMs[] =
721    "power.battery_idle_delay_ms";
723// Action that should be performed when the idle delay is reached while the
724// system is on AC power or battery power.
725// Values are from the chromeos::PowerPolicyController::Action enum.
726const char kPowerAcIdleAction[] = "power.ac_idle_action";
727const char kPowerBatteryIdleAction[] = "power.battery_idle_action";
729// Action that should be performed when the lid is closed.
730// Values are from the chromeos::PowerPolicyController::Action enum.
731const char kPowerLidClosedAction[] = "power.lid_closed_action";
733// Should audio and video activity be used to disable the above delays?
734const char kPowerUseAudioActivity[] = "power.use_audio_activity";
735const char kPowerUseVideoActivity[] = "power.use_video_activity";
737// Should extensions be able to use the chrome.power API to override
738// screen-related power management (including locking)?
739const char kPowerAllowScreenWakeLocks[] = "power.allow_screen_wake_locks";
741// Amount by which the screen-dim delay should be scaled while the system
742// is in presentation mode. Values are limited to a minimum of 1.0.
743const char kPowerPresentationScreenDimDelayFactor[] =
744    "power.presentation_screen_dim_delay_factor";
746// Amount by which the screen-dim delay should be scaled when user activity is
747// observed while the screen is dimmed or soon after the screen has been turned
748// off.  Values are limited to a minimum of 1.0.
749const char kPowerUserActivityScreenDimDelayFactor[] =
750    "power.user_activity_screen_dim_delay_factor";
752// Whether the power management delays should start running only after the first
753// user activity has been observed in a session.
754const char kPowerWaitForInitialUserActivity[] =
755    "power.wait_for_initial_user_activity";
757// The URL from which the Terms of Service can be downloaded. The value is only
758// honored for public accounts.
759const char kTermsOfServiceURL[] = "terms_of_service.url";
761// Indicates that the Profile has made navigations that used a certificate
762// installed by the system administrator. If that is true then the local cache
763// of remote data is tainted (e.g. shared scripts), and future navigations
764// show a warning indicating that the organization may track the browsing
765// session.
766const char kUsedPolicyCertificatesOnce[] = "used_policy_certificates_once";
768// Indicates whether the remote attestation is enabled for the user.
769const char kAttestationEnabled[] = "attestation.enabled";
770// The list of extensions allowed to use the platformKeysPrivate API for
771// remote attestation.
772const char kAttestationExtensionWhitelist[] = "attestation.extension_whitelist";
774// A boolean pref indicating whether the projection touch HUD is enabled or not.
775const char kTouchHudProjectionEnabled[] = "touch_hud.projection_enabled";
777// A pref to configure networks. Its value must be a list of
778// NetworkConfigurations according to the OpenNetworkConfiguration
779// specification.
780// Currently, this pref is only used to store the policy. The user's
781// configuration is still stored in Shill.
782const char kOpenNetworkConfiguration[] = "onc";
784// A boolean pref that tracks whether the user has already given consent for
785// enabling remote attestation for content protection.
786const char kRAConsentFirstTime[] = "settings.privacy.ra_consent";
788// A boolean pref recording whether user has dismissed the multiprofile
789// itroduction dialog show.
790const char kMultiProfileNeverShowIntro[] =
791    "settings.multi_profile_never_show_intro";
793// A boolean pref recording whether user has dismissed the multiprofile
794// teleport warning dialog show.
795const char kMultiProfileWarningShowDismissed[] =
796    "settings.multi_profile_warning_show_dismissed";
798// A string pref that holds string enum values of how the user should behave
799// in a multiprofile session. See ChromeOsMultiProfileUserBehavior policy
800// for more details of the valid values.
801const char kMultiProfileUserBehavior[] = "settings.multiprofile_user_behavior";
803// A boolean preference indicating whether user has seen first-run tutorial
804// already.
805const char kFirstRunTutorialShown[] = "settings.first_run_tutorial_shown";
807// Indicates the amount of time for which a user authenticated via SAML can use
808// offline authentication against a cached password before being forced to go
809// through online authentication against GAIA again. The time is expressed in
810// seconds. A value of -1 indicates no limit, allowing the user to use offline
811// authentication indefinitely. The limit is in effect only if GAIA redirected
812// the user to a SAML IdP during the last online authentication.
813const char kSAMLOfflineSigninTimeLimit[] = "saml.offline_signin_time_limit";
815// A preference to keep track of the last time the user authenticated against
816// GAIA using SAML. The preference is updated whenever the user authenticates
817// against GAIA: If GAIA redirects to a SAML IdP, the preference is set to the
818// current time. If GAIA performs the authentication itself, the preference is
819// cleared. The time is expressed as the serialization obtained from
820// base::Time::ToInternalValue().
821const char kSAMLLastGAIASignInTime[] = "saml.last_gaia_sign_in_time";
823// The total number of seconds that the machine has spent sitting on the
824// OOBE screen.
825const char kTimeOnOobe[] = "settings.time_on_oobe";
827// The app/extension name who sets the current wallpaper. If current wallpaper
828// is set by the component wallpaper picker, it is set to an empty string.
829const char kCurrentWallpaperAppName[] = "wallpaper.app.name";
831// List of mounted file systems via the File System Provider API. Used to
832// restore them after a reboot.
833const char kFileSystemProviderMounted[] = "file_system_provider.mounted";
835// A boolean pref set to true if the virtual keyboard should be enabled.
836const char kTouchVirtualKeyboardEnabled[] = "ui.touch_virtual_keyboard_enabled";
838#endif  // defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
840// The disabled messages in IPC logging.
841const char kIpcDisabledMessages[] = "ipc_log_disabled_messages";
843// A boolean pref set to true if a Home button to open the Home pages should be
844// visible on the toolbar.
845const char kShowHomeButton[] = "browser.show_home_button";
847// A string value which saves short list of recently user selected encodings
848// separated with comma punctuation mark.
849const char kRecentlySelectedEncoding[] = "profile.recently_selected_encodings";
851// Clear Browsing Data dialog preferences.
852const char kDeleteBrowsingHistory[] = "browser.clear_data.browsing_history";
853const char kDeleteDownloadHistory[] = "browser.clear_data.download_history";
854const char kDeleteCache[] = "browser.clear_data.cache";
855const char kDeleteCookies[] = "browser.clear_data.cookies";
856const char kDeletePasswords[] = "browser.clear_data.passwords";
857const char kDeleteFormData[] = "browser.clear_data.form_data";
858const char kDeleteHostedAppsData[] = "browser.clear_data.hosted_apps_data";
859const char kDeauthorizeContentLicenses[] =
860    "browser.clear_data.content_licenses";
861const char kDeleteTimePeriod[] = "browser.clear_data.time_period";
862const char kLastClearBrowsingDataTime[] =
863    "browser.last_clear_browsing_data_time";
865// Boolean pref to define the default values for using spellchecker.
866const char kEnableContinuousSpellcheck[] = "browser.enable_spellchecking";
868// List of names of the enabled labs experiments (see chrome/browser/labs.cc).
869const char kEnabledLabsExperiments[] = "browser.enabled_labs_experiments";
871// Boolean pref to define the default values for using auto spell correct.
872const char kEnableAutoSpellCorrect[] = "browser.enable_autospellcorrect";
874// Boolean pref to define the default setting for "block offensive words".
875// The old key value is kept to avoid unnecessary migration code.
876const char kSpeechRecognitionFilterProfanities[] =
877    "browser.speechinput_censor_results";
879// List of speech recognition context names (extensions or websites) for which
880// the tray notification balloon has already been shown.
881const char kSpeechRecognitionTrayNotificationShownContexts[] =
882    "browser.speechinput_tray_notification_shown_contexts";
884// Boolean controlling whether history saving is disabled.
885const char kSavingBrowserHistoryDisabled[] = "history.saving_disabled";
887// Boolean controlling whether deleting browsing and download history is
888// permitted.
889const char kAllowDeletingBrowserHistory[] = "history.deleting_enabled";
891// Boolean controlling whether SafeSearch is mandatory for Google Web Searches.
892const char kForceSafeSearch[] = "settings.force_safesearch";
894#if defined(OS_LINUX) && !defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
895// Linux specific preference on whether we should match the system theme.
896const char kUsesSystemTheme[] = "extensions.theme.use_system";
898const char kCurrentThemePackFilename[] = "extensions.theme.pack";
899const char kCurrentThemeID[] = "extensions.theme.id";
900const char kCurrentThemeImages[] = "extensions.theme.images";
901const char kCurrentThemeColors[] = "extensions.theme.colors";
902const char kCurrentThemeTints[] = "extensions.theme.tints";
903const char kCurrentThemeDisplayProperties[] = "extensions.theme.properties";
905// Boolean pref which persists whether the extensions_ui is in developer mode
906// (showing developer packing tools and extensions details)
907const char kExtensionsUIDeveloperMode[] = "extensions.ui.developer_mode";
909// Boolean pref which indicates whether the Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer
910// Tool promotion has been dismissed by the user.
911const char kExtensionsUIDismissedADTPromo[] =
912    "extensions.ui.dismissed_adt_promo";
914// Dictionary pref that tracks which command belongs to which
915// extension + named command pair.
916const char kExtensionCommands[] = "extensions.commands";
918// Pref containing the directory for internal plugins as written to the plugins
919// list (below).
920const char kPluginsLastInternalDirectory[] = "plugins.last_internal_directory";
922// List pref containing information (dictionaries) on plugins.
923const char kPluginsPluginsList[] = "plugins.plugins_list";
925// List pref containing names of plugins that are disabled by policy.
926const char kPluginsDisabledPlugins[] = "plugins.plugins_disabled";
928// List pref containing exceptions to the list of plugins disabled by policy.
929const char kPluginsDisabledPluginsExceptions[] =
930    "plugins.plugins_disabled_exceptions";
932// List pref containing names of plugins that are enabled by policy.
933const char kPluginsEnabledPlugins[] = "plugins.plugins_enabled";
935// When bundled NPAPI Flash is removed, if at that point it is enabled while
936// Pepper Flash is disabled, we would like to turn on Pepper Flash. And we will
937// want to do so only once.
938const char kPluginsMigratedToPepperFlash[] = "plugins.migrated_to_pepper_flash";
940// In the early stage of component-updated PPAPI Flash, we did field trials in
941// which it was set to disabled by default. The corresponding settings item may
942// remain in some users' profiles. Currently it affects both the bundled and
943// component-updated PPAPI Flash (since the two share the same enable/disable
944// state). We want to remove this item to get those users to use PPAPI Flash.
945// We will want to do so only once.
946const char kPluginsRemovedOldComponentPepperFlashSettings[] =
947    "plugins.removed_old_component_pepper_flash_settings";
949#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
950// Whether about:plugins is shown in the details mode or not.
951const char kPluginsShowDetails[] = "plugins.show_details";
954// Boolean that indicates whether outdated plugins are allowed or not.
955const char kPluginsAllowOutdated[] = "plugins.allow_outdated";
957// Boolean that indicates whether plugins that require authorization should
958// be always allowed or not.
959const char kPluginsAlwaysAuthorize[] = "plugins.always_authorize";
962// Dictionary holding plug-ins metadata.
963const char kPluginsMetadata[] = "plugins.metadata";
965// Last update time of plug-ins resource cache.
966const char kPluginsResourceCacheUpdate[] = "plugins.resource_cache_update";
969// Boolean that indicates whether we should check if we are the default browser
970// on start-up.
971const char kCheckDefaultBrowser[] = "browser.check_default_browser";
973// Policy setting whether default browser check should be disabled and default
974// browser registration should take place.
975const char kDefaultBrowserSettingEnabled[] =
976    "browser.default_browser_setting_enabled";
978#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
979// Boolean that indicates whether the application should show the info bar
980// asking the user to set up automatic updates when Keystone promotion is
981// required.
982const char kShowUpdatePromotionInfoBar[] =
983    "browser.show_update_promotion_info_bar";
986// Boolean that is false if we should show window manager decorations.  If
987// true, we draw a custom chrome frame (thicker title bar and blue border).
988const char kUseCustomChromeFrame[] = "browser.custom_chrome_frame";
990// Dictionary of content settings applied to all hosts by default.
991const char kDefaultContentSettings[] = "profile.default_content_settings";
993// Dictionary of content settings that can globally disallow all hosts by
994// default. If a value is set, it means the setting is globally disallowed.
995// If a value is not set, it means the setting is allowed.
996const char kOverrideContentSettings[] = "profile.override_content_settings";
998// Boolean indicating whether the clear on exit pref was migrated to content
999// settings yet.
1000const char kContentSettingsClearOnExitMigrated[] =
1001    "profile.content_settings.clear_on_exit_migrated";
1003// Version of the pattern format used to define content settings.
1004const char kContentSettingsVersion[] = "profile.content_settings.pref_version";
1006// Patterns for mapping origins to origin related settings. Default settings
1007// will be applied to origins that don't match any of the patterns. The pattern
1008// format used is defined by kContentSettingsVersion.
1009const char kContentSettingsPatternPairs[] =
1010    "profile.content_settings.pattern_pairs";
1012#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
1013// Which plugins have been whitelisted manually by the user.
1014const char kContentSettingsPluginWhitelist[] =
1015    "profile.content_settings.plugin_whitelist";
1018// Boolean that is true if we should unconditionally block third-party cookies,
1019// regardless of other content settings.
1020const char kBlockThirdPartyCookies[] = "profile.block_third_party_cookies";
1022// Boolean that is true when all locally stored site data (e.g. cookies, local
1023// storage, etc..) should be deleted on exit.
1024const char kClearSiteDataOnExit[] = "profile.clear_site_data_on_exit";
1026// Double that indicates the default zoom level.
1027const char kDefaultZoomLevel[] = "profile.default_zoom_level";
1029// Dictionary that maps hostnames to zoom levels.  Hosts not in this pref will
1030// be displayed at the default zoom level.
1031const char kPerHostZoomLevels[] = "profile.per_host_zoom_levels";
1033// A dictionary that tracks the default data model to use for each section of
1034// the dialog.
1035const char kAutofillDialogAutofillDefault[] = "autofill.data_model_default";
1037// Whether a user opted out of making purchases with Google Wallet; changed via
1038// the autofill dialog's account chooser and set explicitly on dialog submission
1039// (but not cancel). If this isn't set, the dialog assumes it's the first run.
1040const char kAutofillDialogPayWithoutWallet[] = "autofill.pay_without_wallet";
1042// Which GAIA users have accepted that use of Google Wallet implies their
1043// location will be shared with fraud protection services.
1044const char kAutofillDialogWalletLocationAcceptance[] =
1045    "autofill.wallet_location_disclosure";
1047// Whether a user wants to save data locally in Autofill.
1048const char kAutofillDialogSaveData[] = "autofill.save_data";
1050// Whether the user has selected "Same as billing" for the shipping address when
1051// using Google Wallet.
1052const char kAutofillDialogWalletShippingSameAsBilling[] =
1053    "autofill.wallet_shipping_same_as_billing";
1055// The number of times the generated credit card bubble has been shown.
1056const char kAutofillGeneratedCardBubbleTimesShown[] =
1057    "autofill.generated_card_bubble_times_shown";
1059// A dictionary that tracks the defaults to be set on the next invocation
1060// of the requestAutocomplete dialog.
1061const char kAutofillDialogDefaults[] = "autofill.rac_dialog_defaults";
1063#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
1064const char kPinnedTabs[] = "pinned_tabs";
1067#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
1068// Boolean that controls the enabled-state of Geolocation in content.
1069const char kGeolocationEnabled[] = "geolocation.enabled";
1072#if defined(ENABLE_GOOGLE_NOW)
1073// Boolean that is true when Google services can use the user's location.
1074const char kGoogleGeolocationAccessEnabled[] =
1075    "googlegeolocationaccess.enabled";
1078// The default audio capture device used by the Media content setting.
1079const char kDefaultAudioCaptureDevice[] = "media.default_audio_capture_device";
1081// The default video capture device used by the Media content setting.
1082const char kDefaultVideoCaptureDevice[] = "media.default_video_capture_Device";
1084// The salt used for creating random MediaSource IDs.
1085const char kMediaDeviceIdSalt[] = "media.device_id_salt";
1087// Preference to disable 3D APIs (WebGL, Pepper 3D).
1088const char kDisable3DAPIs[] = "disable_3d_apis";
1090const char kEnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeatures[] =
1091    "enable_deprecated_web_platform_features";
1093// Whether to enable hyperlink auditing ("<a ping>").
1094const char kEnableHyperlinkAuditing[] = "enable_a_ping";
1096// Whether to enable sending referrers.
1097const char kEnableReferrers[] = "enable_referrers";
1099// Whether to send the DNT header.
1100const char kEnableDoNotTrack[] = "enable_do_not_track";
1102// GL_VENDOR string.
1103const char kGLVendorString[] = "gl_vendor_string";
1105// GL_RENDERER string.
1106const char kGLRendererString[] = "gl_renderer_string";
1108// GL_VERSION string.
1109const char kGLVersionString[] = "gl_version_string";
1111// Boolean that specifies whether to import the form data for autofill from the
1112// default browser on first run.
1113const char kImportAutofillFormData[] = "import_autofill_form_data";
1115// Boolean that specifies whether to import bookmarks from the default browser
1116// on first run.
1117const char kImportBookmarks[] = "import_bookmarks";
1119// Boolean that specifies whether to import the browsing history from the
1120// default browser on first run.
1121const char kImportHistory[] = "import_history";
1123// Boolean that specifies whether to import the homepage from the default
1124// browser on first run.
1125const char kImportHomepage[] = "import_home_page";
1127// Boolean that specifies whether to import the saved passwords from the default
1128// browser on first run.
1129const char kImportSavedPasswords[] = "import_saved_passwords";
1131// Boolean that specifies whether to import the search engine from the default
1132// browser on first run.
1133const char kImportSearchEngine[] = "import_search_engine";
1135// Profile avatar and name
1136const char kProfileAvatarIndex[] = "profile.avatar_index";
1137const char kProfileName[] = "profile.name";
1138// Whether a profile is using a default avatar name (eg. Pickles or Person 1)
1139// because it was randomly assigned at profile creation time.
1140const char kProfileUsingDefaultName[] = "profile.using_default_name";
1141// Whether a profile is using an avatar without having explicitely chosen it
1142// (i.e. was assigned by default by legacy profile creation).
1143const char kProfileUsingDefaultAvatar[] = "profile.using_default_avatar";
1144const char kProfileUsingGAIAAvatar[] = "profile.using_gaia_avatar";
1146// The supervised user ID.
1147const char kSupervisedUserId[] = "profile.managed_user_id";
1149// 64-bit integer serialization of the base::Time when the user's GAIA info
1150// was last updated.
1151const char kProfileGAIAInfoUpdateTime[] = "profile.gaia_info_update_time";
1153// The URL from which the GAIA profile picture was downloaded. This is cached to
1154// prevent the same picture from being downloaded multiple times.
1155const char kProfileGAIAInfoPictureURL[] = "profile.gaia_info_picture_url";
1157// Integer that specifies the number of times that we have shown the upgrade
1158// tutorial card in the avatar menu bubble.
1159const char kProfileAvatarTutorialShown[] =
1160    "profile.avatar_bubble_tutorial_shown";
1162// Indicates if we've already shown a notification that high contrast
1163// mode is on, recommending high-contrast extensions and themes.
1164const char kInvertNotificationShown[] = "invert_notification_version_2_shown";
1166// Boolean controlling whether printing is enabled.
1167const char kPrintingEnabled[] = "printing.enabled";
1169// Boolean controlling whether print preview is disabled.
1170const char kPrintPreviewDisabled[] = "printing.print_preview_disabled";
1172// An integer pref specifying the fallback behavior for sites outside of content
1173// packs. One of:
1174// 0: Allow (does nothing)
1175// 1: Warn.
1176// 2: Block.
1177const char kDefaultSupervisedUserFilteringBehavior[] =
1178    "profile.managed.default_filtering_behavior";
1180// Whether this user is permitted to create supervised users.
1181const char kSupervisedUserCreationAllowed[] =
1182    "profile.managed_user_creation_allowed";
1184// List pref containing the users supervised by this user.
1185const char kSupervisedUsers[] = "profile.managed_users";
1187// String that indicates that the profile reset prompt has already been shown to
1188// the user (profile).
1189const char kProfileResetPromptMementoInProfilePrefs[] =
1190    "profile.reset_prompt_memento";
1192// List pref containing the extension ids which are not allowed to send
1193// notifications to the message center.
1194const char kMessageCenterDisabledExtensionIds[] =
1195    "message_center.disabled_extension_ids";
1197// List pref containing the system component ids which are not allowed to send
1198// notifications to the message center.
1199const char kMessageCenterDisabledSystemComponentIds[] =
1200    "message_center.disabled_system_component_ids";
1202// Boolean pref indicating the Chrome Now welcome notification was dismissed
1203// by the user. Syncable.
1204// Note: This is now read-only. The welcome notification writes the _local
1205// version, below.
1206extern const char kWelcomeNotificationDismissed[] =
1207    "message_center.welcome_notification_dismissed";
1209// Boolean pref indicating the Chrome Now welcome notification was dismissed
1210// by the user on this machine.
1211extern const char kWelcomeNotificationDismissedLocal[] =
1212    "message_center.welcome_notification_dismissed_local";
1214// Boolean pref indicating the welcome notification was previously popped up.
1215extern const char kWelcomeNotificationPreviouslyPoppedUp[] =
1216    "message_center.welcome_notification_previously_popped_up";
1218// Integer pref containing the expiration timestamp of the welcome notification.
1219extern const char kWelcomeNotificationExpirationTimestamp[] =
1220    "message_center.welcome_notification_expiration_timestamp";
1222// Boolean pref that determines whether the user can enter fullscreen mode.
1223// Disabling fullscreen mode also makes kiosk mode unavailable on desktop
1224// platforms.
1225extern const char kFullscreenAllowed[] = "fullscreen.allowed";
1227// Enable notifications for new devices on the local network that can be
1228// registered to the user's account, e.g. Google Cloud Print printers.
1229const char kLocalDiscoveryNotificationsEnabled[] =
1230    "local_discovery.notifications_enabled";
1232// A timestamp (stored in base::Time::ToInternalValue format) of the last time
1233// a preference was reset.
1234const char kPreferenceResetTime[] = "prefs.preference_reset_time";
1236// The GCM channel's enabled state.
1237const char kGCMChannelEnabled[] = "gcm.channel_enabled";
1239// How many Service Workers are registered with the Push API (could be zero).
1240const char kPushMessagingRegistrationCount[] =
1241    "gcm.push_messaging_registration_count";
1243// Whether Easy Unlock is enabled.
1244const char kEasyUnlockEnabled[] = "easy_unlock.enabled";
1246// Whether to show the Easy Unlock first run tutorial.
1247const char kEasyUnlockShowTutorial[] = "easy_unlock.show_tutorial";
1249// Preference storing Easy Unlock pairing data.
1250const char kEasyUnlockPairing[] = "easy_unlock.pairing";
1252// Whether a user is allowed to use Easy Unlock.
1253const char kEasyUnlockAllowed[] = "easy_unlock.allowed";
1255// A cache of zero suggest results using JSON serialized into a string.
1256const char kZeroSuggestCachedResults[] = "zerosuggest.cachedresults";
1258// *************** LOCAL STATE ***************
1259// These are attached to the machine/installation
1261// A pref to configure networks device-wide. Its value must be a list of
1262// NetworkConfigurations according to the OpenNetworkConfiguration
1263// specification.
1264// Currently, this pref is only used to store the policy. The user's
1265// configuration is still stored in Shill.
1266const char kDeviceOpenNetworkConfiguration[] = "device_onc";
1268// Directory of the last profile used.
1269const char kProfileLastUsed[] = "profile.last_used";
1271// List of directories of the profiles last active.
1272const char kProfilesLastActive[] = "profile.last_active_profiles";
1274// Total number of profiles created for this Chrome build. Used to tag profile
1275// directories.
1276const char kProfilesNumCreated[] = "profile.profiles_created";
1278// String containing the version of Chrome that the profile was created by.
1279// If profile was created before this feature was added, this pref will default
1280// to "".
1281const char kProfileCreatedByVersion[] = "profile.created_by_version";
1283// A map of profile data directory to cached information. This cache can be
1284// used to display information about profiles without actually having to load
1285// them.
1286const char kProfileInfoCache[] = "profile.info_cache";
1288// Dictionary that maps profile keys to strings that indicate that the profile
1289// reset prompt has already been shown to the corresponding user (profile).
1290// This is semantically similar to kProfileResetPromptMementoInProfilePrefs, see
1291// chrome/browser/profile_resetter/automatic_profile_resetter_mementos.h for an
1292// explanation of why this redundancy is needed.
1293const char kProfileResetPromptMementosInLocalState[] =
1294    "profile.reset_prompt_mementos";
1296// Prefs for SSLConfigServicePref.
1297const char kCertRevocationCheckingEnabled[] = "ssl.rev_checking.enabled";
1298const char kCertRevocationCheckingRequiredLocalAnchors[] =
1299    "ssl.rev_checking.required_for_local_anchors";
1300const char kSSLVersionMin[] = "ssl.version_min";
1301const char kSSLVersionMax[] = "ssl.version_max";
1302const char kSSLVersionFallbackMin[] = "ssl.version_fallback_min";
1303const char kCipherSuiteBlacklist[] = "ssl.cipher_suites.blacklist";
1304const char kDisableSSLRecordSplitting[] = "ssl.ssl_record_splitting.disabled";
1306// Dictionary of dates when a site's SSL blocking interstitial was proceeded
1307// through.
1308const char kSSLBlockingBypassed[] = "ssl.ssl_blocking_bypassed";
1310// A boolean pref of the EULA accepted flag.
1311const char kEulaAccepted[] = "EulaAccepted";
1313// Boolean that specifies whether or not crash reporting and metrics reporting
1314// are sent over the network for analysis.
1315const char kMetricsReportingEnabled[] =
1316    "user_experience_metrics.reporting_enabled";
1318// Boolean that specifies whether or not crash reports are sent
1319// over the network for analysis.
1320#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
1321const char kCrashReportingEnabled[] =
1322    "user_experience_metrics_crash.reporting_enabled";
1325// 64-bit integer serialization of the base::Time from the last successful seed
1326// fetch (i.e. when the Variations server responds with 200 or 304).
1327const char kVariationsLastFetchTime[] = "variations_last_fetch_time";
1329// String for the restrict parameter to be appended to the variations URL.
1330const char kVariationsRestrictParameter[] = "variations_restrict_parameter";
1332// String serialized form of variations seed protobuf.
1333const char kVariationsSeed[] = "variations_seed";
1335// 64-bit integer serialization of the base::Time from the last seed received.
1336const char kVariationsSeedDate[] = "variations_seed_date";
1338// SHA-1 hash of the serialized variations seed data (hex encoded).
1339const char kVariationsSeedHash[] = "variations_seed_hash";
1341// Digital signature of the binary variations seed data, base64-encoded.
1342const char kVariationsSeedSignature[] = "variations_seed_signature";
1344// Number of times a page load event occurred since the last report.
1345const char kStabilityPageLoadCount[] =
1346    "user_experience_metrics.stability.page_load_count";
1348// Number of times a renderer process crashed since the last report.
1349const char kStabilityRendererCrashCount[] =
1350    "user_experience_metrics.stability.renderer_crash_count";
1352// Number of times an extension renderer process crashed since the last report.
1353const char kStabilityExtensionRendererCrashCount[] =
1354    "user_experience_metrics.stability.extension_renderer_crash_count";
1356// This is the location of a list of dictionaries of plugin stability stats.
1357const char kStabilityPluginStats[] =
1358    "user_experience_metrics.stability.plugin_stats2";
1360// Number of times the renderer has become non-responsive since the last
1361// report.
1362const char kStabilityRendererHangCount[] =
1363    "user_experience_metrics.stability.renderer_hang_count";
1365// Total number of child process crashes (other than renderer / extension
1366// renderer ones, and plugin children, which are counted separately) since the
1367// last report.
1368const char kStabilityChildProcessCrashCount[] =
1369    "user_experience_metrics.stability.child_process_crash_count";
1371// On Chrome OS, total number of non-Chrome user process crashes
1372// since the last report.
1373const char kStabilityOtherUserCrashCount[] =
1374    "user_experience_metrics.stability.other_user_crash_count";
1376// On Chrome OS, total number of kernel crashes since the last report.
1377const char kStabilityKernelCrashCount[] =
1378    "user_experience_metrics.stability.kernel_crash_count";
1380// On Chrome OS, total number of unclean system shutdowns since the
1381// last report.
1382const char kStabilitySystemUncleanShutdownCount[] =
1383    "user_experience_metrics.stability.system_unclean_shutdowns";
1385#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
1386// Activity type that is currently in the foreground for the UMA session.
1387// Uses the ActivityTypeIds::Type enum.
1388const char kStabilityForegroundActivityType[] =
1389    "user_experience_metrics.stability.current_foreground_activity_type";
1391// Tracks which Activities were launched during the last session.
1392// See |metrics_service_android.cc| for its usage.
1393const char kStabilityLaunchedActivityFlags[] =
1394    "user_experience_metrics.stability.launched_activity_flags";
1396// List pref: Counts how many times each Activity was launched.
1397// Indexed into by ActivityTypeIds::Type.
1398const char kStabilityLaunchedActivityCounts[] =
1399    "user_experience_metrics.stability.launched_activity_counts";
1401// List pref: Counts how many times each Activity type was in the foreground
1402// when a UMA session failed to be shut down properly.
1403// Indexed into by ActivityTypeIds::Type.
1404const char kStabilityCrashedActivityCounts[] =
1405    "user_experience_metrics.stability.crashed_activity_counts";
1408// The keys below are used for the dictionaries in the
1409// kStabilityPluginStats list.
1410const char kStabilityPluginName[] = "name";
1411const char kStabilityPluginLaunches[] = "launches";
1412const char kStabilityPluginInstances[] = "instances";
1413const char kStabilityPluginCrashes[] = "crashes";
1414const char kStabilityPluginLoadingErrors[] = "loading_errors";
1416// The keys below are strictly increasing counters over the lifetime of
1417// a chrome installation. They are (optionally) sent up to the uninstall
1418// survey in the event of uninstallation.
1419const char kUninstallMetricsPageLoadCount[] =
1420    "uninstall_metrics.page_load_count";
1421const char kUninstallLastLaunchTimeSec[] =
1422    "uninstall_metrics.last_launch_time_sec";
1423const char kUninstallLastObservedRunTimeSec[] =
1424    "uninstall_metrics.last_observed_running_time_sec";
1426// String containing the version of Chrome for which Chrome will not prompt the
1427// user about setting Chrome as the default browser.
1428const char kBrowserSuppressDefaultBrowserPrompt[] =
1429    "browser.suppress_default_browser_prompt_for_version";
1431// A collection of position, size, and other data relating to the browser
1432// window to restore on startup.
1433const char kBrowserWindowPlacement[] = "browser.window_placement";
1435// Browser window placement for popup windows.
1436const char kBrowserWindowPlacementPopup[] = "browser.window_placement_popup";
1438// A collection of position, size, and other data relating to the task
1439// manager window to restore on startup.
1440const char kTaskManagerWindowPlacement[] = "task_manager.window_placement";
1442// A collection of position, size, and other data relating to app windows to
1443// restore on startup.
1444const char kAppWindowPlacement[] = "browser.app_window_placement";
1446// An integer specifying the total number of bytes to be used by the
1447// renderer's in-memory cache of objects.
1448const char kMemoryCacheSize[] = "renderer.memory_cache.size";
1450// String which specifies where to download files to by default.
1451const char kDownloadDefaultDirectory[] = "download.default_directory";
1453// Boolean that records if the download directory was changed by an
1454// upgrade a unsafe location to a safe location.
1455const char kDownloadDirUpgraded[] = "download.directory_upgrade";
1457#if defined(OS_WIN)
1458// Whether downloaded PDFs should be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
1459const char kOpenPdfDownloadInAdobeReader[] =
1460    "download.open_pdf_in_adobe_reader";
1463// String which specifies where to save html files to by default.
1464const char kSaveFileDefaultDirectory[] = "savefile.default_directory";
1466// The type used to save the page. See the enum SavePackage::SavePackageType in
1467// the chrome/browser/download/save_package.h for the possible values.
1468const char kSaveFileType[] = "savefile.type";
1470// String which specifies the last directory that was chosen for uploading
1471// or opening a file.
1472const char kSelectFileLastDirectory[] = "selectfile.last_directory";
1474// Boolean that specifies if file selection dialogs are shown.
1475const char kAllowFileSelectionDialogs[] = "select_file_dialogs.allowed";
1477// Map of default tasks, associated by MIME type.
1478const char kDefaultTasksByMimeType[] =
1479    "filebrowser.tasks.default_by_mime_type";
1481// Map of default tasks, associated by file suffix.
1482const char kDefaultTasksBySuffix[] =
1483    "filebrowser.tasks.default_by_suffix";
1485// Extensions which should be opened upon completion.
1486const char kDownloadExtensionsToOpen[] = "download.extensions_to_open";
1488// Integer which specifies the frequency in milliseconds for detecting whether
1489// plugin windows are hung.
1490const char kHungPluginDetectFrequency[] = "browser.hung_plugin_detect_freq";
1492// Integer which specifies the timeout value to be used for SendMessageTimeout
1493// to detect a hung plugin window.
1494const char kPluginMessageResponseTimeout[] =
1495    "browser.plugin_message_response_timeout";
1497// String which represents the dictionary name for our spell-checker.
1498const char kSpellCheckDictionary[] = "spellcheck.dictionary";
1500// String which represents whether we use the spelling service.
1501const char kSpellCheckUseSpellingService[] = "spellcheck.use_spelling_service";
1503// Dictionary of schemes used by the external protocol handler.
1504// The value is true if the scheme must be ignored.
1505const char kExcludedSchemes[] = "protocol_handler.excluded_schemes";
1507// Keys used for MAC handling of SafeBrowsing requests.
1508const char kSafeBrowsingClientKey[] = "safe_browsing.client_key";
1509const char kSafeBrowsingWrappedKey[] = "safe_browsing.wrapped_key";
1511// Integer that specifies the index of the tab the user was on when they
1512// last visited the options window.
1513const char kOptionsWindowLastTabIndex[] = "options_window.last_tab_index";
1515// Integer that specifies the index of the tab the user was on when they
1516// last visited the content settings window.
1517const char kContentSettingsWindowLastTabIndex[] =
1518    "content_settings_window.last_tab_index";
1520// Integer that specifies the index of the tab the user was on when they
1521// last visited the Certificate Manager window.
1522const char kCertificateManagerWindowLastTabIndex[] =
1523    "certificate_manager_window.last_tab_index";
1525// Integer that specifies if the first run bubble should be shown.
1526// This preference is only registered by the first-run procedure.
1527const char kShowFirstRunBubbleOption[] = "show-first-run-bubble-option";
1529// String containing the last known intranet redirect URL, if any.  See
1530// intranet_redirect_detector.h for more information.
1531const char kLastKnownIntranetRedirectOrigin[] = "browser.last_redirect_origin";
1533// An enum value of how the browser was shut down (see browser_shutdown.h).
1534const char kShutdownType[] = "shutdown.type";
1535// Number of processes that were open when the user shut down.
1536const char kShutdownNumProcesses[] = "shutdown.num_processes";
1537// Number of processes that were shut down using the slow path.
1538const char kShutdownNumProcessesSlow[] = "shutdown.num_processes_slow";
1540// Whether to restart the current Chrome session automatically as the last thing
1541// before shutting everything down.
1542const char kRestartLastSessionOnShutdown[] = "restart.last.session.on.shutdown";
1544// Set before autorestarting Chrome, cleared on clean exit.
1545const char kWasRestarted[] = "was.restarted";
1547#if defined(OS_WIN)
1548// Preference to be used while relaunching Chrome. This preference dictates if
1549// Chrome should be launched in Metro or Desktop mode.
1550// For more info take a look at ChromeRelaunchMode enum.
1551const char kRelaunchMode[] = "relaunch.mode";
1554// Placeholder preference for disabling voice / video chat if it is ever added.
1555// Currently, this does not change any behavior.
1556const char kDisableVideoAndChat[] = "disable_video_chat";
1558// Whether Extensions are enabled.
1559const char kDisableExtensions[] = "extensions.disabled";
1561// Whether the plugin finder that lets you install missing plug-ins is enabled.
1562const char kDisablePluginFinder[] = "plugins.disable_plugin_finder";
1564// Customized app page names that appear on the New Tab Page.
1565const char kNtpAppPageNames[] = "ntp.app_page_names";
1567// Keeps track of currently open tabs collapsed state in the Other Devices menu.
1568const char kNtpCollapsedCurrentlyOpenTabs[] = "ntp.collapsed_open_tabs";
1570// Keeps track of which sessions are collapsed in the Other Devices menu.
1571const char kNtpCollapsedForeignSessions[] = "ntp.collapsed_foreign_sessions";
1573// Keeps track of recently closed tabs collapsed state in the Other Devices
1574// menu.
1575const char kNtpCollapsedRecentlyClosedTabs[] =
1576    "ntp.collapsed_recently_closed_tabs";
1578// Keeps track of snapshot documents collapsed state in the Other Devices menu.
1579const char kNtpCollapsedSnapshotDocument[] = "ntp.collapsed_snapshot_document";
1581// Keeps track of sync promo collapsed state in the Other Devices menu.
1582const char kNtpCollapsedSyncPromo[] = "ntp.collapsed_sync_promo";
1584// Serves dates to determine display of elements on the NTP.
1585const char kNtpDateResourceServer[] = "ntp.date_resource_server";
1587// New Tab Page URLs that should not be shown as most visited thumbnails.
1588const char kNtpMostVisitedURLsBlacklist[] = "ntp.most_visited_blacklist";
1590// True if a desktop sync session was found for this user.
1591const char kNtpPromoDesktopSessionFound[] = "ntp.promo_desktop_session_found";
1593// Last time of update of promo_resource_cache.
1594const char kNtpPromoResourceCacheUpdate[] = "ntp.promo_resource_cache_update";
1596// Which bookmarks folder should be visible on the new tab page v4.
1597const char kNtpShownBookmarksFolder[] = "ntp.shown_bookmarks_folder";
1599// Which page should be visible on the new tab page v4
1600const char kNtpShownPage[] = "ntp.shown_page";
1602// Serves tips for the NTP.
1603const char kNtpTipsResourceServer[] = "ntp.tips_resource_server";
1605// Boolean indicating whether the web store is active for the current locale.
1606const char kNtpWebStoreEnabled[] = "ntp.webstore_enabled";
1608// A private RSA key for ADB handshake.
1609const char kDevToolsAdbKey[] = "devtools.adb_key";
1611const char kDevToolsDisabled[] = "devtools.disabled";
1613// Determines whether devtools should be discovering usb devices for
1614// remote debugging at chrome://inspect.
1615const char kDevToolsDiscoverUsbDevicesEnabled[] =
1616    "devtools.discover_usb_devices";
1618// Maps of files edited locally using DevTools.
1619const char kDevToolsEditedFiles[] = "devtools.edited_files";
1621// List of file system paths added in DevTools.
1622const char kDevToolsFileSystemPaths[] = "devtools.file_system_paths";
1624// A boolean specifying whether dev tools window should be opened docked.
1625const char kDevToolsOpenDocked[] = "devtools.open_docked";
1627// A boolean specifying whether port forwarding should be enabled.
1628const char kDevToolsPortForwardingEnabled[] =
1629    "devtools.port_forwarding_enabled";
1631// A boolean specifying whether default port forwarding configuration has been
1632// set.
1633const char kDevToolsPortForwardingDefaultSet[] =
1634    "devtools.port_forwarding_default_set";
1636// A dictionary of port->location pairs for port forwarding.
1637const char kDevToolsPortForwardingConfig[] = "devtools.port_forwarding_config";
1639#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
1640// A boolean specifying whether remote dev tools debugging is enabled.
1641const char kDevToolsRemoteEnabled[] = "devtools.remote_enabled";
1644// Boolean indicating that TiclInvalidationService should use GCM channel.
1645// False or lack of settings means XMPPPushClient channel.
1646const char kInvalidationServiceUseGCMChannel[] =
1647    "invalidation_service.use_gcm_channel";
1649// Local hash of authentication password, used for off-line authentication
1650// when on-line authentication is not available.
1651const char kGoogleServicesPasswordHash[] = "google.services.password_hash";
1653#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
1654// Tracks the number of times that we have shown the sign in promo at startup.
1655const char kSignInPromoStartupCount[] = "sync_promo.startup_count";
1657// Boolean tracking whether the user chose to skip the sign in promo.
1658const char kSignInPromoUserSkipped[] = "sync_promo.user_skipped";
1660// Boolean that specifies if the sign in promo is allowed to show on first run.
1661// This preference is specified in the master preference file to suppress the
1662// sign in promo for some installations.
1663const char kSignInPromoShowOnFirstRunAllowed[] =
1664    "sync_promo.show_on_first_run_allowed";
1666// Boolean that specifies if we should show a bubble in the new tab page.
1667// The bubble is used to confirm that the user is signed into sync.
1668const char kSignInPromoShowNTPBubble[] = "sync_promo.show_ntp_bubble";
1671// Create web application shortcut dialog preferences.
1672const char kWebAppCreateOnDesktop[] = "browser.web_app.create_on_desktop";
1673const char kWebAppCreateInAppsMenu[] = "browser.web_app.create_in_apps_menu";
1674const char kWebAppCreateInQuickLaunchBar[] =
1675    "browser.web_app.create_in_quick_launch_bar";
1677// Dictionary that maps Geolocation network provider server URLs to
1678// corresponding access token.
1679const char kGeolocationAccessToken[] = "geolocation.access_token";
1681// Boolean that indicates whether to allow firewall traversal while trying to
1682// establish the initial connection from the client or host.
1683const char kRemoteAccessHostFirewallTraversal[] =
1684    "remote_access.host_firewall_traversal";
1686// Boolean controlling whether 2-factor auth should be required when connecting
1687// to a host (instead of a PIN).
1688const char kRemoteAccessHostRequireTwoFactor[] =
1689    "remote_access.host_require_two_factor";
1691// String containing the domain name that hosts must belong to. If blank, then
1692// hosts can belong to any domain.
1693const char kRemoteAccessHostDomain[] = "remote_access.host_domain";
1695// String containing the domain name of the Chromoting Directory.
1696// Used by Chromoting host and client.
1697const char kRemoteAccessHostTalkGadgetPrefix[] =
1698    "remote_access.host_talkgadget_prefix";
1700// Boolean controlling whether curtaining is required when connecting to a host.
1701const char kRemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain[] =
1702    "remote_access.host_require_curtain";
1704// Boolean controlling whether curtaining is required when connecting to a host.
1705const char kRemoteAccessHostAllowClientPairing[] =
1706    "remote_access.host_allow_client_pairing";
1708// Whether Chrome Remote Desktop can proxy gnubby authentication traffic.
1709const char kRemoteAccessHostAllowGnubbyAuth[] =
1710    "remote_access.host_allow_gnubby_auth";
1712// Boolean that indicates whether the Chromoting host should allow connections
1713// using relay servers.
1714const char kRemoteAccessHostAllowRelayedConnection[] =
1715    "remote_access.host_allow_relayed_connection";
1717// String containing the UDP port range that the Chromoting host should used
1718// when connecting to clients. The port range should be in the form:
1719// <min_port>-<max_port>. E.g. 12400-12409.
1720const char kRemoteAccessHostUdpPortRange[] =
1721    "remote_access.host_udp_port_range";
1723// The last used printer and its settings.
1724const char kPrintPreviewStickySettings[] =
1725    "printing.print_preview_sticky_settings";
1727// The last requested size of the dialog as it was closed.
1728const char kCloudPrintDialogWidth[] = "cloud_print.dialog_size.width";
1729const char kCloudPrintDialogHeight[] = "cloud_print.dialog_size.height";
1730const char kCloudPrintSigninDialogWidth[] =
1731    "cloud_print.signin_dialog_size.width";
1732const char kCloudPrintSigninDialogHeight[] =
1733    "cloud_print.signin_dialog_size.height";
1735// The list of BackgroundContents that should be loaded when the browser
1736// launches.
1737const char kRegisteredBackgroundContents[] = "background_contents.registered";
1739#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
1740// An int that stores how often we've shown the "Chrome is configured to
1741// auto-launch" infobar.
1742const char kShownAutoLaunchInfobar[] = "browser.shown_autolaunch_infobar";
1745// String that lists supported HTTP authentication schemes.
1746const char kAuthSchemes[] = "auth.schemes";
1748// Boolean that specifies whether to disable CNAME lookups when generating
1749// Kerberos SPN.
1750const char kDisableAuthNegotiateCnameLookup[] =
1751    "auth.disable_negotiate_cname_lookup";
1753// Boolean that specifies whether to include the port in a generated Kerberos
1754// SPN.
1755const char kEnableAuthNegotiatePort[] = "auth.enable_negotiate_port";
1757// Whitelist containing servers for which Integrated Authentication is enabled.
1758const char kAuthServerWhitelist[] = "auth.server_whitelist";
1760// Whitelist containing servers Chrome is allowed to do Kerberos delegation
1761// with.
1762const char kAuthNegotiateDelegateWhitelist[] =
1763    "auth.negotiate_delegate_whitelist";
1765// String that specifies the name of a custom GSSAPI library to load.
1766const char kGSSAPILibraryName[] = "auth.gssapi_library_name";
1768// Boolean that specifies whether to allow basic auth prompting on cross-
1769// domain sub-content requests.
1770const char kAllowCrossOriginAuthPrompt[] = "auth.allow_cross_origin_prompt";
1772// Boolean that specifies whether the built-in asynchronous DNS client is used.
1773const char kBuiltInDnsClientEnabled[] = "async_dns.enabled";
1775// A pref holding the value of the policy used to explicitly allow or deny
1776// access to audio capture devices.  When enabled or not set, the user is
1777// prompted for device access.  When disabled, access to audio capture devices
1778// is not allowed and no prompt will be shown.
1779// See also kAudioCaptureAllowedUrls.
1780const char kAudioCaptureAllowed[] = "hardware.audio_capture_enabled";
1781// Holds URL patterns that specify URLs that will be granted access to audio
1782// capture devices without prompt.  NOTE: This whitelist is currently only
1783// supported when running in kiosk mode.
1784// TODO(tommi): Update comment when this is supported for all modes.
1785const char kAudioCaptureAllowedUrls[] = "hardware.audio_capture_allowed_urls";
1787// A pref holding the value of the policy used to explicitly allow or deny
1788// access to video capture devices.  When enabled or not set, the user is
1789// prompted for device access.  When disabled, access to video capture devices
1790// is not allowed and no prompt will be shown.
1791const char kVideoCaptureAllowed[] = "hardware.video_capture_enabled";
1792// Holds URL patterns that specify URLs that will be granted access to video
1793// capture devices without prompt.  NOTE: This whitelist is currently only
1794// supported when running in kiosk mode.
1795// TODO(tommi): Update comment when this is supported for all modes.
1796const char kVideoCaptureAllowedUrls[] = "hardware.video_capture_allowed_urls";
1798// A boolean pref that controls the enabled-state of hotword search voice
1799// trigger.
1800const char kHotwordSearchEnabled[] = "hotword.search_enabled_2";
1802// A boolean pref that controls the enabled-state of hotword search voice
1803// trigger from any screen.
1804const char kHotwordAlwaysOnSearchEnabled[] = "hotword.always_on_search_enabled";
1806// A boolean pref that controls whether the sound of "Ok, Google" plus a few
1807// seconds of audio data before is sent back to improve voice search.
1808const char kHotwordAudioLoggingEnabled[] = "hotword.audio_logging_enabled";
1810// A string holding the locale information under which Hotword was installed.
1811// It is used for comparison since the hotword voice search trigger must be
1812// reinstalled to handle a new language.
1813const char kHotwordPreviousLanguage[] = "hotword.previous_language";
1815#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
1816// Boolean that controls the global enabled-state of protected media identifier.
1817const char kProtectedMediaIdentifierEnabled[] =
1818    "protected_media_identifier.enabled";
1821#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
1822// Dictionary for transient storage of settings that should go into device
1823// settings storage before owner has been assigned.
1824const char kDeviceSettingsCache[] = "signed_settings_cache";
1826// The hardware keyboard layout of the device. This should look like
1827// "xkb:us::eng".
1828const char kHardwareKeyboardLayout[] = "intl.hardware_keyboard";
1830// An integer pref which shows number of times carrier deal promo
1831// notification has been shown to user.
1832const char kCarrierDealPromoShown[] =
1833    "settings.internet.mobile.carrier_deal_promo_shown";
1835// A boolean pref of the auto-enrollment decision. Its value is only valid if
1836// it's not the default value; otherwise, no auto-enrollment decision has been
1837// made yet.
1838const char kShouldAutoEnroll[] = "ShouldAutoEnroll";
1840// An integer pref with the maximum number of bits used by the client in a
1841// previous auto-enrollment request. If the client goes through an auto update
1842// during OOBE and reboots into a version of the OS with a larger maximum
1843// modulus, then it will retry auto-enrollment using the updated value.
1844const char kAutoEnrollmentPowerLimit[] = "AutoEnrollmentPowerLimit";
1846// The local state pref that stores device activity times before reporting
1847// them to the policy server.
1848const char kDeviceActivityTimes[] = "device_status.activity_times";
1850// A pref holding the last known location when device location reporting is
1851// enabled.
1852const char kDeviceLocation[] = "device_status.location";
1854// A pref holding the value of the policy used to disable mounting of external
1855// storage for the user.
1856const char kExternalStorageDisabled[] = "hardware.external_storage_disabled";
1858// A pref holding the value of the policy used to disable playing audio on
1859// ChromeOS devices. This pref overrides |kAudioMute| but does not overwrite
1860// it, therefore when the policy is lifted the original mute state is restored.
1861const char kAudioOutputAllowed[] = "hardware.audio_output_enabled";
1863// A dictionary that maps usernames to wallpaper properties.
1864const char kUsersWallpaperInfo[] = "user_wallpaper_info";
1866// Copy of owner swap mouse buttons option to use on login screen.
1867const char kOwnerPrimaryMouseButtonRight[] = "owner.mouse.primary_right";
1869// Copy of owner tap-to-click option to use on login screen.
1870const char kOwnerTapToClickEnabled[] = "owner.touchpad.enable_tap_to_click";
1872// The length of device uptime after which an automatic reboot is scheduled,
1873// expressed in seconds.
1874const char kUptimeLimit[] = "automatic_reboot.uptime_limit";
1876// Whether an automatic reboot should be scheduled when an update has been
1877// applied and a reboot is required to complete the update process.
1878const char kRebootAfterUpdate[] = "automatic_reboot.reboot_after_update";
1880// An any-api scoped refresh token for enterprise-enrolled devices.  Allows
1881// for connection to Google APIs when the user isn't logged in.  Currently used
1882// for for getting a cloudprint scoped token to allow printing in Guest mode,
1883// Public Accounts and kiosks.
1884const char kDeviceRobotAnyApiRefreshToken[] =
1885    "device_robot_refresh_token.any-api";
1887// Device requisition for enterprise enrollment.
1888const char kDeviceEnrollmentRequisition[] = "enrollment.device_requisition";
1890// Whether to automatically start the enterprise enrollment step during OOBE.
1891const char kDeviceEnrollmentAutoStart[] = "enrollment.auto_start";
1893// Whether the user may exit enrollment.
1894const char kDeviceEnrollmentCanExit[] = "enrollment.can_exit";
1896// How many times HID detection OOBE dialog was shown.
1897const char kTimesHIDDialogShown[] = "HIDDialog.shown_how_many_times";
1899// Dictionary of per-user Least Recently Used input method (used at login
1900// screen).
1901extern const char kUsersLRUInputMethod[] = "UsersLRUInputMethod";
1903// A dictionary pref of the echo offer check flag. It sets offer info when
1904// an offer is checked.
1905extern const char kEchoCheckedOffers[] = "EchoCheckedOffers";
1907// Key name of a dictionary in local state to store cached multiprofle user
1908// behavior policy value.
1909const char kCachedMultiProfileUserBehavior[] = "CachedMultiProfileUserBehavior";
1911// A string pref with initial locale set in VPD or manifest.
1912const char kInitialLocale[] = "intl.initial_locale";
1914// A boolean pref of the OOBE complete flag (first OOBE part before login).
1915const char kOobeComplete[] = "OobeComplete";
1917// The name of the screen that has to be shown if OOBE has been interrupted.
1918const char kOobeScreenPending[] = "OobeScreenPending";
1920// A boolean pref of the device registered flag (second part after first login).
1921const char kDeviceRegistered[] = "DeviceRegistered";
1923// Boolean pref to signal corrupted enrollment to force the device through
1924// enrollment recovery flow upon next boot.
1925const char kEnrollmentRecoveryRequired[] = "EnrollmentRecoveryRequired";
1927// List of usernames that used certificates pushed by policy before.
1928// This is used to prevent these users from joining multiprofile sessions.
1929const char kUsedPolicyCertificates[] = "policy.used_policy_certificates";
1931// A dictionary containing server-provided device state pulled form the cloud
1932// after recovery.
1933const char kServerBackedDeviceState[] = "server_backed_device_state";
1935// Customized wallpaper URL, which is already downloaded and scaled.
1936// The URL from this preference must never be fetched. It is compared to the
1937// URL from customization document to check if wallpaper URL has changed
1938// since wallpaper was cached.
1939const char kCustomizationDefaultWallpaperURL[] =
1940    "customization.default_wallpaper_url";
1942// System uptime, when last logout started.
1943// This is saved to file and cleared after chrome process starts.
1944const char kLogoutStartedLast[] = "chromeos.logout-started";
1946// An integer pref of the current consumer management enrollment stage. The
1947// meaning of the value is defined in the enum EnrollmentStage in:
1948//   chrome/browser/chromeos/policy/consumer_management_service.h
1949const char kConsumerManagementEnrollmentStage[] =
1950    "consumer_management.enrollment_stage";
1953// Whether there is a Flash version installed that supports clearing LSO data.
1954const char kClearPluginLSODataEnabled[] = "browser.clear_lso_data_enabled";
1956// Whether we should show Pepper Flash-specific settings.
1957const char kPepperFlashSettingsEnabled[] =
1958    "browser.pepper_flash_settings_enabled";
1960// String which specifies where to store the disk cache.
1961const char kDiskCacheDir[] = "browser.disk_cache_dir";
1962// Pref name for the policy specifying the maximal cache size.
1963const char kDiskCacheSize[] = "browser.disk_cache_size";
1964// Pref name for the policy specifying the maximal media cache size.
1965const char kMediaCacheSize[] = "browser.media_cache_size";
1967// Specifies the release channel that the device should be locked to.
1968// Possible values: "stable-channel", "beta-channel", "dev-channel", or an
1969// empty string, in which case the value will be ignored.
1970// TODO(dubroy): This preference may not be necessary once
1971// http://crosbug.com/17015 is implemented and the update engine can just
1972// fetch the correct value from the policy.
1973const char kChromeOsReleaseChannel[] = "cros.system.releaseChannel";
1975const char kPerformanceTracingEnabled[] =
1976    "feedback.performance_tracing_enabled";
1978// Boolean indicating whether tabstrip uses stacked layout (on touch devices).
1979// Defaults to false.
1980const char kTabStripStackedLayout[] = "tab-strip-stacked-layout";
1982// Indicates that factory reset was requested from options page or reset screen.
1983const char kFactoryResetRequested[] = "FactoryResetRequested";
1985// Boolean recording whether we have showed a balloon that calls out the message
1986// center for desktop notifications.
1987const char kMessageCenterShowedFirstRunBalloon[] =
1988    "message_center.showed_first_run_balloon";
1990// Boolean recording whether the user has disabled the notifications
1991// menubar or systray icon.
1992const char kMessageCenterShowIcon[] = "message_center.show_icon";
1994const char kMessageCenterForcedOnTaskbar[] =
1995    "message_center.was_forced_on_taskbar";
1997// *************** SERVICE PREFS ***************
1998// These are attached to the service process.
2000const char kCloudPrintRoot[] = "cloud_print";
2001const char kCloudPrintProxyEnabled[] = "cloud_print.enabled";
2002// The unique id for this instance of the cloud print proxy.
2003const char kCloudPrintProxyId[] = "cloud_print.proxy_id";
2004// The GAIA auth token for Cloud Print
2005const char kCloudPrintAuthToken[] = "cloud_print.auth_token";
2006// The GAIA auth token used by Cloud Print to authenticate with the XMPP server
2007// This should eventually go away because the above token should work for both.
2008const char kCloudPrintXMPPAuthToken[] = "cloud_print.xmpp_auth_token";
2009// The email address of the account used to authenticate with the Cloud Print
2010// server.
2011const char kCloudPrintEmail[] = "cloud_print.email";
2012// Settings specific to underlying print system.
2013const char kCloudPrintPrintSystemSettings[] =
2014    "cloud_print.print_system_settings";
2015// A boolean indicating whether we should poll for print jobs when don't have
2016// an XMPP connection (false by default).
2017const char kCloudPrintEnableJobPoll[] = "cloud_print.enable_job_poll";
2018const char kCloudPrintRobotRefreshToken[] = "cloud_print.robot_refresh_token";
2019const char kCloudPrintRobotEmail[] = "cloud_print.robot_email";
2020// A boolean indicating whether we should connect to cloud print new printers.
2021const char kCloudPrintConnectNewPrinters[] =
2022    "cloud_print.user_settings.connectNewPrinters";
2023// A boolean indicating whether we should ping XMPP connection.
2024const char kCloudPrintXmppPingEnabled[] = "cloud_print.xmpp_ping_enabled";
2025// An int value indicating the average timeout between xmpp pings.
2026const char kCloudPrintXmppPingTimeout[] = "cloud_print.xmpp_ping_timeout_sec";
2027// Dictionary with settings stored by connector setup page.
2028const char kCloudPrintUserSettings[] = "cloud_print.user_settings";
2029// List of printers settings.
2030extern const char kCloudPrintPrinters[] = "cloud_print.user_settings.printers";
2031// A boolean indicating whether submitting jobs to Google Cloud Print is
2032// blocked by policy.
2033const char kCloudPrintSubmitEnabled[] = "cloud_print.submit_enabled";
2035// Preference to store proxy settings.
2036const char kProxy[] = "proxy";
2037const char kMaxConnectionsPerProxy[] = "net.max_connections_per_proxy";
2039// Preferences that are exclusively used to store managed values for default
2040// content settings.
2041const char kManagedDefaultCookiesSetting[] =
2042    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.cookies";
2043const char kManagedDefaultImagesSetting[] =
2044    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.images";
2045const char kManagedDefaultJavaScriptSetting[] =
2046    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.javascript";
2047const char kManagedDefaultPluginsSetting[] =
2048    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.plugins";
2049const char kManagedDefaultPopupsSetting[] =
2050    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.popups";
2051const char kManagedDefaultGeolocationSetting[] =
2052    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.geolocation";
2053const char kManagedDefaultNotificationsSetting[] =
2054    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.notifications";
2055const char kManagedDefaultMediaStreamSetting[] =
2056    "profile.managed_default_content_settings.media_stream";
2058// Preferences that are exclusively used to store managed
2059// content settings patterns.
2060const char kManagedCookiesAllowedForUrls[] =
2061    "profile.managed_cookies_allowed_for_urls";
2062const char kManagedCookiesBlockedForUrls[] =
2063    "profile.managed_cookies_blocked_for_urls";
2064const char kManagedCookiesSessionOnlyForUrls[] =
2065    "profile.managed_cookies_sessiononly_for_urls";
2066const char kManagedImagesAllowedForUrls[] =
2067    "profile.managed_images_allowed_for_urls";
2068const char kManagedImagesBlockedForUrls[] =
2069    "profile.managed_images_blocked_for_urls";
2070const char kManagedJavaScriptAllowedForUrls[] =
2071    "profile.managed_javascript_allowed_for_urls";
2072const char kManagedJavaScriptBlockedForUrls[] =
2073    "profile.managed_javascript_blocked_for_urls";
2074const char kManagedPluginsAllowedForUrls[] =
2075    "profile.managed_plugins_allowed_for_urls";
2076const char kManagedPluginsBlockedForUrls[] =
2077    "profile.managed_plugins_blocked_for_urls";
2078const char kManagedPopupsAllowedForUrls[] =
2079    "profile.managed_popups_allowed_for_urls";
2080const char kManagedPopupsBlockedForUrls[] =
2081    "profile.managed_popups_blocked_for_urls";
2082const char kManagedNotificationsAllowedForUrls[] =
2083    "profile.managed_notifications_allowed_for_urls";
2084const char kManagedNotificationsBlockedForUrls[] =
2085    "profile.managed_notifications_blocked_for_urls";
2086const char kManagedAutoSelectCertificateForUrls[] =
2087    "profile.managed_auto_select_certificate_for_urls";
2089#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
2090// Set to true if the user removed our login item so we should not create a new
2091// one when uninstalling background apps.
2092const char kUserRemovedLoginItem[] = "background_mode.user_removed_login_item";
2094// Set to true if Chrome already created a login item, so there's no need to
2095// create another one.
2096const char kChromeCreatedLoginItem[] =
2097  "background_mode.chrome_created_login_item";
2099// Set to true once we've initialized kChromeCreatedLoginItem for the first
2100// time.
2101const char kMigratedLoginItemPref[] =
2102  "background_mode.migrated_login_item_pref";
2104// A boolean that tracks whether to show a notification when trying to quit
2105// while there are apps running.
2106const char kNotifyWhenAppsKeepChromeAlive[] =
2107    "apps.notify-when-apps-keep-chrome-alive";
2110// Set to true if background mode is enabled on this browser.
2111const char kBackgroundModeEnabled[] = "background_mode.enabled";
2113// Set to true if hardware acceleration mode is enabled on this browser.
2114const char kHardwareAccelerationModeEnabled[] =
2115  "hardware_acceleration_mode.enabled";
2117// Hardware acceleration mode from previous browser launch.
2118const char kHardwareAccelerationModePrevious[] =
2119  "hardware_acceleration_mode_previous";
2121// List of protocol handlers.
2122const char kRegisteredProtocolHandlers[] =
2123  "custom_handlers.registered_protocol_handlers";
2125// List of protocol handlers the user has requested not to be asked about again.
2126const char kIgnoredProtocolHandlers[] =
2127  "custom_handlers.ignored_protocol_handlers";
2129// List of protocol handlers registered by policy.
2130const char kPolicyRegisteredProtocolHandlers[] =
2131    "custom_handlers.policy.registered_protocol_handlers";
2133// List of protocol handlers the policy has requested to be ignored.
2134const char kPolicyIgnoredProtocolHandlers[] =
2135    "custom_handlers.policy.ignored_protocol_handlers";
2137// Whether user-specified handlers for protocols and content types can be
2138// specified.
2139const char kCustomHandlersEnabled[] = "custom_handlers.enabled";
2141// Integer that specifies the policy refresh rate for device-policy in
2142// milliseconds. Not all values are meaningful, so it is clamped to a sane range
2143// by the cloud policy subsystem.
2144const char kDevicePolicyRefreshRate[] = "policy.device_refresh_rate";
2146// A boolean where true means that the browser has previously attempted to
2147// enable autoupdate and failed, so the next out-of-date browser start should
2148// not prompt the user to enable autoupdate, it should offer to reinstall Chrome
2149// instead.
2150const char kAttemptedToEnableAutoupdate[] =
2151    "browser.attempted_to_enable_autoupdate";
2153// The next media gallery ID to assign.
2154const char kMediaGalleriesUniqueId[] = "media_galleries.gallery_id";
2156// A list of dictionaries, where each dictionary represents a known media
2157// gallery.
2158const char kMediaGalleriesRememberedGalleries[] =
2159    "media_galleries.remembered_galleries";
2161// The last time a media scan completed.
2162const char kMediaGalleriesLastScanTime[] = "media_galleries.last_scan_time";
2164#if defined(USE_ASH)
2165// |kShelfAlignment| and |kShelfAutoHideBehavior| have a local variant. The
2166// local variant is not synced and is used if set. If the local variant is not
2167// set its value is set from the synced value (once prefs have been
2168// synced). This gives a per-machine setting that is initialized from the last
2169// set value.
2170// These values are default on the machine but can be overridden by per-display
2171// values in kShelfPreferences (unless overridden by managed policy).
2172// String value corresponding to ash::Shell::ShelfAlignment.
2173const char kShelfAlignment[] = "shelf_alignment";
2174const char kShelfAlignmentLocal[] = "shelf_alignment_local";
2175// String value corresponding to ash::Shell::ShelfAutoHideBehavior.
2176const char kShelfAutoHideBehavior[] = "auto_hide_behavior";
2177const char kShelfAutoHideBehaviorLocal[] = "auto_hide_behavior_local";
2178// This value stores chrome icon's index in the launcher. This should be handled
2179// separately with app shortcut's index because of ShelfModel's backward
2180// compatibility. If we add chrome icon index to |kPinnedLauncherApps|, its
2181// index is also stored in the |kPinnedLauncherApp| pref. It may causes
2182// creating two chrome icons.
2183const char kShelfChromeIconIndex[] = "shelf_chrome_icon_index";
2184// Dictionary value that holds per-display preference of shelf alignment and
2185// auto-hide behavior. Key of the dictionary is the id of the display, and
2186// its value is a dictionary whose keys are kShelfAlignment and
2187// kShelfAutoHideBehavior.
2188const char kShelfPreferences[] = "shelf_preferences";
2190// Integer value in milliseconds indicating the length of time for which a
2191// confirmation dialog should be shown when the user presses the logout button.
2192// A value of 0 indicates that logout should happen immediately, without showing
2193// a confirmation dialog.
2194const char kLogoutDialogDurationMs[] = "logout_dialog_duration_ms";
2195const char kPinnedLauncherApps[] = "pinned_launcher_apps";
2196// Boolean value indicating whether to show a logout button in the ash tray.
2197const char kShowLogoutButtonInTray[] = "show_logout_button_in_tray";
2200#if defined(USE_AURA)
2201// Tuning settings for gestures.
2202const char kMaxSeparationForGestureTouchesInPixels[] =
2203    "gesture.max_separation_for_gesture_touches_in_pixels";
2204const char kSemiLongPressTimeInSeconds[] =
2205    "gesture.semi_long_press_time_in_seconds";
2206const char kTabScrubActivationDelayInMS[] =
2207    "gesture.tab_scrub_activation_delay_in_ms";
2208const char kFlingMaxCancelToDownTimeInMs[] =
2209    "gesture.fling_max_cancel_to_down_time_in_ms";
2210const char kFlingMaxTapGapTimeInMs[] =
2211    "gesture.fling_max_tap_gap_time_in_ms";
2212const char kOverscrollHorizontalThresholdComplete[] =
2213    "overscroll.horizontal_threshold_complete";
2214const char kOverscrollVerticalThresholdComplete[] =
2215    "overscroll.vertical_threshold_complete";
2216const char kOverscrollMinimumThresholdStart[] =
2217    "overscroll.minimum_threshold_start";
2218const char kOverscrollMinimumThresholdStartTouchpad[] =
2219    "overscroll.minimum_threshold_start_touchpad";
2220const char kOverscrollVerticalThresholdStart[] =
2221    "overscroll.vertical_threshold_start";
2222const char kOverscrollHorizontalResistThreshold[] =
2223    "overscroll.horizontal_resist_threshold";
2224const char kOverscrollVerticalResistThreshold[] =
2225    "overscroll.vertical_resist_threshold";
2228// Counts how many more times the 'profile on a network share' warning should be
2229// shown to the user before the next silence period.
2230const char kNetworkProfileWarningsLeft[] = "network_profile.warnings_left";
2231// Tracks the time of the last shown warning. Used to reset
2232// |network_profile.warnings_left| after a silence period.
2233const char kNetworkProfileLastWarningTime[] =
2234    "network_profile.last_warning_time";
2236#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
2237// The RLZ brand code, if enabled.
2238const char kRLZBrand[] = "rlz.brand";
2239// Whether RLZ pings are disabled.
2240const char kRLZDisabled[] = "rlz.disabled";
2243#if defined(ENABLE_APP_LIST)
2244// The directory in user data dir that contains the profile to be used with the
2245// app launcher.
2246const char kAppListProfile[] = "app_list.profile";
2248// The number of times the app launcher was launched since last ping and
2249// the time of the last ping.
2250const char kAppListLaunchCount[] = "app_list.launch_count";
2251const char kLastAppListLaunchPing[] = "app_list.last_launch_ping";
2253// The number of times the an app was launched from the app launcher since last
2254// ping and the time of the last ping.
2255const char kAppListAppLaunchCount[] = "app_list.app_launch_count";
2256const char kLastAppListAppLaunchPing[] = "app_list.last_app_launch_ping";
2258// A boolean that tracks whether the user has ever enabled the app launcher.
2259const char kAppLauncherHasBeenEnabled[] =
2260    "apps.app_launcher.has_been_enabled";
2262// An enum indicating how the app launcher was enabled. E.g., via webstore, app
2263// install, command line, etc. For UMA.
2264const char kAppListEnableMethod[] = "app_list.how_enabled";
2266// The time that the app launcher was enabled. Cleared when UMA is recorded.
2267const char kAppListEnableTime[] = "app_list.when_enabled";
2269// TODO(calamity): remove this pref since app launcher will always be
2270// installed.
2271// Local state caching knowledge of whether the app launcher is installed.
2272const char kAppLauncherIsEnabled[] =
2273    "apps.app_launcher.should_show_apps_page";
2275// Integer representing the version of the app launcher shortcut installed on
2276// the system. Incremented, e.g., when embedded icons change.
2277const char kAppLauncherShortcutVersion[] = "apps.app_launcher.shortcut_version";
2279// A boolean identifying if we should show the app launcher promo or not.
2280const char kShowAppLauncherPromo[] = "app_launcher.show_promo";
2282// A dictionary that tracks the Drive app to Chrome app mapping. The key is
2283// a Drive app id and the value is the corresponding Chrome app id. The pref
2284// is unsynable and used to track local mappings only.
2285const char kAppLauncherDriveAppMapping[] =
2286    "apps.app_launcher.drive_app_mapping";
2289// If set, the user requested to launch the app with this extension id while
2290// in Metro mode, and then relaunched to Desktop mode to start it.
2291const char kAppLaunchForMetroRestart[] = "apps.app_launch_for_metro_restart";
2293// Set with |kAppLaunchForMetroRestart|, the profile whose loading triggers
2294// launch of the specified app when restarting Chrome in desktop mode.
2295const char kAppLaunchForMetroRestartProfile[] =
2296    "apps.app_launch_for_metro_restart_profile";
2298// An integer that is incremented whenever changes are made to app shortcuts.
2299// Increasing this causes all app shortcuts to be recreated.
2300const char kAppShortcutsVersion[] = "apps.shortcuts_version";
2302// How often the bubble has been shown.
2303extern const char kModuleConflictBubbleShown[] = "module_conflict.bubble_shown";
2305// A string pref for storing the salt used to compute the pepper device ID.
2306const char kDRMSalt[] = "settings.privacy.drm_salt";
2307// A boolean pref that enables the (private) pepper GetDeviceID() call and
2308// enables the use of remote attestation for content protection.
2309const char kEnableDRM[] = "settings.privacy.drm_enabled";
2311// An integer per-profile pref that signals if the watchdog extension is
2312// installed and active. We need to know if the watchdog extension active for
2313// ActivityLog initialization before the extension system is initialized.
2314const char kWatchdogExtensionActive[] =
2315    "profile.extensions.activity_log.num_consumers_active";
2316// The old version was a bool.
2317const char kWatchdogExtensionActiveOld[] =
2318    "profile.extensions.activity_log.watchdog_extension_active";
2320#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
2321// A list of partner bookmark rename/remove mappings.
2322// Each list item is a dictionary containing a "url", a "provider_title" and
2323// "mapped_title" entries, detailing the bookmark target URL (if any), the title
2324// given by the PartnerBookmarksProvider and either the user-visible renamed
2325// title or an empty string if the bookmark node was removed.
2326const char kPartnerBookmarkMappings[] = "partnerbookmarks.mappings";
2329// Whether DNS Quick Check is disabled in proxy resolution.
2330const char kQuickCheckEnabled[] = "proxy.quick_check_enabled";
2332// Whether Guest Mode is enabled within the browser.
2333const char kBrowserGuestModeEnabled[] = "profile.browser_guest_enabled";
2335// Whether Adding a new Person is enabled within the user manager.
2336const char kBrowserAddPersonEnabled[] = "profile.add_person_enabled";
2338// A dictionary that maps user id to hardlock state.
2339const char kEasyUnlockHardlockState[] = "easy_unlock.hardlock_state";
2341}  // namespace prefs