1/* The contents of this file was automatically generated by mlp_train.c
2   It contains multi-layer perceptron (MLP) weights. */
4#include "mlp.h"
6/* RMS error was 0.138320, seed was 1361535663 */
8static const float weights[422] = {
10/* hidden layer */
11-0.0941125f, -0.302976f, -0.603555f, -0.19393f, -0.185983f,
12-0.601617f, -0.0465317f, -0.114563f, -0.103599f, -0.618938f,
13-0.317859f, -0.169949f, -0.0702885f, 0.148065f, 0.409524f,
140.548432f, 0.367649f, -0.494393f, 0.764306f, -1.83957f,
150.170849f, 12.786f, -1.08848f, -1.27284f, -16.2606f,
1624.1773f, -5.57454f, -0.17276f, -0.163388f, -0.224421f,
17-0.0948944f, -0.0728695f, -0.26557f, -0.100283f, -0.0515459f,
18-0.146142f, -0.120674f, -0.180655f, 0.12857f, 0.442138f,
19-0.493735f, 0.167767f, 0.206699f, -0.197567f, 0.417999f,
201.50364f, -0.773341f, -10.0401f, 0.401872f, 2.97966f,
2115.2165f, -1.88905f, -1.19254f, 0.0285397f, -0.00405139f,
220.0707565f, 0.00825699f, -0.0927269f, -0.010393f, -0.00428882f,
23-0.00489743f, -0.0709731f, -0.00255992f, 0.0395619f, 0.226424f,
240.0325231f, 0.162175f, -0.100118f, 0.485789f, 0.12697f,
250.285937f, 0.0155637f, 0.10546f, 3.05558f, 1.15059f,
26-1.00904f, -1.83088f, 3.31766f, -3.42516f, -0.119135f,
27-0.0405654f, 0.00690068f, 0.0179877f, -0.0382487f, 0.00597941f,
28-0.0183611f, 0.00190395f, -0.144322f, -0.0435671f, 0.000990594f,
290.221087f, 0.142405f, 0.484066f, 0.404395f, 0.511955f,
30-0.237255f, 0.241742f, 0.35045f, -0.699428f, 10.3993f,
312.6507f, -2.43459f, -4.18838f, 1.05928f, 1.71067f,
320.00667811f, -0.0721335f, -0.0397346f, 0.0362704f, -0.11496f,
33-0.0235776f, 0.0082161f, -0.0141741f, -0.0329699f, -0.0354253f,
340.00277404f, -0.290654f, -1.14767f, -0.319157f, -0.686544f,
350.36897f, 0.478899f, 0.182579f, -0.411069f, 0.881104f,
36-4.60683f, 1.4697f, 0.335845f, -1.81905f, -30.1699f,
375.55225f, 0.0019508f, -0.123576f, -0.0727332f, -0.0641597f,
38-0.0534458f, -0.108166f, -0.0937368f, -0.0697883f, -0.0275475f,
39-0.192309f, -0.110074f, 0.285375f, -0.405597f, 0.0926724f,
40-0.287881f, -0.851193f, -0.099493f, -0.233764f, -1.2852f,
411.13611f, 3.12168f, -0.0699f, -1.86216f, 2.65292f,
42-7.31036f, 2.44776f, -0.00111802f, -0.0632786f, -0.0376296f,
43-0.149851f, 0.142963f, 0.184368f, 0.123433f, 0.0756158f,
440.117312f, 0.0933395f, 0.0692163f, 0.0842592f, 0.0704683f,
450.0589963f, 0.0942205f, -0.448862f, 0.0262677f, 0.270352f,
46-0.262317f, 0.172586f, 2.00227f, -0.159216f, 0.038422f,
4710.2073f, 4.15536f, -2.3407f, -0.0550265f, 0.00964792f,
48-0.141336f, 0.0274501f, 0.0343921f, -0.0487428f, 0.0950172f,
49-0.00775017f, -0.0372492f, -0.00548121f, -0.0663695f, 0.0960506f,
50-0.200008f, -0.0412827f, 0.58728f, 0.0515787f, 0.337254f,
510.855024f, 0.668371f, -0.114904f, -3.62962f, -0.467477f,
52-0.215472f, 2.61537f, 0.406117f, -1.36373f, 0.0425394f,
530.12208f, 0.0934502f, 0.123055f, 0.0340935f, -0.142466f,
540.035037f, -0.0490666f, 0.0733208f, 0.0576672f, 0.123984f,
55-0.0517194f, -0.253018f, 0.590565f, 0.145849f, 0.315185f,
560.221534f, -0.149081f, 0.216161f, -0.349575f, 24.5664f,
57-0.994196f, 0.614289f, -18.7905f, -2.83277f, -0.716801f,
58-0.347201f, 0.479515f, -0.246027f, 0.0758683f, 0.137293f,
59-0.17781f, 0.118751f, -0.00108329f, -0.237334f, 0.355732f,
60-0.12991f, -0.0547627f, -0.318576f, -0.325524f, 0.180494f,
61-0.0625604f, 0.141219f, 0.344064f, 0.37658f, -0.591772f,
625.8427f, -0.38075f, 0.221894f, -1.41934f, -1.87943e+06f,
631.34114f, 0.0283355f, -0.0447856f, -0.0211466f, -0.0256927f,
640.0139618f, 0.0207934f, -0.0107666f, 0.0110969f, 0.0586069f,
65-0.0253545f, -0.0328433f, 0.11872f, -0.216943f, 0.145748f,
660.119808f, -0.0915211f, -0.120647f, -0.0787719f, -0.143644f,
67-0.595116f, -1.152f, -1.25335f, -1.17092f, 4.34023f,
68-975268.f, -1.37033f, -0.0401123f, 0.210602f, -0.136656f,
690.135962f, -0.0523293f, 0.0444604f, 0.0143928f, 0.00412666f,
70-0.0193003f, 0.218452f, -0.110204f, -2.02563f, 0.918238f,
71-2.45362f, 1.19542f, -0.061362f, -1.92243f, 0.308111f,
720.49764f, 0.912356f, 0.209272f, -2.34525f, 2.19326f,
73-6.47121f, 1.69771f, -0.725123f, 0.0118929f, 0.0377944f,
740.0554003f, 0.0226452f, -0.0704421f, -0.0300309f, 0.0122978f,
75-0.0041782f, -0.0686612f, 0.0313115f, 0.039111f, 0.364111f,
76-0.0945548f, 0.0229876f, -0.17414f, 0.329795f, 0.114714f,
770.30022f, 0.106997f, 0.132355f, 5.79932f, 0.908058f,
78-0.905324f, -3.3561f, 0.190647f, 0.184211f, -0.673648f,
790.231807f, -0.0586222f, 0.230752f, -0.438277f, 0.245857f,
80-0.17215f, 0.0876383f, -0.720512f, 0.162515f, 0.0170571f,
810.101781f, 0.388477f, 1.32931f, 1.08548f, -0.936301f,
82-2.36958f, -6.71988f, -3.44376f, 2.13818f, 14.2318f,
834.91459f, -3.09052f, -9.69191f, -0.768234f, 1.79604f,
840.0549653f, 0.163399f, 0.0797025f, 0.0343933f, -0.0555876f,
85-0.00505673f, 0.0187258f, 0.0326628f, 0.0231486f, 0.15573f,
860.0476223f, -0.254824f, 1.60155f, -0.801221f, 2.55496f,
870.737629f, -1.36249f, -0.695463f, -2.44301f, -1.73188f,
883.95279f, 1.89068f, 0.486087f, -11.3343f, 3.9416e+06f,
90/* output layer */
91-0.381439f, 0.12115f, -0.906927f, 2.93878f, 1.6388f,
920.882811f, 0.874344f, 1.21726f, -0.874545f, 0.321706f,
930.785055f, 0.946558f, -0.575066f, -3.46553f, 0.884905f,
940.0924047f, -9.90712f, 0.391338f, 0.160103f, -2.04954f,
954.1455f, 0.0684029f, -0.144761f, -0.285282f, 0.379244f,
96-1.1584f, -0.0277241f, -9.85f, -4.82386f, 3.71333f,
973.87308f, 3.52558f};
99static const int topo[3] = {25, 15, 2};
101const MLP net = {
102    3,
103    topo,
104    weights