History log of /frameworks/av/drm/common/DrmSupportInfo.cpp
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3ab368e0810d894dcbc0971350c095049478a055 15-Apr-2014 Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@google.com> media: use size_t for integer iterator to Vector::size()

Change-Id: I0a744dc7815a86a993df9b0623440be620ec8903
ab00df4d8585b181e9058eb1b9c7996aa3bbaeab 22-Jun-2011 Gloria Wang <gwang@google.com> - Add two sanity checks.
- Remove one unnecessary line.
- Clear the extendedData vector in DecryptHandle.

Change-Id: I2610c6d68f12d48cb69323a5eb2ae4b3b3e44dff
21e7c33eaf8772819bf57fe9557885e4ebc43e1b 22-Mar-2011 Carl Shapiro <cshapiro@google.com> Include strings.h for the strcasecmp prototype.

Change-Id: I83cd464d59d16f1c5f8afa7e50d474ca2bb41713
41b3d3be18b54e72a44813cbdd180aae7e77b444 14-Mar-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Bug 4016329 do full string comparisons

Use full string comparisons instead of partial for
file extension and MIME type.
Do case-insensitive comparison of MIME type and file extensions.
Fix error in comment for String8::getPathExtension.
Remove dead code -- StringTokenizer is unused.

Change-Id: I322be6235abbdaab5f7eafa48926dbb2cf46dc29
7f89d09c0f4a47119834ba15789260b933123ea5 02-Mar-2011 Gloria Wang <gwang@google.com> To support DRM files without file extension

Change-Id: Ie7701048d0dbd51bf358364014a1b41c894b664c
2272ee27d9022d173b6eab45c409b3c3f57f30ec 20-Sep-2010 Takeshi Aimi <aimitakeshi@gmail.com> Update of DRM framework.

- Change "void" type of return value to "int" for returning status.
- Add some of overloaded Java APIs which accept database Uri as input.
- Add asynchronous APIs
- Add OnEventListener and OnErrorListener for asynchronous APIs
- Disable debug log
- Change decrypt() API to accept an optional buffer needed by some of DRM schemes

Changes are incorporated by Sony Corporation.

Change-Id: I414a165e22cc79be6ea7cd28041788aa2b6b8f7c
27ed8ad2db653f6ac07dcf8bcc05e2409c8bb024 29-Jul-2010 aimitakeshi <aimitakeshi@gmail.com> Initial contribution from Sony Corporation.

Add DRM Framework to support DRM content playback
together with StageFright.

- DRM Framework code is added
- include/drm
- drm
- api/current.xml is updated to include DRM Framework Java APIs
- cmds/servicemanager/service_manager.c is modified
to add drmManager and drmIOService.

Change-Id: I6d7bc9c7067362b500e530988a9ce241761866fb