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587c6fefcd3c1d05c608ff511cf3534bc765256e 26-Feb-2014 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Add frame dump output

This adds the ability to dump frames as RGB data with a minimal
frame header. Only recommended for devices with small displays.
Enable with "--output-format=frames".

The "--raw" option is now selected with "--output-format=h264".

Bug 13140019

Change-Id: I61bee55cea97db3134a91e7ea06106783e5bf340
441e847feb0e055ecb004802802cea07782ab228 18-Oct-2013 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Add "--bugreport" option to screenrecord

The --bugreport option adds two visible features: (1) a timestamp
overlay that (mostly) matches logcat, making it easier to match what
appears in the video with what's in the log, and (2) an "info page"
at the start of the video that shows the system configuration.

Enabling this option adds an additional composition step,
increasing the overhead of screenrecord. Depending on the device
and circumstances, this may be unnoticeable or very pronounced.
If --bugreport is not enabled, the overhead of screenrecord is

We also now track device orientation changes. This is currently
detected by polling surfaceflinger, which is suboptimal. As a
result, we detect the rotation too late, and get a weird mixed
frame before the start of the animation for 90-degree changes.

Also, allow the bit rate to be specified as e.g. "4M" for 4Mbps.

Also, --rotate is now deprecated.

Bug 11220305
Bug 11136964

Change-Id: Ibb94b81d2f73547b95d7a47e027da75fab187a4f