1Name: Closure compiler
2Short Name: closure-compiler
3URL: http://github.com/google/closure-compiler
4Version: v20140730-78-g541c2dc
5Date: 2014/08/08 17:22
6Revision: 541c2dc622c985ede61937a767ab9f3bbd68cde2
7License: Apache 2.0
8License File: LICENSE
9Security Critical: no
12The Closure Compiler provides warnings for illegal JavaScript and warnings for
13potentially dangerous operations, helping you to produce JavaScript that is less
14buggy and easier to maintain.
16Local modifications:
17- The compiler is run via a custom mechanism (see: runner/) that sets the
18  compiler to "IDE mode" (single-file checks, doesn't stop on first error).
19- Chrome-specific coding conventions to understand cr.addSingletonGetter().
20- third_party/closure_compiler/runner/src/com/google/javascript/jscomp/ChromePass.java
21  Added pass to handle namespace definition with cr.define(), object chain
22  creation with cr.exportPath(), property definition with
23  {cr|Object}.defineProperty() and public API generation with cr.makePublic().
24  See third_party/closure_compiler/runner/how_to_test_compiler_pass.md for
25  testing instructions on this pass.
26- Use the script third_party/closure_compiler/bump_compiler_version to update
27  the versions of third_party/closure_compiler/compiler/compiler.jar and
28  third_party/closure_compiler/externs/chrome_extensions.js.