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..12-Mar-20154 KiB

Allocator.cpp12-Mar-20151.5 KiB

Android.mk12-Mar-20152.4 KiB

APFloat.cpp12-Mar-2015115.1 KiB

APInt.cpp12-Mar-201587.3 KiB


ARMBuildAttrs.cpp12-Mar-20154 KiB

ARMWinEH.cpp12-Mar-20151 KiB

Atomic.cpp12-Mar-20153 KiB

BlockFrequency.cpp12-Mar-20151.9 KiB

BranchProbability.cpp12-Mar-20152 KiB

circular_raw_ostream.cpp12-Mar-20151.3 KiB

CMakeLists.txt12-Mar-20153 KiB

CommandLine.cpp12-Mar-201562.4 KiB

Compression.cpp12-Mar-20153.3 KiB

ConvertUTF.c12-Mar-201526.4 KiB

ConvertUTFWrapper.cpp12-Mar-20154.4 KiB

COPYRIGHT.regex12-Mar-20152.7 KiB

CrashRecoveryContext.cpp12-Mar-201511 KiB

DAGDeltaAlgorithm.cpp12-Mar-201512.7 KiB

DataExtractor.cpp12-Mar-20154.9 KiB

DataStream.cpp12-Mar-20152.7 KiB

Debug.cpp12-Mar-20154.6 KiB

DeltaAlgorithm.cpp12-Mar-20153.4 KiB

Disassembler.cpp12-Mar-20151.7 KiB

Dwarf.cpp12-Mar-201542.1 KiB

DynamicLibrary.cpp12-Mar-20155.1 KiB

Errno.cpp12-Mar-20152.1 KiB

ErrorHandling.cpp12-Mar-20157.8 KiB

FileOutputBuffer.cpp12-Mar-20153.1 KiB

FileUtilities.cpp12-Mar-20158.6 KiB

FoldingSet.cpp12-Mar-201514.2 KiB

FormattedStream.cpp12-Mar-20153.4 KiB

GraphWriter.cpp12-Mar-20157.2 KiB

Hashing.cpp12-Mar-20151.1 KiB

Host.cpp12-Mar-201526.3 KiB


IntEqClasses.cpp12-Mar-20152.1 KiB

IntervalMap.cpp12-Mar-20154.3 KiB


IsInf.cpp12-Mar-20151.5 KiB


LEB128.cpp12-Mar-20151.2 KiB

LineIterator.cpp12-Mar-20151.9 KiB



LockFileManager.cpp12-Mar-20157.3 KiB


ManagedStatic.cpp12-Mar-20152.6 KiB

MD5.cpp12-Mar-20159 KiB


MemoryBuffer.cpp12-Mar-201514.1 KiB


Mutex.cpp12-Mar-20153.2 KiB

Path.cpp12-Mar-201529.5 KiB

PluginLoader.cpp12-Mar-20151.6 KiB

PrettyStackTrace.cpp12-Mar-20154.6 KiB

Process.cpp12-Mar-20153.9 KiB

Program.cpp12-Mar-20152.3 KiB

RandomNumberGenerator.cpp12-Mar-20151.8 KiB


raw_ostream.cpp12-Mar-201522.8 KiB

README.txt.system12-Mar-20151.9 KiB

regcclass.h12-Mar-20152.9 KiB

regcname.h12-Mar-20154.2 KiB

regcomp.c12-Mar-201535.8 KiB

regengine.inc12-Mar-201526.5 KiB

regerror.c12-Mar-20154.4 KiB

Regex.cpp12-Mar-20155.3 KiB

regex2.h12-Mar-20156.8 KiB

regex_impl.h12-Mar-20153.6 KiB

regexec.c12-Mar-20155.7 KiB

regfree.c12-Mar-20152.5 KiB

regstrlcpy.c12-Mar-20151.6 KiB

regutils.h12-Mar-20152.3 KiB

RWMutex.cpp12-Mar-20153.2 KiB

ScaledNumber.cpp12-Mar-20158.8 KiB

SearchForAddressOfSpecialSymbol.cpp12-Mar-20151.7 KiB

Signals.cpp12-Mar-20151.1 KiB

SmallPtrSet.cpp12-Mar-201510.9 KiB

SmallVector.cpp12-Mar-20151.5 KiB

SourceMgr.cpp12-Mar-201516 KiB

SpecialCaseList.cpp12-Mar-20155.7 KiB

Statistic.cpp12-Mar-20155.1 KiB

StreamableMemoryObject.cpp12-Mar-20154.3 KiB

StringExtras.cpp12-Mar-20152.3 KiB

StringMap.cpp12-Mar-20158.5 KiB


StringRef.cpp12-Mar-201514.2 KiB


SystemUtils.cpp12-Mar-20151.2 KiB

TargetRegistry.cpp12-Mar-20154.7 KiB

Threading.cpp12-Mar-20153.2 KiB

ThreadLocal.cpp12-Mar-20152.7 KiB

Timer.cpp12-Mar-201512 KiB

TimeValue.cpp12-Mar-20151.8 KiB

ToolOutputFile.cpp12-Mar-20151.6 KiB

Triple.cpp12-Mar-201528.9 KiB

Twine.cpp12-Mar-20154 KiB

Unicode.cpp12-Mar-201520.1 KiB

Unix/12-Mar-20154 KiB

Valgrind.cpp12-Mar-20152.6 KiB


Windows/12-Mar-20154 KiB

YAMLParser.cpp12-Mar-201560.8 KiB

YAMLTraits.cpp12-Mar-201521.8 KiB


1Design Of lib/System
4The software in this directory is designed to completely shield LLVM from any
5and all operating system specific functionality. It is not intended to be a
6complete operating system wrapper (such as ACE), but only to provide the
7functionality necessary to support LLVM.
9The software located here, of necessity, has very specific and stringent design
10rules. Violation of these rules means that cracks in the shield could form and
11the primary goal of the library is defeated. By consistently using this library,
12LLVM becomes more easily ported to new platforms since the only thing requiring
13porting is this library.
15Complete documentation for the library can be found in the file:
16  llvm/docs/SystemLibrary.html
17or at this URL:
18  http://llvm.org/docs/SystemLibrary.html
20While we recommend that you read the more detailed documentation, for the
21impatient, here's a high level summary of the library's requirements.
23 1. No system header files are to be exposed through the interface.
24 2. Std C++ and Std C header files are okay to be exposed through the interface.
25 3. No exposed system-specific functions.
26 4. No exposed system-specific data.
27 5. Data in lib/System classes must use only simple C++ intrinsic types.
28 6. Errors are handled by returning "true" and setting an optional std::string
29 7. Library must not throw any exceptions, period.
30 8. Interface functions must not have throw() specifications.
31 9. No duplicate function impementations are permitted within an operating
32    system class.
34To accomplish these requirements, the library has numerous design criteria that
35must be satisfied. Here's a high level summary of the library's design criteria:
37 1. No unused functionality (only what LLVM needs)
38 2. High-Level Interfaces
39 3. Use Opaque Classes
40 4. Common Implementations
41 5. Multiple Implementations
42 6. Minimize Memory Allocation
43 7. No Virtual Methods