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da0dc0af0effe9fbfb3ce3187c8472fca2baf3c6 10-Apr-2013 Ying Wang <wangying@google.com> Add liblog

Bug: 8580410
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951bd8d1ad9581a414e171ad8605a9515d0ad667 15-Aug-2011 Mike J. Chen <mjchen@google.com> Upintegrate the common_time service from ics-aah.

Move the common_time service developed in the ics-aah branch back into

The common_time service is a small service build to synchronize an
arbitrary timeline amongst peers on a local sub-net. While running
and configured, the service will elect a master from the set of
available devices within the subnet, define a relationship between the
common_time timeline the local time timeline (provided by the local
time HAL), and then attempt to maintain synchronization between common
and local time by controlling the frequency of the local time clock
via the HAL, or by disciplining local time in the digital domain if
the local time HAL implementation does not support HW slewing.

On its own, the native common time service will do nothing until it is
configured. The CommonTimeManagementService (running out of the
system server process) is responsible for implementing policy
regarding configuration and operation of the common_time service and
will be added in a subsequent CL.

Change-Id: I71292f9b9b1797665865689c4572c9d3a0552f64
Signed-off-by: John Grossman <johngro@google.com>