1	This is the new version (1.42.9) of the second extended file
2system management programs.
4	From time to time, I release new versions of e2fsprogs, to fix
5bugs and to make the utilities more robust.  You can always find
6information about the latest version at the the e2fsprogs web page,
7which is:
9	http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net
11	The INSTALL file has instructions on building and installing
12e2fsprogs.  Provisions for building Red Hat RPMs and Debian dpkg files
13are supplied as well.
15	In case of bugs in these programs, please contact Ted Ts'o at
16tytso@mit.edu or tytso@alum.mit.edu.  See the e2fsck man page for
17suggestions of what sort of information to include when submitting bug
18reports for these programs.