1// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
2// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3// found in the LICENSE file.
8#include "base/basictypes.h"
9#include "media/base/media_export.h"
10#include "ui/gfx/rect.h"
11#include "ui/gfx/size.h"
13namespace media {
15class VideoFrame;
17// Computes the size of |visible_size| for a given aspect ratio.
18MEDIA_EXPORT gfx::Size GetNaturalSize(const gfx::Size& visible_size,
19                                      int aspect_ratio_numerator,
20                                      int aspect_ratio_denominator);
22// Copies a plane of YUV(A) source into a VideoFrame object, taking into account
23// source and destinations dimensions.
25// NOTE: rows is *not* the same as height!
26MEDIA_EXPORT void CopyYPlane(const uint8* source, int stride, int rows,
27                             VideoFrame* frame);
28MEDIA_EXPORT void CopyUPlane(const uint8* source, int stride, int rows,
29                             VideoFrame* frame);
30MEDIA_EXPORT void CopyVPlane(const uint8* source, int stride, int rows,
31                             VideoFrame* frame);
32MEDIA_EXPORT void CopyAPlane(const uint8* source, int stride, int rows,
33                             VideoFrame* frame);
35// Sets alpha plane values to be completely opaque (all 255's).
36MEDIA_EXPORT void MakeOpaqueAPlane(int stride, int rows, VideoFrame* frame);
38// |plane| is one of VideoFrame::kYPlane, VideoFrame::kUPlane,
39// VideoFrame::kVPlane or VideoFrame::kAPlane
40MEDIA_EXPORT void CopyPlane(size_t plane, const uint8* source, int stride,
41                            int rows, VideoFrame* frame);
44// Fills |frame| containing YUV data to the given color values.
45MEDIA_EXPORT void FillYUV(VideoFrame* frame, uint8 y, uint8 u, uint8 v);
47// Fills |frame| containing YUVA data with the given color values.
48MEDIA_EXPORT void FillYUVA(VideoFrame* frame,
49                           uint8 y,
50                           uint8 u,
51                           uint8 v,
52                           uint8 a);
54// Creates a border in |frame| such that all pixels outside of
55// |view_area| are black. The size and position of |view_area|
56// must be even to align correctly with the color planes.
57// Only YV12 format video frames are currently supported.
58MEDIA_EXPORT void LetterboxYUV(VideoFrame* frame,
59                               const gfx::Rect& view_area);
61// Rotates |src| plane by |rotation| degree with possible flipping vertically
62// and horizontally.
63// |rotation| is limited to {0, 90, 180, 270}.
64// |width| and |height| are expected to be even numbers.
65// Both |src| and |dest| planes are packed and have same |width| and |height|.
66// When |width| != |height| and rotated by 90/270, only the maximum square
67// portion located in the center is rotated. For example, for width=640 and
68// height=480, the rotated area is 480x480 located from row 0 through 479 and
69// from column 80 through 559. The leftmost and rightmost 80 columns are
70// ignored for both |src| and |dest|.
71// The caller is responsible for blanking out the margin area.
72MEDIA_EXPORT void RotatePlaneByPixels(
73    const uint8* src,
74    uint8* dest,
75    int width,
76    int height,
77    int rotation,  // Clockwise.
78    bool flip_vert,
79    bool flip_horiz);
81// Return the largest centered rectangle with the same aspect ratio of |content|
82// that fits entirely inside of |bounds|.  If |content| is empty, its aspect
83// ratio would be undefined; and in this case an empty Rect would be returned.
84MEDIA_EXPORT gfx::Rect ComputeLetterboxRegion(const gfx::Rect& bounds,
85                                              const gfx::Size& content);
87// Copy an RGB bitmap into the specified |region_in_frame| of a YUV video frame.
88// Fills the regions outside |region_in_frame| with black.
89MEDIA_EXPORT void CopyRGBToVideoFrame(const uint8* source,
90                                      int stride,
91                                      const gfx::Rect& region_in_frame,
92                                      VideoFrame* frame);
94}  // namespace media