2 *
3 *  Copyright (C) 1999-2012 Broadcom Corporation
4 *
5 *  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
6 *  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7 *  You may obtain a copy of the License at:
8 *
9 *  http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
10 *
11 *  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
12 *  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
13 *  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
14 *  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
15 *  limitations under the License.
16 *
17 ******************************************************************************/
20 *
21 *  Contains API for BTE Test Tool trace related functions.
22 *
23 ******************************************************************************/
26#ifndef TRACE_API_H
27#define TRACE_API_H
29#include "bt_target.h"
31#ifdef __cplusplus
32extern "C" {
35/* Trace API Function External Declarations */
36BT_API extern void DispAMPFrame (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv, BD_ADDR bd_addr);
37BT_API extern void DispRFCOMMFrame (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
38BT_API extern void DispL2CCmd(BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
39BT_API extern void DispSdp (BT_HDR *p_msg, BOOLEAN is_rcv, BOOLEAN is_segment);
40BT_API extern void DispSdpFullList (UINT8 *p, UINT16 list_len, BOOLEAN is_rcv);
41BT_API extern void DispTcsMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
42BT_API extern void DispHciEvt (BT_HDR *p_buf);
43BT_API extern void DispHciAclData (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rcvd);
44BT_API extern void DispHciScoData (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rcvd);
45BT_API extern void DispHciCmd (BT_HDR *p_buf);
46BT_API extern void DispBnep (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
47BT_API extern void DispAvdtMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
48BT_API extern void DispAvct (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
49BT_API extern void DispMca (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
50BT_API extern void DispObxMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
51BT_API extern void DispLMDiagEvent (BT_HDR *p_buf);
52BT_API extern void DispHidFrame (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv, BOOLEAN is_control);
53BT_API extern void DispRawFrame(UINT8 *p, UINT16 len, BOOLEAN is_rcv);
54BT_API extern void DispSlipPacket(UINT8 *p, UINT16 len, BOOLEAN is_rcv, BOOLEAN oof_flow_ctrl);
55BT_API extern void DispNci (UINT8 *p, UINT16 len, BOOLEAN is_recv);
56BT_API extern void DispHcp (UINT8 *p, UINT16 len, BOOLEAN is_recv, BOOLEAN is_first_seg);
57BT_API extern void DispNDEFRecord (UINT8 *pRec, INT8 *pDescr);
58BT_API extern void DispNDEFMsg (UINT8 *pMsg, UINT32 MsgLen, BOOLEAN is_recv);
59BT_API extern void DispSmpMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
60BT_API extern void DispAttMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
61BT_API extern void DispLLCP (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx);
62BT_API extern void DispSNEP (UINT8 local_sap, UINT8 remote_sap, UINT8 *p_data, UINT16 length, BOOLEAN is_rx);
63BT_API extern void DispCHO (UINT8 *pMsg, UINT32 MsgLen, BOOLEAN is_rx);
64BT_API extern void DispT3TagMessage(BT_HDR *p_msg, BOOLEAN is_rx);
65BT_API extern void DispRWT4Tags (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx);
66BT_API extern void DispCET4Tags (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx);
67BT_API extern void DispRWI93Tag (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx, UINT8 command_to_respond);
69BT_API extern void RPC_DispAMPFrame (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv, BD_ADDR bd_addr);
70BT_API extern void RPC_DispRFCOMMFrame (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
71BT_API extern void RPC_DispL2CCmd(BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
72BT_API extern void RPC_DispSdp (BT_HDR *p_msg, BOOLEAN is_rcv, BOOLEAN is_segment);
73BT_API extern void RPC_DispSdpFullList (UINT8 *p, UINT16 list_len, BOOLEAN is_rcv);
74BT_API extern void RPC_DispTcsMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
75BT_API extern void RPC_DispHciEvt (BT_HDR *p_buf);
76BT_API extern void RPC_DispHciAclData (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rcvd);
77BT_API extern void RPC_DispHciScoData (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rcvd);
78BT_API extern void RPC_DispHciCmd (BT_HDR *p_buf);
79BT_API extern void RPC_DispLMDiagEvent (BT_HDR *p_buf);
80BT_API extern void RPC_DispBnep (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
81BT_API extern void RPC_DispAvdtMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
82BT_API extern void RPC_DispAvct (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
83BT_API extern void RPC_DispMca (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
84BT_API extern void RPC_DispObxMsg (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv);
85BT_API extern void RPC_DispLMDiagEvent (BT_HDR *p_buf);
86BT_API extern void RPC_DispHidFrame (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_recv, BOOLEAN is_control);
87BT_API extern void RPC_DispSmpMsg (BT_HDR *p_msg, BOOLEAN is_rcv);
88BT_API extern void RPC_DispAttMsg (BT_HDR *p_msg, BOOLEAN is_rcv);
89BT_API extern void RPC_DispNci (UINT8 *p, UINT16 len, BOOLEAN is_recv);
90BT_API extern void RPC_DispHcp (UINT8 *p, UINT16 len, BOOLEAN is_recv, BOOLEAN is_first_seg);
91BT_API extern void RPC_DispNDEFRecord (UINT8 *pRec, INT8 *pDescr);
92BT_API extern void RPC_DispNDEFMsg (UINT8 *pMsg, UINT32 MsgLen, BOOLEAN is_recv);
93BT_API extern void RPC_DispLLCP (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx);
94BT_API extern void RPC_DispSNEP (UINT8 local_sap, UINT8 remote_sap, UINT8 *p_data, UINT16 length, BOOLEAN is_rx);
95BT_API extern void RPC_DispCHO (UINT8 *pMsg, UINT32 MsgLen, BOOLEAN is_rx);
96BT_API extern void RPC_DispT3TagMessage(BT_HDR *p_msg, BOOLEAN is_rx);
97BT_API extern void RPC_DispRWT4Tags (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx);
98BT_API extern void RPC_DispCET4Tags (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx);
99BT_API extern void RPC_DispRWI93Tag (BT_HDR *p_buf, BOOLEAN is_rx, UINT8 command_to_respond);
101EXPORT_API extern void LogMsg (UINT32 trace_set_mask, const char *fmt_str, ...);
103#ifdef __cplusplus
107#endif /* TRACE_API_H */