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0b88a62d4d5ac1e515721e587cdf9bcec191812b 19-Mar-2014 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> camera: Fix setParameters for Preview FPS single/range values

As a workaround, duplicate CameraParameters into CameraParameters2 to
prevent ABI break for some camera HALs that directly link into

CameraParameters2 implements the real fixes needed in the framework,
while CameraParameters is left in to satisfy older camera HALs.

Bug: 12609188
Bug: 16654949
Change-Id: I82ea6f5de2183dd046d4bf5683600c97f37ab4da
5698d4461a260dbf208484383f692b03c6473e74 18-Jun-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera2: Set orientation flags for hardware composer.

Bug: 15116722
Change-Id: I3fcc9aea38afcbd665f86c511a9929fe9a6a3a8f
b2119af7f4ced0ecfefd4c7388f86b4e3a3ea7d8 10-May-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera2: Update CameraService for HAL1 shim.

Updates the camera service to handle shim connections.

Changes include:
- Adds begin/end configure binder calls.
- Adds cache for shim client static camera metadata.
- Implements basic getCameraCharacteristic functionality for shim clients.

Bug: 15116722
Bug: 15117269

Change-Id: I510c5888ca15f8e7d3b8ed1680ff1c7f8f514744
9181b9f4bb53af203c090eff6d1af67d1f7c8770 12-May-2014 Zhijun He <zhijunhe@google.com> Camera: Don't enable log spew by default for eng build

Also replace assert with LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF.

Change-Id: I528b97d9bc7a93dc3575ded28f6bf7e294d0a1e6
f81648ec38ff63f1f35516fa27c1c24d846e9ba5 18-Apr-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera3: Update CameraMetadata vendor tag handling.

Bug: 12134423
Change-Id: I97dc955ee9dd78ace93a7946296d6d9b0e407d43
6770260f83f5576b041b7b3a2536d082a631f9b0 03-May-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> Revert "camera3: Update CameraMetadata vendor tag handling."

This reverts commit 4764324d2704f1b08bb7407014bf203924ff2363.

Change-Id: I86d7fcc11423502b73fab2a82af6aa89804f0b76
4764324d2704f1b08bb7407014bf203924ff2363 18-Apr-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera3: Update CameraMetadata vendor tag handling.

Bug: 12134423
Change-Id: I1d1be6792b6a4c9f08e042a8b2c89146bde5665e
cb0652e5a850b2fcd919e977247e87239efaf70e 13-Mar-2014 Jianing Wei <jianingwei@google.com> CameraService: trigger appropriate callbacks for burst capture.

* Instead of tracking CameraMetadata only, now we track both
CameraMetadata and CaptureResultExtras, which is not part of
the HAL metadata. This will enable the correct callback of
onCaptureStarted and onResultReceived given burst requests.

* Get last frame number in reply when submitting requests,
canceling requests, and flushing device. For repeating requests,
this frame number is the last frame number of the previous
request. For non-repeating requests, this frame number is the
expected last frame number of the current request. The goal
is provide frame number to Java side in order to trigger
onCaptureSequenceCompleted correctly.

* Fix notifyError so that onDeviceError can be called correctly.

Bug: 10749500
Change-Id: I2f3dda6c530090055d4a2ff9f0f087bbbe8d9257
d1176ef16677b6c94fb893edb6a864cdccc0b190 21-Feb-2014 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera3: Pass vendor tags through binder.

Bug: 12134423

- Adds a class for parceling vendor tag definitions.
- Passes vendor tag definitions to clients of the camera service.
- Switches over to new vendor tag mechanism when reading from HAL.

Change-Id: Icef3fe9e67160767bdb8244ac49c85b68b497123
7b82efe7a376c882f8f938e1c41b8311a8cdda4a 26-Jul-2013 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera: Rename new API to camera2, rearrange camera service

- Support API rename from photography to camera2
- Reorganize camera service files
- API support files to api1/, api2/, api_pro/
- HAL device support files into device{1,2,3}/
- Common files into common/
- Camera service remains at top-level

Change-Id: Ie474c12536f543832fba0a2dc936ac4fd39fe6a9
e7ee7637747371635a85fedd24d2190bb1f38651 12-Jun-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Initial implementation of android.hardware.photography.CameraDevice (service)

* Verified preview streaming requests
* Other things *should* work but unverified / unimplemented in client side

* CameraService needs to return static camera info metadata

Bug: 9213377
Change-Id: I71568560fcf18d0e2b408ed1c4d0066647314868
da0dc0af0effe9fbfb3ce3187c8472fca2baf3c6 10-Apr-2013 Ying Wang <wangying@google.com> Add liblog

Bug: 8580410
Change-Id: If493d87d60d71be664ad75b140c62acadb75b0d0
bfc9915f482520eb9676c6d2dbf7f1ac078d937d 27-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Drop ProCamera connections when a Camera connection happens

* Also adds an ICameraServiceListener with available/not available statuses

Bug: 8291653
Change-Id: I24680f1a2dc109510caf451cf7c7bd180b670d84
c073ba525404f3416c2824c435d3d926a9892f1b 26-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> camera_client: refactor Camera/ProCamera commonalities into BasicCamera

Change-Id: Ie10a4094522d49683657665fe94ab0b7ccd280e9
634a51509ee50475f3e9f8ccf897e90fc72ded31 21-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Add ProCamera private binder interface for an API2-light functionality

Change-Id: I2af7a807c99df75ea659e6e6acc9c4fca6a56274
1d88023e1de6b9f370eb4be944dd9c4480d01f11 21-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Add unit test infrastructure for libcameraclient

Change-Id: I957538663ae8332d26f3640c63a75efc79f4ac5c
7efa520c76e6a1f6b3146404cc6aca5a8353583a 14-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Move CameraMetadata.h from service to client library

Change-Id: I940ce86f318f37ae5b73f912a6e589415150125f
5e0067b486c3862316aa1f293cf9690c0cf54bda 12-Jul-2011 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove the simulator target from all makefiles.
Bug: 5010576

Change-Id: I04d722f258951a3078fe07899f5bbe8aac02a8e8
4ca2c7c913f8bd4ada13aca56d36045d42d1e00f 01-Jun-2011 Wu-cheng Li <wuchengli@google.com> Add framework support for camcorder zoom.

The purpose of ICameraRecordingProxy and ICameraRecordingProxyListener is to
allow applications using the camera during recording.

Camera service allows only one client at a time. Since camcorder application
needs to own the camera to do things like zoom, the media recorder cannot
access the camera directly during recording. So ICameraRecordingProxy is a proxy
of ICamera, which allows the media recorder to start/stop the recording and
release recording frames. ICameraRecordingProxyListener is an interface that
allows the recorder to receive video frames during recording.



The camcorder app opens the camera and starts the preview. The app passes
ICamera and ICameraRecordingProxy to the media recorder by
MediaRecorder::setCamera(). The recorder uses ICamera to setup the camera in
MediaRecorder::start(). After setup, the recorder disconnects from camera
service. The recorder calls ICameraRecordingProxy::startRecording() and
passes a ICameraRecordingProxyListener to the app. The app connects back to
camera service and starts the recording. The app owns the camera and can do
things like zoom. The media recorder receives the video frames from the
listener and releases them by ICameraRecordingProxy::releaseRecordingFrame.
The recorder calls ICameraRecordingProxy::stopRecording() to stop the

The call sequences are as follows:
1. The app: Camera.unlock().
2. The app: MediaRecorder.setCamera().
3. Start recording
(1) The app: MediaRecorder.start().
(2) The recorder: ICamera.unlock() and ICamera.disconnect().
(3) The recorder: ICameraRecordingProxy.startRecording().
(4) The app: ICamera.reconnect().
(5) The app: ICamera.startRecording().
4. During recording
(1) The recorder: receive frames from ICameraRecordingProxyListener.dataCallbackTimestamp()
(2) The recorder: release frames by ICameraRecordingProxy.releaseRecordingFrame().
5. Stop recording
(1) The app: MediaRecorder.stop()
(2) The recorder: ICameraRecordingProxy.stopRecording().
(3) The app: ICamera.stopRecording().


Change-Id: I15269397defc25cbbcae16abc071c8349c123122
5f7fcf29a7475a20cf38bf72da67746135d504c3 26-Mar-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> merge libsurfaceflinger_client into libgui

this is the first step in unifying surfacetexture and surface.
for this reason the header files were not moved, as most of them
will eventually go away.

NOTE: currently we keep libsurfaceflinger_client.so as an empty
library to workaround prebuilt binaries wrongly linking against

Change-Id: I130f0de2428e8579033dc41394d093f4e1431a00
bfa33aae4f54c0020a0568b16a3acb7b30b6ca3d 20-Dec-2010 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Add camera service support for SurfaceTexture.

This change enables the use of a SurfaceTexture in place of a Surface as
the destination of camera preview frames.

Change-Id: Ic70d404c8fe261e9d5da6f1de93d6babb5b191cb
3cf613507f1e2f7bd932d921a6e222e426fd3be4 10-Feb-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> split libsurfaceflinger_client and libcamera_client out of libui