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..12-Mar-20154 KiB

d_loaddump/12-Mar-20154 KiB

d_special_files/12-Mar-20154 KiB

defaults/12-Mar-20154 KiB

e_brel_bma/12-Mar-20154 KiB

e_icount_normal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

e_icount_opt/12-Mar-20154 KiB

e_irel_ima/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_16384_block/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_8192_block/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_bad_disconnected_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_bad_local_jnl/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badbblocks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_baddir/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_baddir2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_baddotdir/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badinode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badjour_indblks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badjourblks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badorphan/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badprimary/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badroot/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badsymlinks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_badtable/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_bbfile/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_bbinode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_big_sparse/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_bitmaps/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_clear_xattr/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_crashdisk/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_desc_size_128/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_desc_size_bad/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dir_bad_mode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dirlink/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup3/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup4/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup_ba/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup_de/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup_de2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dup_resize/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dupdot/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dupfsblks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_dupsuper/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_ea_checks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_end-bitmap/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_eofblocks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_expand/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_ext_journal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_ext_zero_len/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_extent_bad_node/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_extent_interior_start_lblk/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_extent_oobounds/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_extents/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_extents2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_extra_journal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_fast_symlink_extents/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_file_acl_high/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_filetype/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_full_bg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_h_badnode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_h_badroot/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_h_normal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_h_reindex/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_h_unsigned/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_holedir/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_holedir2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_hurd/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_illbbitmap/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_illibitmap/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_illitable/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_illitable_flexbg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_imagic/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_imagic_fs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_invalid_bad_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_invalid_extent_symlink/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_jnl_32bit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_jnl_64bit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_jnl_errno/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_journal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_lotsbad/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_lpf/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_lpf2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_lpffile/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_messy_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_miss_blk_bmap/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_miss_journal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_misstable/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_mke2fs2b/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_mmp/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_mmp_garbage/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_noroot/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_okgroup/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_orphan/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_orphan_dotdot_ft/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_orphan_extents_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_orphan_indirect_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_overfsblks/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_preen/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_recnect_bad/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_reconnect/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_rehash_dir/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_resize_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_salvage_dir/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_selinux/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_special_ea/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_summary_counts/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_toobig_extent_dir/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_uninit_ext_past_eof/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_uninit_ext_past_eof2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_uninit_last_uninit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_unsorted_EAs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_unused_itable/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_valid_ea_in_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_zero_group/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_zero_inode_size/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_zero_super/12-Mar-20154 KiB

f_zero_xattr/12-Mar-20154 KiB


i_e2image/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_bigjournal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_dasd_bs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_desc_size_128/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_extent_journal/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_large_file/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_meta_bg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_mkfs_overhead/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_mmp/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_no_opt/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_quota/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_raid_opt/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_root_owner/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_std/12-Mar-20154 KiB

m_uninit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

Makefile.in12-Mar-20152.3 KiB


progs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_1024_small_bg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_64bit_big_expand/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_bigalloc_big_expand/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_ext4_big_expand/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_ext4_small_bg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_inline_xattr/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_min_itable/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_move_itable/12-Mar-20154 KiB

r_resize_inode/12-Mar-20154 KiB

README12-Mar-20153 KiB

run_e2fsck12-Mar-20152.4 KiB


scripts/12-Mar-20154 KiB

t_ext_jnl_rm/12-Mar-20154 KiB

t_mmp_1on/12-Mar-20154 KiB

t_mmp_2off/12-Mar-20154 KiB

t_quota_1on/12-Mar-20154 KiB

t_quota_2off/12-Mar-20154 KiB

test_config12-Mar-20151.2 KiB

test_one.in12-Mar-20151.4 KiB



u_mke2fs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

u_tune2fs/12-Mar-20154 KiB


1These images contain various forms of corrupted filesystem which
2e2fsck will correct.  They are used as a regression test for e2fsck.
4The test_script program will automatically run e2fsck against the
5filesystem images.  It will run them two times, and display the exit
6status for each run.  The meaning of the exit status codes are as
9	0		No filesystem errors were detected
10	1		Filesystem errors detected, but corrected
11	2		System should be rebooted
12	4		Filesystem errors left uncorrected
13	8		Operational error (generally means internal error,
14				or filesystem error that the e2fsck was not
15				prepared to deal with)
16	16		Usage or syntax error
18During the regression test, the first exit code should be 1, and the
19second exit code should be 0.  In other words, all (with one
20exception) of the test filesystems in this directory have some sort of
21filesystem corruption, which e2fsck should fix on the first pass.
22After the first pass, e2fsck should leave a fully consistent
23filesystem with no detectable errors found in the second pass.  The
24exception is the okgroup.img filesystem, which contains no errors, and
25so both exit codes should be 0.
27NOTE: It appears that at least some versions of the original e2fsck do
28not exit with an exit status code of 1 after correcting filesystem
29errors.  So if you modify the test_script to try running these
30filesystems against the original e2fsck, you will have to inspect the
31test_script.log file manually.
34Here's a one-line descriptons of the various test images in this
37baddir.img		Filesystem with a corrupted directory
38badbblocks.img		Filesystem with illegal blocks in the bad block inode.
39badinode.img		Filesystem with various different corrupted inode
40				entries.
41badlkcnt.img		Filesystem with deleted files with non-zero link count
42badroot.img		Filesystem with a file for a root directory
43badtable.img		Filesystem with blocks shared between the bitmaps and
44				inode table blocks and the bad block inode
45bbfile.img		Filesystem with files containing bad blocks
46bitmaps.img		Filesystem with corrupted inode and block bitmaps
47dirlink.img		Filesystem with a hard link to a directory
48dup.img			Filesystem with blocks claimed by two different files
49dup2.img		Filesystem with blocks claimed by three different files
50dupfsblks.img		Filesystem with blocks claimed by a file and
51				inode/block bitmaps and inode tables
52dupsuper.img		Filesystem with blocks claimed by a file and
53				the superblock / group descriptors
54end-bitmap.img		Filesystem with corruption at the end of the block 
55				bitmap
56expand.img		Tests e2fsck's ability to expand lost+found if 
57				necessary
58lpf.img			Filesystem with disconnected files and no /lost+found 
59				directory
60mke2fs2b.img		Filesystem with corruption similar to that
61				created by mke2fs version 0.2b
62noroot.img		Filesystem with a deleted root directory
63okgroup.img		Filesystem that's exactly 8193 blocks long 
64				(otherwise OK)
65overfsblks.img		Filesystem with overlapping inode and block bitmaps
66symlinks.img		Filesystem with bad symlink sizes