2 * This file essentially replicates NSPR's source for the functions that
3 * map system-specific error codes to NSPR error codes.  We would use
4 * NSPR's functions, instead of duplicating them, but they're private.
5 * As long as SSL's server session cache code must do platform native I/O
6 * to accomplish its job, and NSPR's error mapping functions remain private,
7 * This code will continue to need to be replicated.
8 *
9 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
10 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
11 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */
13/*  NSPR doesn't make these functions public, so we have to duplicate
14**  them in NSS.
17//HCT  Based on Win32err.h
18extern void nss_MD_os2_map_accept_error(PRInt32 err);
19extern void nss_MD_os2_map_acceptex_error(PRInt32 err);
20extern void nss_MD_os2_map_access_error(PRInt32 err);
21extern void nss_MD_os2_map_bind_error(PRInt32 err);
22extern void nss_MD_os2_map_close_error(PRInt32 err);
23extern void nss_MD_os2_map_closedir_error(PRInt32 err);
24extern void nss_MD_os2_map_connect_error(PRInt32 err);
25extern void nss_MD_os2_map_default_error(PRInt32 err);
26extern void nss_MD_os2_map_delete_error(PRInt32 err);
27extern void nss_MD_os2_map_fstat_error(PRInt32 err);
28extern void nss_MD_os2_map_fsync_error(PRInt32 err);
29extern void nss_MD_os2_map_gethostname_error(PRInt32 err);
30extern void nss_MD_os2_map_getpeername_error(PRInt32 err);
31extern void nss_MD_os2_map_getsockname_error(PRInt32 err);
32extern void nss_MD_os2_map_getsockopt_error(PRInt32 err);
33extern void nss_MD_os2_map_listen_error(PRInt32 err);
34extern void nss_MD_os2_map_lockf_error(PRInt32 err);
35extern void nss_MD_os2_map_lseek_error(PRInt32 err);
36extern void nss_MD_os2_map_mkdir_error(PRInt32 err);
37extern void nss_MD_os2_map_open_error(PRInt32 err);
38extern void nss_MD_os2_map_opendir_error(PRInt32 err);
39extern void nss_MD_os2_map_read_error(PRInt32 err);
40extern void nss_MD_os2_map_readdir_error(PRInt32 err);
41extern void nss_MD_os2_map_recv_error(PRInt32 err);
42extern void nss_MD_os2_map_recvfrom_error(PRInt32 err);
43extern void nss_MD_os2_map_rename_error(PRInt32 err);
44extern void nss_MD_os2_map_rmdir_error(PRInt32 err);
45extern void nss_MD_os2_map_select_error(PRInt32 err);
46extern void nss_MD_os2_map_send_error(PRInt32 err);
47extern void nss_MD_os2_map_sendto_error(PRInt32 err);
48extern void nss_MD_os2_map_setsockopt_error(PRInt32 err);
49extern void nss_MD_os2_map_shutdown_error(PRInt32 err);
50extern void nss_MD_os2_map_socket_error(PRInt32 err);
51extern void nss_MD_os2_map_stat_error(PRInt32 err);
52extern void nss_MD_os2_map_transmitfile_error(PRInt32 err);
53extern void nss_MD_os2_map_write_error(PRInt32 err);