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a9ad0324d1e351b1ef460972a871bcb03051cd6a 23-Oct-2014 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> Make /cache/recovery/last_log available in recovery

Create a new recovery UI option to allow the user to view
/cache/recovery/last_log for their device. This gives enhanced
debugging information which may be necessary when a failed
OTA occurs.

Bug: 18094012
Change-Id: Ic3228de96e9bfc2a0141c7aab4ce392a38140cf3
93950229cf9a991589f6bb071a966b00349d18d6 08-Jul-2014 Doug Zongker <dougz@google.com> drop APPLY_CACHE and refactor APPLY_EXT

Drop support for sideloading OTA packages of the cache partition (a
half-solution that's long since been deprecated by "adb sideload").
Refactor the code to sideload OTA packages from SD cards: remove the
installation code from the file browser.

Change-Id: Id0dff6b27c4a5837546f174f50e2e1d0379c43db
8d9d3d5cbe240d09db10d08956d152dce934e892 01-Apr-2014 Doug Zongker <dougz@android.com> add reboot-to-bootloader and power down options to recovery menu

Useful when debugging or developing for recovery.

Change-Id: Ic3ab42d5e848ad3488f1c575339b55e45c8a024b
9270a20a801403c9f60d6a701b39eae70d380403 10-Jan-2012 Doug Zongker <dougz@android.com> support "sideload over ADB" mode

Rather than depending on the existence of some place to store a file
that is accessible to users on an an unbootable device (eg, a physical
sdcard, external USB drive, etc.), add support for sideloading
packages sent to the device with adb.

This change adds a "minimal adbd" which supports nothing but receiving
a package over adb (with the "adb sideload" command) and storing it to
a fixed filename in the /tmp ramdisk, from where it can be verified
and sideloaded in the usual way. This should be leave available even
on locked user-build devices.

The user can select "apply package from ADB" from the recovery menu,
which starts minimal-adb mode (shutting down any real adbd that may be
running). Once minimal-adb has received a package it exits
(restarting real adbd if appropriate) and then verification and
installation of the received package proceeds.

Change-Id: I6fe13161ca064a98d06fa32104e1f432826582f5
daefc1d442fb421606680feb9aeb59c133f4c427 31-Oct-2011 Doug Zongker <dougz@android.com> C++ class for device-specific code

Replace the device-specific functions with a class. Move some of the
key handling (for log visibility toggling and rebooting) into the UI
class. Fix up the key handling so there is less crosstalk between the
immediate keys and the queued keys (an increasing annoyance on
button-limited devices).

Change-Id: I698f6fd21c67a1e55429312a0484b6c393cad46f